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SWPS University Signs Cooperation Agreement with Coders Lab

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SWPS University Signs Cooperation Agreement with Coders Lab

Information technology and artificial intelligence have entered our lives and are here to stay. Today’s job market requires that employees not only know how to use computers and various applications, but also how to program digital machines and how to design digital products and services in a way most useful for human beings. Therefore, SWPS University has developed a new practical study program, Psychology and Computer Science (Psychologia i informatyka) that offers two specializations: UX Research & Design and Artificial Intelligence – Psychology of Artificial Intelligence. We are very excited that we can collaborate on this project with Coders Lab, the leading programming school in Poland.

Psychology and Computer Science - Humanization of Technology

A few years ago, we have undertaken the challenge of humanizing technology and for several years now, we have been offering the following study programs: Designing human-technology interaction, Creative Coding, MBA – Innovation and Data Analysis or design programs offered by our School of Form.

The new Psychology and Computer Science program (currently offered in Polish) meets the needs of employers, who are seeking specialists who bring a combination of analytical, technological, and programming competencies coupled with social skills and understanding of psychological, social and communication processes.

  • The UX Research & Design specialization will teach the latest trends in the field of User Experience, i.e. designing digital services and products that meet the needs of users.

JSWPS University is a pioneer in teaching User Experience courses in Poland and has been one of the leaders in this field in Poland for many years. According to a 2018 study of the UX branch, 74 percent of UX design specialists in Poland graduated from SWPS University (*I. Mościchowska, J. Rutkowska, T. Skórski, „Experience & Product Design w Polsce 2018”, vol. 5, 1–57, 2018).

  • Graduates of the Artificial Intelligence – Psychology of Artificial Intelligence specialization will have skills allowing them to become trainers of artificial intelligence or junior Python programmers. The program will teach not only various aspects of human psychology, but also will introduce students to the world of AI, Data Science, and Machine Learning.

I am very excited about our collaboration with SWPS University, in particular about the courses on Technological Trends and Web Development. We want to pass on as much information as possible about the changing reality, the workings of new technologies and the related trends, and how to use them for your own advantage.

Marcin Tchórzewski – CEO & Founder of CodersLab

Coders Lab – Leading Computer Programming School

Coders Lab is the first and the largest IT School in Poland. It has been a leader in teaching computer programming and other IT skills for the past seven years. So far, the school certified over 5,000 programming specialists. Notably, over 80 percent of these graduates secured jobs in the Information Technology sector. Coders Lab focuses on aligning its education offer with the requirements of the job market to ensure that it’s students find jobs in the shortest possible time.

Courses for Students and Employees of SWPS University

Additionally, Coders Lab has prepared a series of courses on Technological Trends and Web Development for all students and employees of SWPS Universtiy.

The Technological Trends course will introduce participants to the following topics: artificial intelligence, blockchain, cryptocurrency, and virtual reality. Technologies underlying these trends are gradually becoming a part of our lives. Therefore, it is important to prepare and learn the skills indispensable in working in the new digital world.

The Web Development course will be offered in a form of online workshops, where students will learn how to develop webpages. This skill will be useful for those interested in online marketing, graphic design, and opening their own business. During the course of study, students will be able to build their own webpage. The course is addressed to everyone, no computer programming skills are required.

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