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BIO Anna Brytek matera2

Associate Professor

Anna Brytek-Matera

Director of the Eating behavior and physical ActiviTy Laboratory (EAT Lab)
Head of Postgraduate Studies in the Field of Psychodietetics
Katowice Faculty of Psychology


Psychologist, cognitive behavioral therapist, specializing in psychology of eating and body image. Her research interests include eating disorders, psychosocial aspects of obesity, eating habits and attitudes as well as issues of body image, in the context of health and disease.

Author of Obraz ciała - obraz siebie. Wizerunek własnego ciała w ujęciu psychospołecznym [Body Image – Self-Image. Body Image in Psychosocial Context (2008)], L’autorégulation du comportement et les troubles alimentaires. Perspectives interculturelles (2010), Jedzenie pod wpływem emocji [Emotional Eating (2017)] and numerous publications in prestigious  journals, such as BMC Psychiatry.

Member of the editorial board of Eating and Weight Disorders - Studies on Anorexia, Bulimia and Obesity. She has been cooperarting with various research centers and clinics and completed internships in Lausanne University Hospital, University of Leuven, and Luxembourg Institute of Health.

Winner of numerous grants and scholarships, including "Cotutelle" awarded by the French government, START and MENTORING programs for young researchers organized by the Foundation for Polish Science, MINIATURA 1 awarded by the National Science Center, and several conference scholarships. 

She combines teaching with clinical practice, where she focuses on working with people suffering from eating disorders and their families.

At SWPS University, she gives lectures on eating disorders as well as childhood and adolescent disorders.

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