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Design thinking is a method of implementing change in various areas of everyday life, using design methodology. It is change by design. SWPS University has a pleasure to invite students to participate in the an intercultural and interdisciplinary legal design thinking workshop, which will take place in Oerlinghausen, Germany from 17 to 23 of February, 2020.

We will focus on applying design thinking to law, in the context of human rights law. We want to design legal acts and information related to these laws in a way that makes them easily understood by everyone, who wants, needs or must use it.

Application deadline: February 6, 2020.

February 17-23
Oerlinghausen, Germany

Focus of the workshop

The workshop, conducted in a picturesque Teutoburg forest, in a quiet Villa Welschen, will focus on human rights that apply to all people. Although these rights are usually interpreted similarly, they are often applied in different ways by different societies. We are interested in these differences. Human rights are not meant to differentiate between different groups of people as they were created for everyone and they must be respected by all. But are they really known to everyone and are they transparent?

In order to respect and apply human rights, one needs to understand them, but the law and legal regulations are usually associated with hundreds of pages of legal jargon, which is undecipherable to lay readers, published in thick volumes. But what would happen, if we applied human-centered participatory design to legislature and the area of human rights? What the results would be, if we translated the complicated legal jargon to commonly accessible visual language? This transition is what we are interested to explore.

Workshop methodology

During the workshop, you will learn and explore the design thinking method step by step. You will be working in small interdisciplinary and intercultural groups that will support group dynamics. Working with specific problems related to human rights, we will try to encourage your creativity and imagination. You will work using different techniques and creative tools, in order to implement and record solutions to the problems related to human rights, in a simple and user-friendly way. The goal is to implement the prototypes developed during the workshop in real life situations.

Who should attend?

We would like to invite all young people up to 27 years of age, who are interested in communication, for example university students from Poland and Germany, enrolled in different programs of study and areas of knowledge. We invite not only lawyers and designers, but also all students interested in the world and changemaking by design, students who are motivated to take part in intercultural and interdisciplinary workshops.

The workshops will be conducted in English, German and Polish.

Application deadline: February 6, 2019

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Date and location

February 17th to February 23rd


  • Arrival - Monday, February 17th, before 17:00
  • Welcome event with dinner - Monday, February 17th at 17:30
  • Workshops start: Tuesday, February 18th at 9:30
  • Workshops end: Saturday, February 22nd at 14:00
  • Departure: by Sunday, February 23rd, by 10:00

Location: Villa Welchen, Am Lehmstich 15, Oerlinghausen (villawelschen.de)


EUR 60, including workshops, accommodation, food and workshop materials plus travel cost (travel cost reimbursement in the amount approx. PLN 140 (approx. EUR 33)), after the completion of the project.

The workshop is financed by the Polsko-Niemiecka Współpraca Młodzieży (Polish-German Youth Cooperation organization).


  • Dorota Płuchowska, Ph.D. – intercultural communication trainer, lecturer at the Department of Graphic Design of SWPS University
  • Mariusz Wszołek, Ph.D. – designer and lecturer at the Department of Graphic Design of SWPS University
  • Jędrzej Stępniowski, M.A.– lawyer, lecturer at the Department of Graphic Design of SWPS University
  • Iga Lubczańska - student of communication design at the University of Wrocław



Iga Lubczańska

e-mail: workshopoerlinghausen@gmail.com


HVHS St.Hedwigs-Haus e.V. Institut für Migrationsund Aussiedlerfragen w Oerlinghausen (st-hedwigshaus.de)

Department of Graphic Design, the Faculty of Law and Communication in Wrocław, SWPS University (grafika.swps.pl/#)

Polsko-Niemiecka Współpraca Młodzieży (Polish-German Youth Cooperation) (pnwm.org)


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