May 16, 2023
18.00-19:30 CEST (UTC+2)



Suicide is the most tragic of human outcomes. In this presentation, Professor O’Connor will draw from his book When It Is Darkest: Why People Die by Suicide and What We Can Do To Prevent It (Vermilion, 2021). The aim of the book is to get to the heart of this phenomenon, challenging myths and misunderstandings as well as bringing together the personal and the professional. Additionally, Professor O’Connor will describe the Integrated Motivational–Volitional (IMV) Model of Suicidal Behaviour (O’Connor & Kirtley, 2018). The IMV model outlines the pathways to the emergence of suicidal ideation and the transition from suicidal thoughts to acts of suicide. This tripartite model maps the relationship between background factors and trigger events, and the development of suicidal ideation/intent through to suicidal behaviour. Crucially, the IMV model identifies clinical targets for treatment. As he has done in When It Is Darkest, Prof. O’Connor will present an overview of some of our clinical, experimental and intervention studies to illustrate how psychological, physiological and social factors increase suicide risk, and what we all can do to tackle suicide. He will also highlight the psychological evidence of what works to prevent suicidal behaviour. The wider implications for the prevention of suicide will also be discussed.

Our May 2023 keynote lecture will be delivered by Professor Rory O’Connor, Ph.D, FRSE, FAcSS, President of the International Association for Suicide Prevention and a Past President of the International Academy of Suicide Research.

The lecture will be followed by a panel discussion.

Keynote Lecture
When It is Darkest: Understanding the psychology of suicide risk

Keynote Speaker

Rory O'Connor

Rory O’Connor Ph.D, FRSE, FAcSS, – is Professor of Health Psychology at the University of Glasgow in Scotland, President of the International Association for Suicide Prevention and a Past President of the International Academy of Suicide Research. Rory leads the Suicidal Behaviour Research Lab at Glasgow, one of the leading suicide/self-harm research groups internationally. He has published extensively in the field of suicide and self-harm. His research has been extensively cited, as evidenced by Rory being named in the 2022 ISI Highly Cited Researchers list, that ranks researchers in the top 1% for citations in their field. He is the recipient of several awards including the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention’s Research Award (2023). He is also co-author/editor of several books, including being author of the award-winning book When It is Darkest. Why People Die by Suicide and What We Can Do To Prevent It (2021). Rory is also a Trustee of and a Science Council member of MQ Mental Health Research and Trustee of James’ Place, the male suicide crisis service. He is also co-chair of the Academic Advisory Group for the Scottish Government’s National Suicide Prevention Leadership Group.

Panel Discussion

Panelists will include:
Dr. habil. Danutė Gailienė, Cory F. Newman, Ph.D., and Dr. Tobias Teismann



Danute Gailiene

Dr. habil. Danutė Gailienė is Professor of Clinical Psychology at the Faculty of Philosophy University of Vilnius (Lithuania). Main activities - teaching, research and psychotherapeutical practice. She developed the very first study program on suicidology and psychotraumatology in Lithuania. As a result, two research centers were established at Vilnius University, including the Center of Suicidological Research and the Center of Psychotraumatology. Professor Gailienė authored many scientific articles and books. In 2022 she was named EACLIPT‘s Ambasador of Clinical Psychology and Psychological Treatment.

Cory F. Newman

Cory F. Newman, Ph.D., is Director of the Center for Cognitive Therapy, Professor of Psychology, in Psychiatry at the University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine (in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA), and Adjunct Faculty at the Beck Institute for Cognitive Behavior Therapy. Dr. Newman did his postdoctoral training under the mentorship of Dr. Aaron T. Beck, and he is a Founding Fellow of the Academy of Cognitive Therapy. Dr. Newman has maintained a full clinical caseload and has extensive experience as a CBT supervisor, having supervised over 350 professionals-in-training, both at the University of Pennsylvania, and through the Beck Institute’s international training programs. Dr. Newman was recognized by the Association of Behavioral and Cognitive Therapy with the Outstanding Clinician Award for 2019. Dr. Newman is an international lecturer, having presented nearly 300 cognitive-behavioral therapy workshops and seminars at home in the U.S. as well as in twenty-three other countries. Dr. Newman is author of over 100 articles and chapters on cognitive-behavioral therapy for a wide range of disorders and clinical issues, and he has authored or co-authored six books, including two with Aaron T. Beck. On the side, Dr. Newman is an avid classical pianist.

Tobias Teismann

Tobias Teismann, PD Dr. phil., Dipl. Psych.y is a psychologist, psychotherapist (CBT), trainer and therapy supervisor. He specializes in the treatment of suicidal individuals. Dr. Teismann is the Head of the Center for Psychotherapy at the Mental Health Research and Treatment Center, Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Germany. He has published seven books on suicide, and co-authored more than 170 research papers. His main research interests include suicidality, depression, rumination and psychotherapy.

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