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SWPS University - Main page

ACT 2024 Katowice

From students to experts

About the Conference Sign up

The conference is addressed to:

researchers, practitioners, and students involved in Contextual Behavioral Science (CBS)

Languages of the event: English and Polish

Free of charge and full of value

Abstract depiction of a head-shaped silhouette with organic, cog-like structures, symbolizing conceptual behavioral science and knowledge transfer, with surrounding bright light implying new insights.

About the Conference

We are pleased to invite you to the international conference ACT 2024 Katowice "From Students to Experts", scheduled for March 15-17, 2024. This event will take place at SWPS University's Faculty of Psychology in Katowice, and is organized by SWPS University in collaboration with the Polish chapter of the Association for Contextual Behavioral Science.

The core objective of this conference is to disseminate knowledge, expertise, and experiences in the field of Contextual Behavioral Science (CBS) while fostering a sense of community among researchers, practitioners, and students.

Our aim is to facilitate knowledge transfer between students embarking on their research journeys and seasoned researchers and practitioners eager to share their know-how. We hope that engaging with passionate enthusiasts of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Functional Analytic Psychotherapy (FAP), and Process-Based Therapy (PBT) will be both inspiring and enriching for you. We offer conference attendees opportunities to grow and develop new skills.

Aligned with the conference's theme, "From Students to Experts", we aim to create a platform for students to showcase their achievements and take their first steps towards a successful career path, all under the mentorship of experienced professionals.

Therefore, we have dedicated a substantial segment of the conference to student presentations. We extend a warm invitation to representatives from research clubs and student organizations across Poland to submit workshop and lecture proposals related to the application of CBS in diverse contexts.

Event Format

Our conference will be held in a hybrid format, combining in-person sessions at the SWPS University’s Faculty of Psychology in Katowice with online streaming. Please note that only sessions held in the auditorium will be available online.

The conference will kick off with a full-day workshop focusing on the application of ACT, FAP, and PBT in specific populations. This workshop will be led by experts from the Association for Contextual Behavioral Science Poland, alongside international specialists. The subsequent two days will feature inspiring plenary lectures, thematic workshops, symposia, and a poster session.

We understand that effective learning occurs through various avenues. Hence, the conference program will include additional activities such as meetings with interesting individuals and social activists associated with Silesia. We have also reserved time for the traditional follies, including cabaret performances, funny songs, and humorous videos related to the conference's theme, crafted by the attendees themselves. On Saturday evening, conference participants are invited to a private student party at our partner club.

As part of our commitment to inclusivity, social justice, and the principle of providing open access to scientific and educational content, we are pleased to announce that all conference participants are exempt from conference fees.

Please note that the seating is limited. Following ACBS conference traditions, individual session registrations on Saturday and Sunday are not available. Instead, you may register for the entire day or both days of the conference. On the day(s) of the event, you may attend sessions of your choice based on room availability. Seating is on a first-come, first-served basis

For pre-conference workshops, you have the opportunity to register for a specific workshop. Make sure to select your preferred workshop(s) during the registration process.

Important Dates

October 9 – December 3, 2023
call for abstracts

December 20, 2023
notification of acceptance deadline

January 22 – February 18, 2024
in-person conference attendees registration

January 22 – March 17, 2024
online conference attendees registration

Workshop Descriptions

Download pre-conference workshop descriptions (in English)

Download conference workshop descriptions (in English and Polish)

Download speakers' bios (in English and Polish)  


This program includes only sessions in English. If you are fluent in Polish or wish to access the full program, visit our Polish conference webpage.

  1. Clinical Interventions and Interests

    Explore the central role of tacting in responding to interoceptive sensations within Functional Analytic Psychotherapy (FAP). This short but enriching workshop combines theory and practice and provides practical tools for clinicians to enhance their therapeutic skills.

    Eugen Secară
    Matthew Skinta
  2. Functional Analytic Psychotherapy (FAP): A Process-Based Approach Using Intense and Curative Therapeutic Relationships to Create Emotional and Interpersonal Change

    Learn how to apply FAP rules through experiential exercises to enhance intensity, connection, and impact in clinical work. Identify therapists' avoidance repertoires and gain a functionally accurate understanding of when common interventions may be counter-therapeutic.

    Tien Kuei
  3. Self-compassion: Practical Tools for Therapists – FULLY BOOKED

    This workshop will focus on training participants in applying therapeutic exercises to develop self-compassion and foster behavioral change. Participants will try out each exercise and discuss personal experiences and possible applications of the material in different work contexts.

