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BIO Michal Lutostanski


Michał Lutostański, Ph.D.

Graduate of the Interdisciplinary Doctoral Program


Sociologist. He researches youth, subcultures, and music. He is interested in intergenerational differences and intergenerational diversity. He studies youth behavior at concerts and the impact of music on adolescent lifestyle.

He conducts consumer studies. He is Account Director at 4P Research Mix, a company providing consumer and marketing research services. He also worked at TNS Polska, a polling agency. Board member of the Polish Association of Market and Public Opinion Researchers.

He is an author and coauthor of numerous publications, including a book Brzydkie słowa, brudny dźwięk. Muzyka jako przekaz kształtujący styl życia subkultur młodzieżowych [Bad Words, Dirty Sound. Music as a Message Shaping the Lifestyle of Youth Subcultures] (2015).