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Scandinavian Career Week


November 22-26, 2021

Scandinavian organizational culture is famous for providing steady employment, good salaries, and positive company culture. Our Scandinavian Career Week provides an excellent opportunity to meet employers from Denmark, Norway and Sweden and see what they have to offer to students looking for employment on the contemporary challenging job market.

We would like to invite all SWPS University students and graduates to participate in the 4th Scandinavian Career Week, organized by the Office of Career Services.

The even twill take place online. Detailed program will be announced soon.

Why should you participate?

The Scandinavian Career Week provides a meeting platform for job-seeking students and graduates, and employers from the Scandinavian countries, who are looking for new talent to join their companies.

The Scandinavian work culture is characterized by a shorter work week, frequent contact with nature, and policies conducive to developing employees’ interests. These aspects of the organizational culture positively impact wellness of employees, which has been especially important during the pandemic. Remote working and uncertain employment prospects have become a part of the “new normal”. On the other hand, working and living in the same space, made many people aware about the importance of work-life balance.

Scandinavian employees score very high on life satisfaction and maintaining a proper work-life balance. What is the reason for such positive results? How can employers ensure wellness of their employees during periods of remote working? In Scandinavia, the work week is shorter than a typical work-week in Poland. This is conducive to employee satisfaction and wellness. Employees have more time to spend with their families, to rest, and devote to their hobbies, which in turn, increases their productivity at work. Another difference between Scandinavia and Poland concerns part-time employment. Close to 20 percent of all working people in Denmark, Norway, and Sweden works part-time. Furthermore, employers approve of flextime with respect to the start and the end of the work day.


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Become a partner of the Scandinavian Career Week!

Our Offer for Companies

Dear Employers, if you would like to co-create the Scandinavian Career Week with us, you are welcome to join us!

The event offers you an opportunity to present your company to your potential future employees by:

  • organizing an online open doors day
  • participating in a moderated online meeting with a group of students
  • conducting an online workshop
  • sending a newsletter with your current job vacancies to our students
  • sponsoring prizes for most active participants of the Scandinavian Career Week
  • sharing your knowledge and best practices with other business professionals.


The event will take place online, via Google Meets, or another tool proposed by a partner.

Candidates from SWPS University

SWPS University prepares students and graduates who go on to successful careers in the following professions and sectors of the industry: human resources, human potential, customer service, internal and external communication, social media management, marketing and brand management, copywriting, text editing, as well as translating and interpreting. During their studies at SWPS University, students and graduates participate in various activities and initiatives that help them to develop key skills and competencies. They are active in student research clubs, contribute to the local community, and participate in various projects in collaboration with our business partners.

Our study programs meet the current needs of employers and the job market. Our students/graduates bring the following skills:

  • language skills: English, Norwegian, Swedish, Chinese, Italian, Spanish
  • social skills: team work and communication skills
  • professional competencies: creative writing, project management

Are you hiring? Find out what competencies our graduates can bring to your company!

Employer Profile

Organizations participating in the Scandinavian Career Week subscribe to management models that are focused on employee wellness, diversity management, sustainable development, and social responsibility. Furthermore, these companies understand that opportunities for talent and potential development translate into employee satisfaction, effectiveness, and success.


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