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Business Partners

Over the years, SWPS University has built successful partnerships with business communities, supporting companies with knowledge and expertise in the areas of Social Sciences and Humanities. The cooperation between SWPS University and its business partners takes various forms, including research projects, consulting in the areas of marketing, change management, and human resources, provision of specialized training and diagnostic tools, and coordination of student internships.

SWPS University is also a member of the Creative Communication Cluster, an informal association of experts, businesses, NGO’s, social organizations and forecasters, who provide professional promotional services of national and international scope.

Social Sciences
and Humanities

Social and political studies expertise

In 2014, Poland celebrated 25 years of democracy. In preparation for this event, researchers from the Center for the Study of Democracy at SWPS University conducted the first ever Democratic Audit of Poland. The goal of the project was to provide a comprehensive report on the state of Polish democracy, including three aspects of the system: the structure and operation of various institutions, political parties and their programs, and citizens and their preferences and attitudes towards democracy. Additionally, the researchers developed a set of tools for the monitoring of democratic practices in the country. The project was conducted in cooperation with the Polish Confederation of Private Employers Lewiatan, The Academy for the Development of Philanthropy in Poland, and the Polish-American Freedom Foundation. More information

East-Asia expertise

SWPS University has been building educational and cultural ties between Poland and China for many years. The University is a leading center for East Asian Studies, conducts research projects on the contemporary changes in the region, and organizes scientific conferences on South-East Asia. As the result, in June 2016, the first in the world Chinese Book Center was opened at SWPS University in Warsaw. For the next five years, SWPS University will be receiving approximately 300 publications on Chinese culture, politics and economy, per year. The Center is the result of the cooperation between China International Publishing Group and SWPS University. More information

Human resources expertise

Nowadays, professional recruitment process often involves professional questionnaires and interview techniques designed by psychologists specializing in Human Resources. SWPS University partnered with Concordia Design in the development and organization of a recruitment Assessment Center. Our psychologists prepared competency testing tools, aligned with the profile of the company, and assisted in the candidate selection process.

Psychological expertise

Psychologists from SWPS University, specializing in child development, participated in a Pediatric Communication Project focused on a patient-doctor relationship. Illness and hospitalization can be very stressful for anyone and especially for children. Psychologists from SWPS University prepared training materials for doctors and parents covering related topics, such as: child development, child behavior in stressful situations, child-doctor communication, and the role of parents in preparing children for doctor and hospital visits. The materials were presented in the form of training videos, articles and guides on ways of communicating with children in stressful situations.

Marketing expertise

Desk SMART - Psychologists from SWPS University partnered with Meble VOX, a furniture manufacturer, in testing of a new desk designed for pre-school and primary school children. SMART desk design incorporated innovative elements, such as secret compartments, surfaces for drawing, and magnetic panels. For a period of time, the psychologists observed two groups of children, one interacting with the SMART desk, and the other using a traditional desk. The research results showed that SMART desk inspired children to be more creative, inventive and resourceful. It also helped to improve their dexterity and problem solving skills.

SWPS University experts, specializing in the area of marketing psychology, partnered with a leading manufacturer of spirits and alcoholic beverages on a market research project related to one of the brands produced by the company. The marketing specialists researched the position of the brand on the Polish market, emotional attitudes of consumers towards the brand, and consumer qualitative assessments of the brand. The researchers developed brand maps indicating the position of the studied brand in relation to the products of competitors, with respect to the perception of the brand and consumer brand connotations.

School of Form

Design Internships

School of Form, offering design study programs at SWPS University, has been partnering with the business community since its inception. The School is committed to securing training and internships for its students and to provide them with opportunities to be involved in international projects. Thanks to the cooperation with the business, students gain practical skills of working in a design team and can follow the whole path of product design, from the drawing board, through testing to production. Some of the business partners involved in the design projects include: Allegro, Amica, Ikea, Instytut Adama Mickiewicza, Lidl, LPP, Modus Design, Morgan & Möller, Shattdecor, Škoda, and Zortrax. More information

Technological Support

The cooperation between School of Form and business community also includes technological support from various companies, which are committed to providing students with access to the latest tools and materials employed in the design process. For example, Astor has provided the school with a Kawasaki robot, an invaluable tool for industrial design students, who attend robotics workshops. The car manufacturer, Škoda, donated a whole car, which was taken apart in order for students to learn about product design, properties of various materials, and production technology. Additionally, the car parts were used by students to design new products based on the analysis of user needs.