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Study Comfortably


We are committed to making learning opportunities available to persons with disabilities. We are gradually eliminating architectural barriers in our buildings, installing appropriate equipment and introducing improvements that make it easier for students with disabilities to move around the campuses and take advantage of the available infrastructure.

Students with disabilities are offered specialized equipment and software to support their work on learning materials, help from personal assistants, translators and stenographers, as well as support from our Office for Students with Disabilities. In our university, you will never be left alone.

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The “Aktywny Samorząd” Program

Did you know that as a person with disabilities, you can obtain financial support to help cover your tuition fees for undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate studies? You can also obtain funding to pay for your doctoral procedure under the “Aktywny Samorząd” program.

Scholarships for SWPS University students

It’s also important to remember that we offer our students a number of scholarship programs, including a special grant for persons with disabilities, a needs-based student grant for persons finding themselves in a difficult financial situation, and a Rector's scholarship for outstanding grades.

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Scholarships for candidates

While applying to SWPS University, do not forget to review our scholarship programs, which provide you with an opportunity to win a scholarshp that covers first year tuition fee.

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Support in the learning process

student z niepełnosprawnością Uniwersytet SWPS

Assistance from specialists

If it’s necessary, our assistants will help you take notes and move around the building. We also provide the support of a sign language interpreter, a stenographer and a spatial orientation trainer to help blind persons make their way from home to the university and find their way around the campus.

student z niepełnosprawnością Uniwersytet SWPS

Psychological support

If the stress of adapting to the new surroundings is too much for you, you can take advantage of our psychological counselling scheme.


Depending on your special needs resulting from disability, you may apply for changes to the curriculum, including participation in physical education classes in the form of e-learning, individual mode of taking exams or an extension of the diploma seminar.

Special equipment rental

If you need portable equipment to help you learn, we have professional voice recorders, lightweight laptops and notebooks, screen reader software, and magnifying glasses.

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and reading rooms

Facilities for the blind and visually impaired

Persons with visual impairment may apply for digitization of teaching materials. In addition, they have access to the Academic Digital Library with its a collection of books, magazines and teaching materials specifically adapted to the needs of blind readers.

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Specialized equipment

We provide dedicated computer workstations equipped with specialized software for persons with disabilities as well as equipment for the conversion of printed materials into digital files. Students have the opportunity to use mini scanners, desktop magnifiers, the hands-free computer mouse (myszONka), BrailleSense Plus Qwerty notebooks, and portable talking book players.

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Our buildings

We make sure that our campuses accommodate the needs of persons with various disabilities. To make it easier for you to get around, we fitted our buildings with appropriate elevators, stairlifts and ramps. Selected offices have been equipped with a call-hear system. There are appropriately designed restrooms on each floor. Braille marking is provided on the doors.

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Parking in front of our buildings is free for all students, training participants and post-graduate students with moderate or severe disability. There are marked parking spaces for persons with disabilities in front of the building entrance..

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