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SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities was established in 1996. It is the first private university in Poland. The University has been ranked by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education as the leading higher education institution offering Social Sciences programs in Poland.

Since its inception, SWPS University has been dedicated to teaching and research. We help our students realize their full potential and prepare them to meet the demands of the contemporary world. Our researchers conduct projects that have actual impact on the lives of individuals and communities.

16.4K students
1.0K faculty members


International Affiliations

Magna Charta Universitatum

In 2006, SWPS University signed the Magna Charta Universitatum and became a member of the Magna Charta Observatory of Fundamental Values. The Magna Charta Observatory of Fundamental Values and Rights (MCO) is the global guardian of fundamental university values and assists universities and higher education institutions to operate effectively in accordance with these principles. It acts for the benefit of students, staff, society and universities themselves. Over 800 universities from 85 countries have signed its statement of fundamental values since 1988. More information »

Santander Universidades

In 2013, SWPS University joined the Santander Universidades global program. The program was founded by the Spanish bank, Banco Santander. It supports initiatives related to the promotion of a culture of enterprise and innovation, university digitalization, internationalization and employability. In Poland, the program is run under the auspices of Bank Zachodni WBK. The program provides an opportunity to participate in international educational and research initiatives offered by top universities in the world, such as Harvard Law School, Brown University, University of California, Pennsylvania State University, National University of Singapore, and University of Cologne. More information »

Programs of Study

Programs in English

SWPS University offers 15 undergraduate and graduate programs in English. Students may choose programs in Language Studies, Psychology, Law, International Business Management, Creative Writing in Warsaw and Design Studies at the School of Form in Poznań. Detailed program information ».

International students who wish to study in English, but need to improve their language competency can take advantage of the non-degree English Preparatory School that focuses on equipping students with language and basic academic skills, necessary for successful progress through their degree program(s). Detailed program information ».

Graduate students interested in language studies may choose professional certification and training programs in Business English, Teaching English as a Second Language, and Specialized Translation and Interpreting. Detailed program information ».

Additionally, SWPS University offers Summer Schools in English in the following areas of study: Global Management, European Neighborhood Policy, and Human Sexuality and Sexual Health. Detailed program information ».

SWSP University is also a member of the Erasmus Student Network (ESN) and participates in various exchange programs. The University offers six different majors in two cities, including Psychology, English Studies, Spanish Studies, International Business Management and Law in Warsaw, and Design in Poznań. Detailed program information ».

In cooperation with European Education Center (EEC), SWPS University offers MBA and Executive MBA programs at MyanmarDetailed program information »

Programs in Polish

SWPS University offers over 30 undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral study programs with over 70 specializations. Students may choose programs in Psychology, Law, Business Studies, Language Studies, Journalism, Communication Studies, Cultural Studies, and Sociology. Detailed program information ».

Graduate students may also choose from over 120 professional certification and training programs to further develop their competencies. The areas of study include: Psychology, Psychotherapy, Conflict Management, Business and Human Resources, Personal Development, Marketing, PR, Design, New Technologies, Media, Specialized Translation, and Law. Detailed program information ».

International students who wish to study in Poland can take advantage of the non-degree Polish Preparatory School that focuses on the development of all language skills, such as speaking, listening, comprehension, reading and writing. Students learn Polish grammar, vocabulary and general language skills, indispensable at Polish universities and in daily life in Poland. Detailed program information »

38B.A. programs
17M.A. programs
165-year uniform M.A. programs
7Ph.D. programs


Excellence in Research

Commitment to Research

Since its inception, SWPS University has been investing in research and development. Annually, it conducts over 300 research projects, in 20 research centers and laboratories. The University is the 5th biggest beneficiary of research grants awarded by the National Science Center.

HR Excellence in Research

SWPS University is committed to providing fair and transparent recruitment and appraisal procedures as well as equal research and mobility opportunities for researchers. More information »

300research projects annually
20research centers & laboratories
34M PLN research grants from National Science Center
34M PLN research grants from EU