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SWPS University - Main page

International Strategy

of education offer

The raison d’etre of any university is teaching and enabling young people to reach their goals, discover new things, and make the world a better place. Therefore, SWPS University has always been working on enriching and expanding its education offer addressed not only to Polish, but also to international candidates.

We continuously strive to increase the number of study programs in English, and we work with the best European higher education institutions to offer prestigious joint programs of study. We also want to improve SWPS University’s academic standing and international recognition.

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Expanding education offer in English

Programs in all five campuses

So far, the majority of our programs in English, popular with our international students, have been offered mostly in Warsaw. The next step is to expand that offer to our remaining campuses in Katowice, Poznań, Wrocław, and Sopot, to meet the needs of candidates who would like to study in other regions of Poland. Currently, SWPS University offers programs in English in the following disciplines: Psychology, English Studies, Management, and Design, however we are working on expanding our education offer in English to include new programs, in all of our five campuses.

Review our undergraduate programs in English
Review our graduate programs in English

Providing students with international opportunities

Increasing the number of joint
and double-degree study programs

SWPS University provides students with opportunities to enhance their academic and professional capabilities by enrolling in joint study programs, offered in cooperation with higher education institutions abroad. Currently, thanks to our participation in the Erasmus Mundus Global-MINDS international consortium, our students have an opportunity to obtain double diplomas in psychology. We also offer Management & Leadership studies in cooperation with KEDGE Business School, located in France. We are also working on establishing new cooperation agreements with universities, whose profiles either match or complement our disciplines, to develop new joint and double degree programs.

Expanding the network of partner universities – Erasmus+ program

Recently, SWPS University has been granted an extension of the Erasmus Charter for Higher Education, until 2027, by the European Commission. In the upcoming years, we plan to significantly expand our cooperation with the current partners (close to 120 universities), and sign new agreements with additional acclaimed higher education institutions. The Erasmus+ funding, will allow our students to study abroad at some of the best universities. Furthermore, it will foster academic exchange, providing our lecturers with opportunities to teach at partner universities, and help SWPS University to host lecturers from universities abroad.

Pursuing teaching excellence

Participating in international education projects

To increase its international recognition, improve the qualifications of our academics, and expand cooperation with lecturers form partner universities around the world, SWPS University participates in international education projects initiated by national and international institutions, such as the Ministry of Education and Science (MEiN), and the Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange (NAWA), and the European Commission.


Obtaining international accreditations

Management and Leadership program

SWPS University offers excellent undergraduate and graduate programs in Management and Leadership. Our goal is to obtain key international accreditations for the programs to improve its international visibility and recognition, which will provide international students with a formal confirmation of the quality of the program, teaching by international faculty, and University’s research standing.