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Uniwersytet SWPS - Logo

How we work

and infrastructure

SWPS University is located in six major Polish cities: Warsaw, Wrocław, Poznań, Katowice, Sopot and Kraków. The main campus is situated in Warsaw, the capital of Poland.

All our campuses are spacious, modern, well equipped, and have become integral parts of the cities where they are located. The buildings reflect unique characters of each of the five cities, while ensuring the highest standard and comfort of learning.

Warszawski Kampus Uniwersytetu SWPS

Warsaw Campus
the iconic district of Warsaw

Praga is one of the most iconic parts of the city. It is known for its grit and resilience of the blue collar past and its industrial architecture, which laid a foundation for the district’s current character and artistic flair. SWPS University, is housed in the historic building of the former High Voltage Apparatus and Devices Factory that was built in the 1920s. The carefully renovated historical industrial buildings offer spacious classrooms and lecture theatres, computer labs, simultaneous interpretation booths, and research laboratories with specialized equipment. Students also have access to two libraries, including our Oriental Library that offers a unique collection of books and other materials on East Asian culture, politics, and economy in Chinese, Korean and Japanese.

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Faculties located at the Warsaw campus:

Wrocław Campus
industrial spaces

The Wrocław Campus of SWPS University is situated in a renovated mid-century industrial building, which used to house a manufacturing plant, which in the 1960s, produced first Polish computers and later, until the early 2000s, other electronic equipment. Nowadays, this large industrial space offers modern classrooms, lecture halls, and specialized laboratories as well as an art gallery and theatres for film screenings and theatre productions.

Faculties located at the Wrocław campus:
Faculty of Law and Communication in Wrocław oraz Faculty of Psychology in Wrocław.

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Wrocławski Kampus Uniwersytetu SWPS

Poznań Campus
mid-century vibes

The Poznań Campus of SWPS University is located in the heart of Poznań, near the Citadel and the Old Town Square. The architecture of the building was inspired by a redoubt which, together with the St. Adalbert of Prague Fort, was a part of the 19th century fortifications of the city. Modern spaces of the campus provide a perfect backdrop for display of art, created by acclaimed Polish contemporary artists, including: Magdalena Abakanowicz - a sculptor, and a fiber artist; Tadeusz Kantor - a painter, assemblage artist, set designer and a theatre director; and Jerzy Nowosielski - a painter, graphic artist, set designer, and illustrator, and many others. Students and researchers have access to modern multimedia classrooms, a psychophysiological laboratory and a fully equipped gym.

Faculties located at the Poznań campus:
Faculty of Psychology and Law in Poznań

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Poznański kampus Uniwersytetu SWPS

Sopot Campus
by the seaside

The Sopot Campus is located in a picturesque center of a seaside resort on the Baltic Sea, near a horse racing track built in the 19th century, and a station of the local railway line that connects the Tri-city of Gdańsk, Gdynia and Sopot. The historic building of the Sopot Campus houses several classrooms, lecture halls, computer labs and a professional laboratory, where students and scientists can conduct psychological research and workshops. Between classes, students and academics may relax in the Student Zone that includes a coffee and sandwich station. There is also a play area for children.

Faculties located at the Sopot campus:
Faculty of Psychology in Sopot

Read more about our Sopot campus
Sopocki kampus Uniwersytetu SWPS

Katowice Campus
green heart of the city

The Katowice Campus of SWPS University is situated in a peaceful area, surrounded by urban green spaces. Its modern industrial architecture allows for generous and airy spaces ideal for learning, working, and socializing. Students and academics have access to multimedia classrooms and well-equipped computer labs, as well as comfortable student zones ideal for studying, relaxing and working on group projects. Our Katowice Campus is a hub of activity that hosts numerous conferences, meetings and cultural events.

Faculties located at the Katowice campus:
Faculty of Psychology in Katowice

Read more about our Katowice campus
Katowicki kampus Uniwersytetu SWPS

Kraków Campus
between history and modernity

Kraków, which was the first capital of Poland until 1795, seamlessly blends its historical past with modernity, and enchants visitors and residents alike with its beauty and character. Kraków is also known as a city of artists, the cradle of the Polish Art Nouveau movement, and a muse for poets and writers. SWPS University’s campus is located in the Nowa Huta district of Kraków, which is a prime example of a Socialist Realism architecture style and urban planning. There, students and lecturers of SWPS University have created an inspiring environment, where education and personal development flourish thanks to the unique atmosphere of the campus and the city. Students learn in modern classrooms and labs, spend quiet study time at the library or socialize at the cafe.

Faculties located at the Kraków campus:
Faculty of Psychology in Kraków

Read more about our Kraków campus
USWPS Kraków building interior
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