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BIO Barbara Giza

Associate Professor

Barbara Giza  

Institute of Humanities
Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences in Warsaw
Head of the Department of Journalism and Communication


Her area of expertise comprises history and theory of film as well as journalism and mass media. Her research interests include the role of film in the contemporary audiovisual culture and aspects of literature-to-film adaptations, including copyright, screenplay and the process of adaptation from one medium to another. Her focus is on the Polish cinema and the portrayal of women in film.

She is the author of several books, including: Między literaturą, a filmem. O scenariuszach filmowych Tadeusza Konwickiego [Between literature and film. Screenplays by Tadeusz Konwicki.] (2007), Do filmu trafiłem przypadkiem. Z Jerzym Stefanem Stawińskim rozmawia Barbara Giza [Screenwriter by Accident. Barbara Giza interviews Jerzy Stefan Stawiński] (2007), Jerzy Stefan Stawiński. Scenariusze oryginalne [Jerzy Stefan Stawiński. Original Scripts] (2009), Obciach a sprawa polska. O Kilerze Juliusza Machulskiego (2009) [Tackiness and the Matter of Polish Nationhood. ”Kiler” by Juliusz Machulski], Stawiński i wojna. Reprezentacje doświadczenia jako podróż autobiograficzna [Stawiński and War. Representation of Experience as an Autobiographical Journey] (2012). She is also an author of numerous academic publications.

At SWPS University, she lectures on history and analysis of film as well as on audiovisual culture.

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