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SWPS University has partnered with EXORiON Foundation in EXO17 Mars analog research project that will be conducted under the auspices of the NASA Human Research Program, at the Mars Desert Research Station in Utah, in March 2017. EXO17, the first project manned entirely by a Polish crew, is the initiative of a SWPS University graduate and co-founder of EXORiON Foundation, Jakub Falaciński, psychologist and inventor.

Analog Missions

EXO17 will be organized as an analog mission to develop team composition strategies for long duration space exploration. Analog missions are simulations of real space missions, conducted in an environment resembling the actual conditions encountered by astronauts in space. In this case, the Utah desert offers a geological environment similar to the surface of Mars. Additionally, the research station and the equipment mirror real space conditions. Analog missions are organized to develop operating procedures for future missions in isolated habitats, to conduct experiments and test selected equipment.

We believe in innovative Polish technologies and their potential for worldwide application.

EXORiON Foundation


EXO17 Experiments

During the project, the researchers will conduct a series of experiments, including an observation of human-robot interaction, a comparison of geological phenomena in the Utah desert and on Mars, and an assessment of a Mars rover as an autonomous platform and astronaut’s supporting tool. They will also practice delivery of medical emergency interventions and test some equipment, such as modular analog space suits, air filters, heart monitoring halters and a water-saving fog shower.

St. Christopher Modular Space Suit

The EXO17 crew will test the functionality of an analog modular space suit designed in cooperation with School of Form in Poznań. It is the first space suit designed and produced in Poland. Thanks to the modular construction, the functional parts of the garment, such as pockets, can be added or removed according to the needs of the crew members. For example, a geologist would need different pockets, to carry tools and perform various tasks, than a rover operator. Data collected during these tests will be used to improve the design of the space suit for future missions.

Mars Utah1

Mars Utah2

Psychologist on Mars

Analog missions create an excellent environment for psychological research. A cognitive psychologist, Hanna Bednarek, Ph.D., Associate Professor at SWPS University, will conduct psychological assessments of the crew, before, and after the mission. She will diagnose chronotypes (i.e. the individual’s propensity for sleep at a particular time during a 24-hour period) of the crew members and will monitor their mood and stress levels. She will also test the function of crew members’ working memory at various times of the day.

Additionally, one phase of the research project will take place in the Mars analog habitat in Utah. The observation of the crew members during the mission will allow to test the hypothesis that the morning vs. the evening chronotype impacts the executive functions of the working memory. This part of research is especially important, because effective functioning of the working memory supports more complex cognitive processes, such as thinking, planning or decision making. The goal of the project is to collect information that will help to develop optimal individual work schedules for members of future missions of this type.

Moreover, the mission will allow to test styles of leadership of the crew members, team composition, behavior in isolation and in difficult conditions as well as human-robot interaction, including the anthropomorphisation of the mission robot.

"Space psychology research is of huge significance, because the frequency and the role of man-manned long time space travel will be increasing in the coming years", says Jakub Falaciński.

FOG 2.0 – Water Saving Shower

The lack of water in space presents a considerable challenge for space exploration projects. Jakub Falaciński, social psychologist, graduate of SWPS University and inventor, has designed a mobile shower FOG that requires just two cups of condensed water to wash a person. During the mission, the crew will test whether it is possible to effectively wash a human body using water mist. Successful results would help to solve the problem of limited water resources in space and on earth, in areas such as desert habitats or disaster zones.

“People think that the money spent on space programs disappears into thin air. It is quite the opposite. A lot of tools, materials or procedures that we use every day have been developed in the course of space research. We want to show that our ideas, though they might seem out of this world, are rooted in reality and can be applied here, on Earth, in business, industry or in difficult conditions”, explains Jakub Falaciński.

EXO – Experimental Objectives Program

EXO17 is the first stage of a cyclical EXO (Experimental Objectives) research program focused on mounting analog missions to conduct various experiments that eventually will enable a manned mission to Mars. The next stages of the program will be conducted in the Foundation’s own mobile habitat in Iceland (planned for 2019) and on Spitsbergen in Norway (planned for 2021). So far, experiments in a mobile habitat have never been conducted anywhere in the world.