    Piotr Suchanek
  4. Learning ACT from Within with the ACT Question – FULLY BOOKED

    In psychotherapeutic work, the therapist serves as the primary tool, and our ability to guide clients depends on understanding these processes within ourselves. This experiential workshop delves into self-exploration. The ACT question serves as a compass for the therapeutic stance, interventions, and personal interactions.

    Ran Almog
  5. The Sound of Process – Experiencing the DNA-V Model Through a Musical Workshop

    This workshop aims to introduce the basic assumptions of the DNAv model, using the example of work related to music. The exercises will include movement and sound.

    Johannes Freymann
    Diana Singh

  1. Attendee Registration


  2. Opening Remarks


  3. Harmony in Diversity: Building Unique Relationship – lecture


    Tien Kuei
    Flexible Relationships: How CBS Can Help Us Navigate Topics Around Monogamy and Commitment in Diverse Intimate Relationships – lecture


    Mathias Funke
  4. ACT with Music: The Musician’s Acceptance and Action Questionnaire (MAAQ). A New Tool for Measuring Psychological Flexibility in Student and Professional Musicians – lecture


    Joanna Barbara Taylor
  5. Switch: Using an Improv Theater Game as Experiential Deictic Framing During Sessions – workshops


    Marcin Domurat
    Ralf Steinkopff
  6. Having Very Difficult Conversations: How Psychological Flexibility Can Help – workshops


    Ray Owen
  7. Poster session
  8. Follies

  1. Attendee Registration


  2. Introduction to Psychedelic Integration – workshops


    Ioana Ivan
    Eugen Secară
  3. Transdiagnostic Processes in Emotion Regulation: From Assessment and Understanding to Therapeutic Approach – symposium


    Steven Barnes
    Natalia Cichecka
    Katarzyna Helbik
    Monika Kornacka
    Angelika Marszołek
    Fabian Morawiec
    Małgorzata Para
    Michał Skorupski
    Marta Szastok
  4. FAPpy Hour – workshops


    Barbara Kossakowska
    Piotr Suchanek
  5. Closing remarks


Registration Form

Important update: Conference in-person slots are fully booked!

Thank you for your incredible enthusiasm! All the in-person slots for the conference have been filled. We would like to invite you to join us virtually by registering for online attendance. Please note that online access will be limited to auditorium sessions only. You can still register for the pre-conference workshops.

In line with ACBS world conference traditions, specific session registrations for the main conference events are not available. Instead, you may register for the entire day or both days of the conference. On the day(s) of the event, you can choose and attend sessions based on room availability, as seating operates on a first-come, first-served basis.

We appreciate your flexibility and understanding as you plan your conference experience.

For pre-conference workshops, you may register for a specific workshop. Complete the form and select the sessions you are interested in. You cannot sign up for workshops that have overlapping schedules.

Enrollment options:

  • One nine-hour workshop
  • One three-hour workshop and/or a second three-hour workshop and/or a third three-hour workshop

Places are limited, so secure your spot promptly!

If you cannot attend, please notify us via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. so that others may use the available spots.


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  • Faculty of Psychology in Katowice, logo
  • Research Club OLWEUS, logo
  • Akceptacja Student Research Club logo
  • Student government at SWPS University in Katowice


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  • Gdańskie Wydawnictwo Psychologiczne, logo


The conference is held under the auspices of the Dean of the Faculty of Psychology in Katowice, Jolanta Życińska, Ph.D. / Associate Professor.

Scientific Committee

  • Hubert Czupała – Chair of the Committee
  • Prof. Paweł Ostaszewski
  • Tomasz Hańć, Ph.D.
  • Lidia Baran, Ph.D.
  • Joanna Dudek, Ph.D.
  • Anna Gorzołka, Ph.D.
  • Małgorzata Wójcik, Ph.D.
  • Magdalena Dziedziak-Wawro
  • Joanna Gawrońska

Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Organizing Committee

  • Magdalena Kosowska – Chair of the Committee
  • Anna Gorzołka, Ph.D.
  • Magdalena Dziedziak-Wawro
  • Wiktoria Koza
  • Jakub Marcjasz
  • Szymon Miążek
  • Emilia Mikuła
  • Ewa Nyikó
  • Agnieszka Szczap
  • Mariola Tomsia


SWPS University in Katowice, Techników 9