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Get to know SWPS University with Kally


If you are in your last year of secondary school or are about to complete your undergraduate degree, you are probably wondering what is next. You might be considering further education options and looking at different universities, perhaps not only in your country, but also abroad. We would like to help you in this process and introduce to you SWPS University, the programs in English that we offer, and we would like you to meet some of our academic teachers, students, and admission officers. Join us on July 19, 2022 for a free webinar, where we will talk about the admissions process, what is crucial in the application form, and why our Psychology, Design, and English Studies programs are cut above similar programs offered by other higher education institutions.

Make the first step towards your future, register for our webinar today, and join us on July 19th. Looking forward to seeing you there!

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Meeting focus

Our Experts, Kally Wu, student of our English Studies with German program, Rafał Albiński, Ph.D., Coordinator of the undergraduate Psychology in English program, and Filip Zagórski, Coordinator of the Communication Design specialization will talk about the advantages of studying in Poland, at SWPS University, and benefits of choosing one of our study programs in English. We will focus on the following topics:

  • Our admissions process: during a live chat, we will answer any questions you may have regarding submitting applications to the study program of your choice
  • Our ambassador, a student of the English Studies with German program will share her experience of applying to SWPS University and studying at our Warsaw campus
  • How our Psychology, Design, and English Studies programs differ from similar programs offered by other universities
  • What should you focus on during the admissions process

If you were unable to join us earlier, you can catch up by watching a video of our previous webinar in the series »

Our experts

Rafał Albiński


Rafał Albiński, Ph.D. / Assistant Professor

Coordinator of the undergraduate Psychology in English offered in Warsaw

Dr. Rafał Albiński is a psychologist. He researches prospective memory, which enables people to remember what they are planning to do in a specified time and place in the future. He is interested in time management, procrastination, and the effect of depression on memory.

Filip Zagórski


Filip Zagórski

Coordinator of the Communication Design specialization (Design program)

Filip Zagórski is a designer. He specializes in visual communication, including publication design, posters, exhibition design, navigation systems, mobile apps, and webpage design. He studied graphic design in Poland and Argentina and lectured at universities in India and Mexico. Currently, Filip teach at SWPS University’s School of Form.

Kally Wu

SWPS Ambassador

Kally Wu, SWPS University Ambassador

Student of English Studies with German in Warsaw

Kally is a student of the English Studies with German in Warsaw. She is from Taiwan. She moved to Warsaw to pursue higher education and gain a new perspective in a new environment. She fell in love with Poland, plans to stay here and continue her education in the field of Business and Management. She will share her experience of studying at SWPS University and talk about opportunities available to foreign students in Poland.

Dorota Słowińska


Dorota Słowińska

International Admissions Officer

“Working with candidates and students from around the world gives me a lot of satisfaction. I graduated from a secondary school in Dublin, Ireland, so as someone who has experienced the process of moving to a foreign country as well as learning in a foreign school, in a foreign language, I know how important the support of the institution and its employees is for the newcomers.”

This project is financed by the Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange under the Welcome to Poland Programme (2020)

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