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Awards & Recognition 10-05-2021

Short Track to Knowledge: Intensive Elec…

SWPS University has just secured a grant from the National Agency for International Exchange (NAWA) to expand its education offer by providing Intensive International Learning Programs (IMPK) in psychology, management and...

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Research Projects 14-04-2021

Evidence-informed policy in the post-truth era

The application of research insights in policymaking lies at the heart of the public policydiscipline and practice. However, the recent emergence of the post-truth phenomenon creates a substantially new and...

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Events 25-05-2021

How to Apply to SWPS University in Poland

Did you know that SWPS University offers 9 undergraduate (Bachelor’s degree) and 4 graduate (Master’s degree) programs, in English? What does studying in Poland look like? How is it different...

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Events 28-05-2021

Legal Handbooks – the European Perspective

SWPS University’s Faculty of Law in Warsaw would like to invite students of law to participate in a seminar focused on “Legal Handbooks – the European Perspective”. During the seminar...

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Events 31-05-2021

Celebrating Professor Strelau on his 90th Birthday

Professor Jan Strelau (1931-2020) was a world-renowned psychologist, researcher, and author of the Regulative Theory of Temperament. He would have been 90 years old on May 31, 2021. On this...

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Events 04-06-2021

Violence Risk Assessment in Forensic Psychiatry Patient Groups

Violence risk assessment has been used in forensic practice in the Netherlands for close to 20 years. Poland is only beginning to look at the violence risk assessment tools in...

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Events 10-06-2021

Unrealistic Optimism Bias in Era of COVID-19

When the coronavirus pandemic began over a year ago, the whole world was waiting for a vaccine. Now, we have not just one, but several vaccines. Governments are keen on...

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SWPS University

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Prof. Philip Zimbardo

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Pre-suasion and Influence

conversation with Dr. R. Cialdini

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Why people are so morally divided by economic questions

prof. Jonathan Haidt lecture at SWPS University

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Learn, how to learn

Tony Buzan lecture at SWPS University

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Dr Z's 10 step program for becoming an everyday hero

prof. Philip Zimbardo lecture at SWPS University

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