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SWPS University supports students in acquiring knowledge and experience in a multicultural and international environment. The University has signed agreements of academic cooperation and exchange with higher education institutions around the world. As the result, SWPS University adopts the best educational practices and develops study programs in cooperation with its international partners. The international cooperation allows students to graduate with diplomas from two universities.


SWPS University helps students to gain experience abroad. We have signed close to 90 agreements of cooperation with international partners. Thanks to Erasmus Plus and other international agreements, annually over 100 students participate in exchange programs and spend one or more semesters at other universities in Europe, Turkey, China, and South Korea.


For the past several years, the number of international students and lecturers at SWPS University has been steadily growing. Currently, over 1,200 international students from 66 countries, such as France, Sweden, Germany, Spain, Ukraine, China and Turkey, are enrolled at various programs, including full-time degree studies and individual exchange semesters.

106 Erasmus+ stipends
62Erasmus+ partners
in Europe
outside Europe
1244international students (2018/2019)



Erasmus+ is an exchange program that enables students, the faculty and administrative staff of SWPS University to experience a semester or more at another university not only in the European Union, but also in China, Indonesia, Israel, South Korea, and the United States.

Continuous Development

The global employment market is constantly changing. It is estimated that by 2020, over 35% of all employers will seek to hire highly qualified candidates who are able to innovate and adapt to a dynamic environment. Erasmus+ helps students to acquire multiple skills, such as living abroad, working in matrix organizations, and multicultural teams.

Best European Universities

Annually, over 100 SWPS University students have an opportunity to study abroad at one of the 88 Erasmus+ partnering higher education institutions.

The universities include: Sapienza University in Rome   the largest university in Europe, Humboldt-Universität – the oldest university in Berlin, Tilburg University – the leading university in the discipline of social sciences in the Netherlands, KU Leuven – one of the oldest and best universities in Belgium, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid  – the best psychology school in Spain, and the University of Zagreb  – the oldest university in the South-East Europe.

Faculty Exchange

Thanks to the Erasmus+ exchange program, SWPS University faculty members also have an opportunity to work at higher education institutions outside Poland. Working abroad allows lecturers to practice teaching methodology in a new environment and to further develop their teaching competencies. It also promotes exchange of ideas and best practices between colleagues from different backgrounds.

Additionally, teaching exchanges foster networking between European researchers and provide opportunities for the development of international research projects.

International Internships

SWPS University helps students to secure international internships, aligned with their discipline of study. Students have an opportunity to gain valuable experience at research institutes, companies, museums, hospitals, libraries and NGOs, in Europe, Asia and North America.

Job-shadowing for Administrative Staff

Members of SWPS University administrative staff have an opportunity to attend international training session, workshops and seminars, which are aligned with their field of expertise. Visiting other universities in Europe, allows them to develop their competencies, share best practices and learn about administrative functions and processes employed by other higher education institutions.


SWPS University, has joined an Erasmus Mundus Consortium that will deliver a 2-year Joint Master Degree Program in Psychology of Global Mobility, Inclusion and Diversity in Society. The Consortium, which also includes ISCTE University Institute of Lisbon in Portugal, University of Limerick in Ireland, University of Oslo in Norway, and Koç University, in Istanbul, Turkey, has been awarded a grant by the European Commission to implement the program and fund a total of 58 scholarships, over three years.Graduates will be awarded a joint master degree from at least two universities.

More inforamation about the program »

Other Academic Cooperation

The scope of SWPS University’s cooperation with international partners includes student and faculty exchange, conducting research projects and organization of international conferences. These activities stimulate academic networking, exchange of ideas and sharing of best research and educational practices. They also help in developing and improving foreign language skills.

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SWPS University partners with over 20 universities outside of Europe. They include: Capital Normal University in Beijing, one of the most innovative universities in China, specializing in humanities, Sungshin University, a prestigious international university in South Korea, The Academic College of Tel Aviv-Yaffo in Izrael, Taras Shevchenko National University in Kiev, the best Ukrainian university, and Arizona State University in the United States.


International cooperation of SWPS University with international partners allows students to gain combined or double diplomas from two universities. For example students of English Studies from Chongqing University of Technology in China may also receive a diploma from SWPS University.

Additionally, SWPS University offers double degree programs in Media and Communication Management, in cooperation with Macromedia University in Germany, and in Economic Psychology, in collaboration with Tilburg University in the Netherlands.

Non-Degree Courses

Summer Schools

SWPS University offers summer programs, including Polish Preparatory School and programs in English in the following areas of study: Global Management, European Neighborhood Policy, and Human Sexuality and Sexual Health. Summer Polish Preparatory School is aimed at international students who plan to undertake degree studies in Poland, while the programs in English are open to Bachelor degree holders, who wish to further develop their knowledge in a given area of study or are interested in a given topic. More information »

Preparatory Schools

SWPS University also offers one or two-semester English and Polish Preparatory Schools for students planning to undertake degree programs in English or Polish, but first need to improve their language competency. Our Preparatory Schools focus on equipping students with language and basic academic skills, necessary for successful progress through their degree program(s). Additionally, Preparatory Schools provide an excellent opportunity to meet fellow students from around the world and to practice language skills not only in the classroom, but also in daily interactions and at social occasions. More information »

Contact Information

Director for International Relations

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  • Chodakowska 19/31, 03-815 Warsaw, Poland, room 415
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    Monday to Friday: 9.00-16.00

International Programs Expert

  • Radosław Stanczewski
  • 22 517 96 12
  • rstanczewski@swps.edu.pl
  • Chodakowska 19/31, 03-815 Warsaw, Poland, room 102
  • Office hours:
    Monday to Friday: 9.00-16.00