The EXORiON Foundation would like to involve students and researchers to work on specific projects for the upcoming missions. SWPS Unviersity’s School of Form, School of Ideas and the Management Program present a lot of potential for future cooperation. The Foundation plans to organize a design competition for students of School of Form, which will provide the winner with an opportunity to join the crew in the EXO19 analog mission in Iceland.

EXO17 Crew

Natalia Zalewska, Ph.D. – Crew Commander

geologist, paleontologist
Natalia conducted her doctoral research at the Space Research Center, Polish Academy of Sciences (CBK PAN), where she currently works. She also cooperates with the Aviation Institute in Warsaw. Her research interests include: infrared spectroscopy, geology of Mars analogs, and the origins and presence of water in our solar system. In 2015, as the crew geologist, she participated in a Mars analog mission, at the Mars Desert Research Station, in Utah.

Jakub Falacinski – Executive Officer

social psychologist, inventor
Since a young age, Jakub dreamed of space exploration. While studying at SWPS University, he founded the Aviation and Space Psychology Research Club. In 2015, he participated in a simulated mission to Mars, AMADEE-15, organized by the Austrian Space Forum (OeWF), where he tested his FOG shower for astronauts.

Karolina Zawieska, Ph.D. – Green Hub Officer, Human-Robot Interaction Officer

sociologist, specializing in social robotics
Karolina received her Doctoral Degree in Social Robotics from the University College Dublin (UCD). She works at the Industrial Research Institute for Automation and Measurements (PIAP). Her research interests include human-robot interaction and anthropomorphisation of robots. She is also active in the field of roboethics, especially in the context of the United Nations debate on Lethal Autonomous Weapon Systems – LAWS.

Krzysztof Jędrzejak – Press Officer

media, account executive, partnership developer
Krzysztof is responsible for documenting and reporting on the first entirely Polish analog Mars mission EXO17.

Michał Kazaniecki – Crew Engineer

student at the Division of Automatic Control and Robotic Drives, Warsaw University of Technology
Michał is a member of the student Astronautics Research Club at the Warsaw University of Technology. He was part of the team that designed and produced Mars rover Ares. He participated in the European Rover Challenge (2015 and 2016) and in the University Rover Challenge (2016).

Piotr Szetelnicki – Health Officer

emergency medicine physician
Piotr began his emergency medicine career as an ambulance doctor. He also served as Head of several Emergency Units and Coordinator of Emergency Medicine Services for the Lower Silesia Province. Currently, he combines his love of flying with emergency medicine, while working for Helicopter Emergency Medical Service (HEMS).


  • EXORiON Foundation

Strategic Partner 

  • SWPS University


  • Warsaw University of Technology
  • Centre for Innovation and Technology Transfer Management (CZIiTT) at Warsaw University of Technology
  • Military University of Technology in Warsaw (WAT)
  • Institute of Aviation in Warsaw
  • Industrial Research Institute for Automation and Measurements
  • Helicopter Emergency Medical Service
  • Medicalgorithmics
  • Heimdall
  • PROXiM
  • Łódzki Dystrykt Zbrojeniowy (Defense Industrial Cluster in the city of Łódź)


News 14-11-2017

Graduates of SOF Win Prestigious Prize in Dubai

MIKO+ jewelry, designed by Ewa Dulcet and Martyna Świerczyńska, graduates of School of Form in Poznań, has been awarded the Progress Prize at the Global Grad Show in Dubai. The...

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Events 23-11-2017

The End of Privacy - Open Lecture

“Every move you make…every step you take…, I’ll be watching you” sang The Police in 1983. Fast forward to 2017 and these lyrics are more relevant than ever. Every "like...

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Digital Footprints - Guest Lecture

In the era of the world wide web and ubiquitous digitalization, psychology of personality and psychology of individual differences have entered new research areas and have found new practical applications...

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Wrocław Model United Nations 2017

For the third consequtive year, SWPS University in Wrocław will be hosting the Model United Nations conference. WrocMUN2017 will gather students from around the world to discuss global, economic, social...

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Human Skills Festival

It would seem that in the world dominated by technology, where Artificial Intelligence (AI) is becoming increasingly intelligent, people with a background in humanities and social sciences might be at...

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Open Mic - Take the Stage to Tell Your Story

Harvey Milk, Chavela Vargas, Ellen DeGeneres, Jodie Foster, Ellen Page…these are only a few of the famous activists, artists and movie stars who had the courage to take the stage...

