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The Council makes all major decisions related to the functioning of the Faculty of Psychology. It charts Faculty development plans, approves programs and specializations, and develops programs aimed at improving the education process. Members of the Council include academic teachers, researchers, as well as doctoral, graduate and undergraduate students.


  • Katarzyna Byrka, Associate Professor – Dean of the Faculty of Psychology in Wrocław


  • Julita Koszur, Assistant Professor – Vice-Dean for Educational Affairs
  • Agata Gąsiorowska, Associate Professor – Dean's Representative for Academic Affairs and Development, Vice-Director of the Institute of Psychology
  • Jakub Traczyk, Associate Professor – Dean's Representative for Student Affairs, Head of the Center for Research on Improving Decision Making
  • Tomasz Zaleśkiewicz, Professor – Dean's Representative for Interdisciplinary Doctoral Studies, Head of the Department of Economic Psychology, Head of the Center for Research in Economic Behavior, Coordinator of the Business Psychology specialization
  • Dariusz Doliński, Professor – Head of the Department of Social Psychology, Head of the Social Behavior Research Center
  • Karolina Zarychta-Zajączkowska, Assistant Professor – Head of the Department of Clinical Psychology and Health, Coordinator of the Clinical Psychology specialization
  • Maciej Dymkowski, Professor – Head of the Department of Psychological Metatheory
  • Czesław Nosal, Professor – Head of the Department of Cognitive Psychology and Psychology of Individual Differences
  • Justyna Ziółkowska, Associate Professor – Head of Department of Social Sciences
  • Aleksandra Łuszczyńska, Professor – Head of the CARE-BEH Center for Applied Research on Health Behavior and Health


Committee for the Quality of Education

  • Julita Koszur, Assistant Professor
  • Jarosław Kulbat, Assistant Professor
  • Izabela Pawłowska, Assistant Professor
  • Agata Sobków, Assistant Professor
  • Tomasz Zaleśkiewicz, Professor
  • Karolina Zarychta-Zajączkowska, Assistant Professor
  • Karolina Bielak, Education Specialist

Research Committee

  • Agata Gąsiorowska, Associate Professor
  • Tomasz Grzyb, Associate Professor
  • Karolina Zarychta-Zajączkowska, Assistant Professor
  • Magdalena Król, Assistant Professor

Ethics Committee

  • Tomasz Grzyb, Associate Professor
  • Justyna Ziółkowska, Associate Professor
  • Natalia Liszewska, Assistant Professor
  • Zbigniew Piskorz, Assistant Professor