By conducting world-class interdisciplinary research, in collaboration with internatoinal partners, we actively participate in a global exchange of ideas. We focus on research projects that can be applied and implemented in various sectors of the economy and can improve the quality of life of individuals and whole communities.

With 24 research centers and nearly 600 authors of scholarly papers, affiliated with SWPS University, we are one of the most active research universities in Poland. Psychology is visibly our strongest field of expertise, comprising more than 60 percent of our academic output in English, and securing the majority of our research grants. With over 20 percent of our publications in top world journals and over 2,000 papers in Scopus, SWPS University is a unique research-focused private higher education institution in Central and Eastern Europe.

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research grants

Research grants

SWPS University is a recipient of numerous grants funded by the European Union as well as national and local funding agencies and organizations supporting the development of science and research in Poland. In 2018 alone, our 284 research projects received grants in the amount of 12.2 million Euro. Moreover SWPS University, as one of only two Polish non-public higher education institutions, has been granted nearly 3 million Euro from the Ministry of Science and Higher Education from the Regional Initiative of Excellence Program (Regionalna Inicjatywa Doskonałości) for the implementation of the 2019-2022 research strategy in Social Sciences.

reaserch centers

Research centers

There are over twenty research centers at SWPS University that conduct interdisciplinary local and international research projects. For example, the Trauma and Crisis Research Center develops effective techniques helping people cope with traumatic events; the Center for Behavioral Economics combines the latest research from the field of social psychology and the practice of financial markets; the Center for Research on the Economics of Memorial conducts research on the economic, financial and management processes related to the development, functioning and commemoration of memorial sites around the world, and HumanTech Center for Social and Technological Innovation provides a place where science meets practical and effective implementation or research results. More information »

research infrastructure

Research infrastructure

SWPS University’s Research and Development Fund supports development of new research centers and laboratories furnished with state-of-the-art equipment, which provide our scientists with an excellent environment for development. Our scientists can also count on the support of the Office for Research, which provides comprehensive services related to granting procedures and research project coordination.

Applied Science

Much of our research is oriented towards practical applications that meet real needs of a rapidly changing world. For example, the BEVIADO system for the design, evaluation and sharing of mobile psychological interventions; the BLIŻEJ (Closer) program focused on eliminating peer discrimination among teenagers; MEMO, a tool supporting cognitive functions in seniors;  PHOTON, an educational robot for children, supporting the development of programming skills; JASNOPIS, a computer app that helps writers produce clear and concise texts, and the TEMPEST program aimed at the prevention of obesity in children and adolescents.

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