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Study at USWPS in Poland: How to plan your future in uncertain times

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Are you considering university education in Europe? Would you like to study in Poland? The application process and the move to another country may seem difficult, but do not worry! Register for our free webinar series “Study at USWPS in Poland” to learn everything there is to know about the visa and university application processes. During the series, we will also talk about work opportunities in Poland, coping with stress, dealing with cross-cultural differences, and working effectively in multicultural teams.

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Meeting focus

Our expert, Ewa Jarczewska-Gerc, Ph.D., a social psychologist and lecturer at SWPS University, and Martyna Nadstawna, International Admissions Officer, will talk about coping with uncertain situations, dealing with stress and choosing your study program to ensure a secure and stable future. Some of the topics will include:

  • How to choose a study program and a future career in the face of a global social and economic crises, and in the era of military conflicts?
  • What skills and careers will help me to secure a good job and stability in the current rapidly changing world?
  • How, after experiencing a war-related trauma, can I plan my future and begin my university education in another country?
  • How to cope with anxiety related to leaving home and studying in a foreign country? How to cope with stress while living far away from my family?
  • How to cope with economic uncertainty? Will I be able to cover the cost of my tuition and living expenses in a new country?

Our experts

Ewa Jarczewska-Gerc


Ewa Jarczewska-Gerc, Ph.D. / Assistant Professor

Social psychologist, business coach, lecturer at SWPS University

Ewa Jarczewska-Gerc is a social psychologist. She specializes in psychology of motivation, effectiveness, perseverance and mental simulations. She teaches at SWPS University's Faculty of Psychology in Warsaw.

Martyna Nadstawna


Martyna Nadstawna

International Admissions Officer

"I help our international candidates to go through the admission process as smoothly and efficiently as possible.”


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This project is financed by the Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange under the Welcome to Poland programme.

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