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SWPS University - Main page

International Strategy

of research

Since its inception, SWPS University has been developing its research capabilities, expanding the scope of research fields, and establishing international research cooperation with partners around the world.

The focus on research is one of the pillars of SWPS University’s strategy, and we continue to grow our capabilities in this area, not only by developing scientific theories and contributing to the global body of knowledge, but also by providing practical applications of our research, and sharing our solutions through cooperation with international business.

partnerships and consortia

Expanding international networks

Partnerships and consortia

Expanding our international partner networks and participating in international research consortia are crucial in the process of SWPS University’s internationalization. Through partnerships and networking, we can accelerate the process of internationalization with respect to research cooperation and increased mobility of our researchers. Furthermore, contributing to international consortia will help us improve access to European funds available to institutional, educational and research collaborations focused on the development of high quality international research initiatives.

Contributing to the global body of knowledge

International projects

There are nearly 30 research centers at SWPS University, which obtain international research grants for advanced research projects in the disciplines of social sciences and humanities. Our researchers actively initiate international research projects or contribute their knowledge and expertise to international collaborations. Currently, international projects constitute a larger portion of our EUR 25 million research budget. One of the priorities of our international strategy is to increase the number of high quality research projects conducted in cooperation with international partners and research centers.

Visit our research centers

Review our research projects

Sharing results of our research

SWPS University is a leading research center in the disciplines of social sciences and humanities. Our goal is to increase our contributions to the global body of knowledge and exchange of ideas with the international research community. To achieve this goal, we organize international conferences in collaboration with many partner universities and research institutions around the world. Over 20 percent of our researchers’ publications appear in top international journals and over 2,400 papers authored by our scholars are available in Scopus.

Review conferences organized by SWPS University

Expanding academic exchange

Agreements with leading universities around the world

To further improve the quality of our teaching and research, SWPS University strives to increase the number of visiting lecturers and researchers from leading universities around the world. Visiting scholars bring a wealth of experience and expertise, which they share them with our students and academics. Moreover, such academic exchange is conducive to exchange of ideas and best practices as well as building strong relationships between the sending and receiving institutions. We have signed cooperation agreements with over 90 higher education institutions around the world. Our partners include:

  • Sapienza – Università di Roma, the largest university in Europe
  • Humboldt-Universität, the oldest university in Berlin
  • KU Leuven, one of the oldest universities in Belgium
  • Renmin University Pekin, a leading university in China, specializing in humanities
  • Tilburg University, a center for research and education in the field of social sciences
  • Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, the best psychology school in Spain
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Increasing international visibility

Professional organizations and expert networks

By participation in international boards, committees, associations, and expert networks, our researchers contribute a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the development of various scientific disciplines, projects, and initiatives, on international scale. This also allows us to draw on the body of international knowledge, solutions, and best practices, which can be implemented at SWPS University. Furthermore, participation in international expert networks increases SWPS University’s international recognition.

centra naukowo badawcze centra naukowo badawcze

Working with international business

Providing expertise and practical solutions

We believe that one of the main goals of research is to provide research-based, practical solutions that improve the quality of life. Therefore, SWPS University undertakes various initiatives to expand its cooperation with business partners. For example, we organize international conferences, which provide an excellent platform for knowledge sharing and networking. We also undertake joint research projects, conducted in collaboration with international business sector, which are focused on igniting innovation, increasing economic productivity, and employee satisfaction.