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School of Form at the Vienna Design Week

The graduates of School of Form in Poznań will present their projects at the 11th edition of the Vienna Design Week. “It feels! Design for the senses” is the theme...

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Erasmus Day at SWPS University

If travel broadens the mind, imagine what travel combined with studying abroad could do for you. To tell you all about it, the Office of International Programs and Exchange and...

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Beehive, Small Data, Behavioral and Interventional Studies

Small data is big business. Nowadays companies and researchers want to know everything there is to know about human behavior, trends in sport statistics and weather forecasts, because this deceptively...

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Reportage from the Inauguration of Academic Year 2017/2018

This year, we celebrated the Inauguration of the academic year for the 22nd time. We had the honor and the pleasure to share this special day with distinguished guests, representing...

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Events 06-10-2017

Inauguration of Academic Year 2017/2018

October marks the beginning of the academic year in Poland. All campuses of SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities will celebrate this occassion with official ceremonies. This year, SWPS University...

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News 25-09-2017

English Edition of Kultura Popularna

The newest issue of Kultura Popularna (Popular Culture), a peer-reviewed academic publication of SWPS University, focuses on the themes of Jewish history, culture and the Holocaust. The issue, available in...

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News 27-07-2017

Among Top Recipients of Grants from the National Science Centre

The National Science Centre (NCN) has published a report related to grants awarded to research institutions in Poland for the period 2011-2016. SWPS University ranked 5th among the top recipients...

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Events 21-07-2017

Individual Differences in Mixed Emotional and Cognitive Experiences

Emotions are a complicated matter. Usually, we can identify feelings of joy, fear or anger, but sometimes we can experience two or more emotions, such as happiness and sadness, at...

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Students of Programs in English Celebrate Graduation

The academic year has come to an end and students of SWPS University in Warsaw, who completed their studies in a variety of programs in English, celebrated their graduation on...

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Artifacts and Allegiances

Museums have always played a leading role in creating national citizens. In today’s global world do they also create global citizens who engage actively with diversity next door and across...

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Transnational Social Protection

Social welfare has long been considered something which states provide to their citizens. Yet today 220 million people live in a country in which they do not hold citizenship. How...

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Colorful Project of Top Secret And School of Form

Last May, the Visual Merchandising (VM) team of the Polish fashion brand Top Secret collaborated with the School of Form (SOF) on a series of styling and advertising workshops, organized...

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LOKALNIE! (LOCALLY!) - SWPS University Festival

LOKALNIE! [LOCALLY!] is the theme of this year’s SWPS University Festival, an annual event celebrating our school and community. This year, we will venture beyond the Warsaw campus and explore...

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Our Students Win 2nd Place in Enactus Competition

Two community projects, developed and implemented by students of SWPS University, have been awarded 2nd place in the national edition of the Enactus Competion 2017, organized by an international non-profit...

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Prof. Wiesław Godzic on FIPRESCI Jury at Moscow Film Festival 2017

Professor Wiesław Godzic, media expert at SWPS University’s Institute of Cultural Studies, will join the Jury of the International Federation of Film Critics, FIPRESCI, at the Moscow International Film Festival...

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Popular Science Blog 01-06-2017

Robot Teaches Programming and Helps to Name Emotions

During my flight to Earth, my spacecraft crashed into an asteroid. Its parts scattered all over the world and now children help me find them. This is a story of...

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International Days - Photo Reportage

Algeria and Vietnam occupy the opposite ends in the Roman alphabet. Mexico and Japan are located on two different hemispheres and two different continents, yet they all came together during...

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Homo Sustainabiliticus

The current concept of law seems to be grounded in two models of human: homo politicus and homo economicus. The fast paced technological and scientific growth and the need for environmental protection make...

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International Days at SWPS University

Diversity is a spice of life. To celebrate the richness that multicultural society brings, SWPS University will be hosting the first edition of International Days at its Warsaw Campus, on May...

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News 28-04-2017

SWPS University Senate Appoints Two Honorary Members

During the April 28th meeting, the Senate of SWPS University appointed two renowned Polish psychologists, Professor Andrzej Eliasz and Professor Jan Strelau as its Honorary Members. Thanks to the outstanding...

