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Andrzej Nowak

Faculty of Psychology in Warsaw


A renowned social psychologist. He pioneered the application of computer modelling in research, in psychology and social sciences. A leading scholar in the field of dynamical social psychology, which he co-developed with Jacek Szamrej and Bibb Latané. He is interested in the application of complex systems and information technology in social psychology. He researchers processes of social influence, dispersed systems, social safety mechanisms, technology in the learning process and social aspects of new technologies.

Author and editor of numerous books and articles on application of computer simulations in social sciences and the dynamical approach in social psychology, published in Psychological Review, Personality and Social Psychology Review, and American Psychologist.

Head of the Center for Complex System and New Technologies at the University of Warsaw.

Visiting professor at Columbia University, University of North Carolina, Ohio State University, Netherland's Institute for Advanced Studies, Vienna's Center for Advanced Studies in the Social Sciences, and Florida Atlantic University.

Lecturer in professional certification and training program “Coaching and Mentoring”, at SWPS University. He also teaches at the Academy of Leadership Psychology, at the Warsaw University of Technology.