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5th Open Eyes Economy Summit

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5th Open Eyes Economy Summit



International Congress of the Economy of Values
hybrid edition












SWPS University has partnered with the Open Eyes Economy Summit (OEES), an International Congress of the Economy of Values, to bring you the fifth edition of the event. The Summit focuses on issues related to the economy based on social values and sustainable development. The fifth, hybrid, edition of the OEES will take place on November 17-18, 2020 at the ICE Congress Center in Kraków. Participants will be joining the event online, via a streaming platform.

November 17-18

There is no Economy without Ecology

During the fifth hybrid edition of the Open Eyes Economy Summit , participants will have an opportunity to listen to many presentations by renowned experts in a variety of fields. The two-day event will provide a platform for scientists, business practitioners, artists, activists, representatives of local governments, and journalists to discuss crucial issues of the contemporary world and develop solutions to problems that plague our societies.

This year's edition of the OEES will be presented in a hybrid form. Participants will be able to view lectures and presentations streamed live from the ICE Congress Center in Kraków.

“OEES is an economic congress, however in the 21st century, it should be obvious that one cannot discuss finances or investments without a through conversation about ecology and environment, social equity, education or new technologies. Our world is a system of communicating vessels, not only in the micro, but also in the macro scale,” says Professor Jerzy Hausner, Chairman of the OEES Program Committee.


Academics from SWPS University at the OEES

The following academics from SWPS University will participate in various sessions at the Open Eyes Economy Summit:

258 Mirosław Filiciak

Professor Mirosław Filiciak, Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences  – is a media expert interested in the relationship between new media and cultural participation. His research interests include the Internet, computer games, transformation of television, contemporary culture, and informal distribution of information. He collaborates with numerous public cultural institutions, businesses and NGOs. He is also the co-creator of Kultura 2.0 [Culture 2.0], a project devoted to cultural transformations in the digital era as well as Medialab, the first Polish initiative combining social activism, art and technology. He was the principal investigator on numerous research projects, including “Młodzi i media” [Youth and Media], “Tajni kulturalni” [Secret Agents of Culture], and “Obiegi kultury” [The Circulations of Culture]. Author of several books, such as Wirtualny plac zabaw. Gry sieciowe i przemiany kultury współczesnej [Virtual Playground. Online Gaming and Transformation of Contemporary Culutre] (2006), and Media, wersja beta [Media. Beta Version] (2014). Co-author, together with Alek Tarkowski, of Dwa zero. Alfabet nowej kultury i inne teksty [Two Zero. The Alphabet of New Culture and Other Texts] (2015). He is also Deputy Editor of Kultura Popularna [Popular Culture], a peer-reviewed academic quarterly journal.

Professor Filiciak will take part in the session titled "Anthropocene or Symbiocene?”.

258 Aleksandra Cisłak-Wójcik

Professor Aleksandra Cisłak-Wójcik, Vice-Rector for Research – is a psychologist. Her research centers on social hierarchy, including the effects of having power over others and being subjected to power held by others, as well as the intersection of power and gender. She studies how the topic of gender bias is represented in scientific, political and everyday discourse. In her research, she uses a range of methods including experimental, survey and observational studies involving language corpora. Her current project focuses on the modes of social identification and intragroup effects across a broad range of group contexts, including national groups, teams, political parties, and business organizations. She is Head of the Center for Research on Social Relations, Co-Director of post-graduate program in Creative Leadership at SWPS University, and and Vice President of the Polish Association of Social Psychology. 

Professor Cisłak-Wójcik will participate in the session on "Women in educatioin, in culture, on the offfensive".

Our students will moderate the following discussions:

  • Jan Gargul –“How to finance green transformation in Poland with funds from the European Recovery Fund?”
  • Ryszard Szlosarek (member of the OEES Program Committee) – “How to strengthen common values in public institutions?”
  • Mateusz Zawistowski – discussion about the current state of democracy.