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News 24-04-2017

Warsaw - Best City for Erasmus Exchange

The Italian daily, La Repubblica, reports that a survey conducted among international students indicates that Warsaw is one of the best European cities to study and live in, during Erasmus exchange. The...

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News 11-04-2017

SWPS University Grants 45 Post-Graduate Degrees

Earlier this month during a special ceremony, SWPS University granted new post-graduate degrees to 36 doctoral and 9 post-doctoral students. The doctoral (Ph.D.) and post-doctoral (doktor habilitowany) degrees were conferred...

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Events 08-03-2017

Women in the US Military Forces - Guest Lecture

The history of women in the US military goes back to the Revolutionary War, although at the time their participation in the war effort was often clandestine and unacknowledged. For...

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News 06-03-2017

First Polish Analog Mission to Mars

SWPS University has partnered with EXORiON Foundation in EXO17 Mars analog research project that will be conducted under the auspices of the NASA Human Research Program, at the Mars Desert...

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News 27-02-2017

School of Form Awarded at 2017 London Fashion Week

The first ever fashion exhibit designed by students and graduates of the School of Form (SOF) for the International Fashion Showcase (IFS) at the 2017 London Fashion week has been recognized...

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News 13-02-2017

SWPS University Joins VITAE

SWPS University, as the first Polish institution, has joined an international organization VITAE, the global leader in supporting the professional development of researchers. Together, SWPS University and VITAE are working...

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News 02-02-2017

New Erasmus Mundus Global-MINDS Program

SWPS University, has joined an Erasmus Mundus Consortium that will deliver a 2-year Joint Master Degree Program in Psychology of Global Mobility, Inclusion and Diversity in Society. The Consortium, which...

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Events 27-01-2017

Year of the Rooster - Celebration of Chinese New Year

The New Year celebration is the most important holiday in the Chinese calendar. According to the Chinese Zodiac, 2017 is the year of the Rooster. Rooster is the sign of...

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Events 26-01-2017

Japan - Insider’s View

Japan is one of the world’s economic powers. It is also the closest ally of the West in Asia. Three experts, living and working in Japan, will talk about internal...

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Events 20-01-2017

Impact of Behavior Change Interventions in Real World Settings - Open Lecture

Health psychology is concerned with understanding how psychological, behavioral, and cultural factors contribute to physical health and illness. Health psychologists aim to increase both the quality of life and the...

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Events 17-01-2017

(WY)TWÓRCA I TWO(R)ŻYWO – Meeting with David Malcolm

(WY)TWÓRCA i TWO(R)ŻYWO (Creator and Matter) is a new series of meetings with acclaimed authors, critics, and screen writers, organized by the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences at SWPS...

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Events 11-01-2017

Community Development Model - Guest Lecture

Building sustainable and well-functioning communities is one of the primary keys to the development of the modern society. There are various approaches to achieve this goal. Professor Barbara Klimek, from Arizona...

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Events 10-01-2017

Treatment of Post-traumatic Conditions - Seminar Giovanni Tagliavini

Trauma oriented psychotherapy has proven to be effective in post-traumatic conditions. It involves an extended preparation phase preceding working with trauma. During the seminar Treatment of Dissociative Disorders and Complex...

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News 02-01-2017

Migrants as Agents of Change

For the past few years, the topic of migration has been appearing in media daily. Recent Brexit has added a new dimension to the discussion and has posed new challenges...

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News 20-12-2016

Pre-Suasion and Influence: Conversation with Dr. R. Cialdini

Dr. Robert Cialdini, the world leading expert on influencing and persuasion techniques, visited Wrocław recently to attend the launch of his new book Pre-suasion: A Revolutionary Way to Influence and...

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Events 10-12-2016

Refugees and the role of social media

For the past two years, the public debate has been dominated by images of refugees making their way to Europe and by the concerned reactions of European citizens to the...

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Events 22-11-2016

Wrocław Model United Nations 2016

This November, Wrocław will host an international Model United Nations conference, for the 20th time. Students from around the world will visit the capital of Lower Silesia to discuss global...

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Events 15-11-2016

The Role of Science in Policy Making – Lecture by Dr. E. William Colglazier

Dr. E. William Colglazier, Representative of UN Secretary General for the promotion of science, technology and innovation, will deliver a lecture on On the role of the natural sciences, social sciences...

