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SWPS University - Main page

Erasmus+ Program

The exchange of students and faculty staff within the Erasmus program is based upon bilateral agreements that SWPS University has signed with selected higher education institutions from the European Union and the selected non-EU countries.

To be accepted to the Erasmus program, students must have a high Grade Point Average (GPA), demonstrate proven academic achievements, and should speak English or the language of the country chosen for the Erasmus exchange, at the CEFR B2 level at the minimum. Language requirements may vary depending on the program.

During the time of their study abroad, students receive an Erasmus scholarship, paid in EURO, to partially cover travel and the cost of living.

Every year, SWPS University welcomes close to 100 students, who come to study in Poland, thanks to various exchange programs. Exchange students can choose from eight different programs:

Erasmus Policy Statement

Erasmus Charter for Higher Education 2021-2027

Admission Requirements
for Exchange Students

To become an exchange student at SWPS Unviersity, you must meet the following requirements:

  • There should be a bilateral agreement between your home university and SWPS University.
  • Your home university should select you as an exchange student and notify the Erasmus Incoming Officer of the SWPS University of your nomination.
  • For non-native speakers of English: you are required to have a good command of the English language before you arrive, to be able to follow lectures and pass exams in English; for Erasmus students a statement of the Erasmus coordinator that the level of English meets the requirements suffices. Your English language level should be at least B2. You should have a certificate of English language proficiency (TOEFL, CAE, IELTS) or the statement from your English teacher from your University that you know English at B2 level.


Warsaw - Best Place for Erasmus Students

The Italian daily, La Repubblica, reports that a survey conducted among international students indicates that Warsaw is one of the best European cities to study and live in, during Erasmus exchange. The newspaper notes that many Italians give high marks to study programs in Poland.

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Najlepsze niepubliczne studia filologiczne w Polsce

Orientation Week

At the beginning of each semeter, SWPS University organizes an Orientation Week, when all Erasmus students, mentors and members of the Erasmus Student Network (ESN) Team get to know each other. Additionally, there are numerous opportunities to make new friends and spend time together throughout the academic year.

Multicultural environment

Multicultural environment

University offer a friendly and multicultural environment, contributing to the students’ development of language and interpersonal skills as well as cross-cultural competencies. International students comprise close to 10 per cent of the student population. Therefore, students have ample opportunities to practice English not only in class, but also in daily and informal interactions with each other.

Study Programs
for Erasmus Exchange Students


  1. English Studies

    The program of English studies combines several modules, such as: linguistics, intensive language learning, as well as cultural and historical background of the English speaking countries. Thanks to this approach, students gain multifaceted skills, including language competencies, academic reading and writing, multicultural awareness, and teaching English as a foreign language (TEFL).

    Language of instruction: English

  2. Law

    The Law program at SWPS University offers practical approach to skill development. Students gain a solid legal foundation combined with practical skills needed to practice legal profession. Students have an opportunity to learn from the best scholars and practitioners of law in Poland. Furthermore, our program enables students to specialize in a chosen area of law and embark on a successful career path, not only in the traditional legal professions, such as lawyer, prosecutor, solicitor, judge, and notary public, but also work in other areas, such as the diplomatic core, business, public administrations, and international relations.

    Language of instruction: English

  3. Management

    Management is a unique program of study that combines International Relations and International Business with Humanistic Management. In the era of globalization, management strategies should be aligned with needs of multicultural societies and international business environment. Therefore a great deal of emphasis should be placed on practicing soft skills, which enable students to become successful leaders of international teams.

    Language of instruction: English

  4. Psychology

    The undergraduate Psychology Program includes courses that allow students to develop a deep understanding of core areas in psychology, including social psychology, cognitive psychology, personality psychology, psychology of emotion and motivation, and psychology of individual differences. They also learn about practical applications of psychological research in the fields of psychopathology, clinical and health psychology, work and organizational psychology, educational psychology, and cross-cultural psychology.

    Language of instruction: English

  5. Design (School of Form)

    School of Form (SOF) offers unique design programs developed by a team of experts, led by Lidewij Edelkoort, the former Director of the world-renowned Design Academy Eindhoven, in the Netherlands. The design programs at SOF are founded on human-centered design and prepare students for solving real challenges of the contemporary world. Students learn how to combine functionality with esthetics and how to meet the needs of product users, while keeping in mind the environmental impact their products leave on the world.

    Language of instruction: English


  1. Graphic Design

    Our program offers a comprehensive approach to design that combines graphic design, communication, psychology and psychophysiology of vision. The program is addressed to candidates interested in becoming skillful designers, specializing in commercial graphic design and visual communication. Over the course of study, students gain practical skills in various areas, such asgraphic design, drawing, film, photography, publishing, and visual communication.

    Language of instruction: English

  2. Psychology

    The program includes courses on the core aspects of Psychology, such as emotions, motivation, cognition, personality, and individual differences. Students gain insights into social psychology and other practical applications of psychology, including education, work, and healthcare. The program focuses mainly on acquiring knowledge and developing important psychological skills such as group work, communication, and personal skills.

    Language of instruction: English

Step by step

While filling in the Application Form, you will need the following documents:
- photo
- completed Learning Agreement
- your English proficiency certificate or statement
- copy of your health insurance policy (e.g. European Health Insurance Card), for the amount of at least EUR 30,000 to cover potential medical costs for the duration of your stay in Poland. The policy must be in English or Polish.

  1. Obtain an Erasmus nomination
    from your university
  2. Wait for an e-mail with a dedicated link
    to the Application Form, and a list of available classes
  3. From the provided list select
    preferred classes and add to the Learning Agreement
  4. Upload scans of the required documents to the Application Form
    and wait for verification
  5. Wait for an e-mail notification
    confirming your acceptance to the exchange program

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