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Zawartości (Contents)

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Zawartości (Contents)

Online Conference



An online conference for the creative industry






Organizers: the Publicon Agency and SWPS University in Wrocław

The Zawartości (Contents) conference is a platform for exchange of ideas. It is the only event of its kind in Poland, providing a meeting space for representatives of science, business, art, culture, and media. Contents provides an opportunity to see and hear speakers, who would never be present together at any other industry conference. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the conference has moved online from its previous venue at SWPS University in Wrocław. It is a cyclical event, based on a common theme ‘PONAD’ (ABOVE AND BEYOND).

Please join us live at 12:00 CEST (UTC+2), on Thursday, May 7th, via an online meeting on Facebook, at

Language of the conference: English. Free admission, no registration required.

May 07
12.00 CEST (UTC+2)
Free admission

CAREMONGERING – helping others during the coronavirus pandemic

The meeting will focus on CAREMONGERING, a new phenomenon that has emerged recently in Toronto, Canada, during the coronavirus pandemic. What started as a way to help vulnerable people in Toronto has turned into a movement spreading fast across Canada and around the world.

During our online conference, we will talk with the invited speakers about the development of new technologies, business evolution, and upcoming changes in various industries, resulting from the pandemic. We have invited Danielle Baskin, CEO of Dialup, a company that has developed a voice-based social network, which is reinventing the phone call. The latest project of Dialup is an application called QuarantineChat, which allows people to talk on the phone with randomly selected people, who are stuck at home, feel lonely or just want to talk to someone on the phone.

ZWRT Caremongering

ZWRT ponad FB Post baskin kicinski

Our second guest is Michał Kiciński, cofounder of CD Projekt, a company that developed the bestselling “Witcher” computer games, and founder of Mudita, a new kind of tech company, focused on improving the quality of human life.

Since the speakers will be joining us from different time zones, this time the meeting will take place at 12:00 (noon) CEST (UTC+2). Language of the conference: English. A video recording will be available on YouTube, after the conference. Follow the link to join live >>

Moderator: Rafał Motriuk – International, bilingual journalist specializing in science, technology, and business. As a broadcast journalist with the BBC World Service in London Rafał was editor and producer of the BBC flagship programs ‘World Business Report’ and ‘Science in Action.’ He also worked as London correspondent for Puls Biznesu and freelanced for The Independent, NPR and RTE. Since 2006 he has been Polish Radio’s Science and Technology Correspondent.


Currently, we are living in a different world than two months ago. Everything has changed, including the politics, the social context, and the ways we communicate. The new reality has made us reflect on the current state of affairs and forced us to think about the future in a new way.

The theme of the 4th edition of the our conference seems to be especially valid. We are going ABOVE AND BEYOND the information that we are receiving. We monitor mass media, the space around us, watch various industries, and we analyze different contexts. We study divergent influences and the current state of affairs. We point out data and information that has impact on our lives. We highlight social and communication changes. We forecast the future, draw conclusions, and share them with others.

During workshops, our students design brand communication strategies and learn to implement them in real market conditions. They also work on their own start-up projects, which later help them to find a niche in the creative industry. Therefore varied competencies and ability to critically analyze actual brand communication, is very important for them.

Associate Professor Karina Stasiuk-Krajewska, Head of Department of Journalism and Social Communication


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