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Events 14-11-2016

Global Entrepreneurship Week - Free Workshop

The Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) was first celebrated in 2007. It started with an idea to create a global network of mentors and resources that would inspire people everywhere to...

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Events 08-11-2016

Identifying and understanding dissociative disorders - Seminar Anabel Gonzalez

Dissociative disorders are severe posttraumatic conditions that are frequently misdiagnosed due to their frequent comorbidity with many other disorders. This introductory seminar describes the modern concept of dissociation, scientific evidence...

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News 08-11-2016

Pre-Suasion by R. Cialdini Published under the Auspices of SWPS University

The Polish edition of Robert Cialdini’s new book, Pre-Suasion: A Revolutionary Way to Influence and Persuade, has been published under the auspices of SWPS University. Intuitively we know that “pre-suasion”, the process of...

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Awards & Recognition 07-11-2016

Polish Nobel Prize for Professor Bogdan Wojciszke

For the 25th time, the Foundation for Polish Science (FNP) has granted the annual FNP Prizes, considered to be Poland’s most important scientific awards. This year’s winners include three leading...

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Events 27-10-2016

Indonesia – A New Asian Giant?

For years, Indonesia has been underestimated as a potential partner, from the European perspective. However, this view has been changing recently. Thanks to the significant economic growth, Indonesia has become...

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Events 25-10-2016

Chinese Day at SWPS University

A delegation of artists from Beijing Literary Federation will present traditional Chinese arts at SWPS University on Tuesday, October 25, 2016. The event will include performances by singers, dancers and...

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News 18-10-2016

SWPS University and Norbsoft Sign a Cooperation Agreement

SWPS University has signed a cooperation agreement with Norbsoft Sp. z o.o., a leading mobile application developer in Poland, to develop and implement a system for the Design, Evaluation and...

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Awards & Recognition 13-10-2016

Teofrast Superstar Award for Professor Andrzej Eliasz

Professor Andrzej Eliasz, the co-founder and first Rector of SWPS University, has received the Teofrast Superstar award, established by Charaktery, a Polish popular science magazine devoted to psychology. “Twenty years ago...

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Events 04-10-2016

Inauguration of Academic Year 2016/2017

October marks the beginning of the academic year in Poland. All campuses of SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities will celebrate this occassion with official ceremonies. This year, the inauguration...

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Awards & Recognition 30-09-2016

Piotr Voelkel - Visionary of Polish Business

Piotr Voelkel, the owner of Vox Capital Group, Founder of SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities, art connoisseur and promoter of Polish design has been awarded Wizjonerzy 2016 [Visionaries...

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News 01-09-2016

New Rector

After 20 years of leading SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities as Rector, Professor Andrzej Eliasz has decided to cede the position to Associate Professor Roman Cieślak. The change...

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Awards & Recognition 27-06-2016


SWPS University Channel on YouTube has become the most popular and the highest ranked university channel on the video sharing platform, in Poland. It is an indication that SWPS University...

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Awards & Recognition 22-06-2016

Agnieszka Kruszewska joins editorial board of Journal of the Research Society of Pakistan

Agnieszka Kruszewska, Ph.D., an international relations expert, specializing in the issues of South-Asia, has joined the editorial board of the Journal of the Research Society of Pakistan. JOURNAL OF THE RESEARCH...

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Awards & Recognition 13-06-2016


On June 14, 2016, the first in the world Chinese Book Center was opened at SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities in Warsaw. The ceremony coincided with the official...

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Awards & Recognition 08-06-2016

HR Excellence in Research - Our Commitment to Researchers

SWPS University has joined the ranks of the elite group of research institutions granted the right to display the HR Excellence in Research logo. The European Commission awards the right...

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Awards & Recognition 16-04-2016


Professor Jan Strelau, the creator of the Regulative Theory of Temperament (RTT) and the leading psychologists in the area of Psychology of Individual Differences was awarded the title Doctor honoris...

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Awards & Recognition 25-01-2016

SWPS University Academics Awarded Elsevier Certificartes

Two SWPS University academics from Wrocław, Agata Gąsiorowska and Katarzyna Byrka, have been awarded Elsevier Reviewer Certificates. Elsevier, a world-leading provider of information solutions for researchers in the field of...

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