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M Piecha SWPS

Magdalena Łużniak-Piecha, Ph.D.

Department of Management
Warsaw Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities


Psychologist. She specializes in factors which increase the efficiency of organizational cultures and elimination of organizational pathologies. Her research focuses on how a manager's personality influences organizational culture, as well as on communication disorders, and how to manage differences and changes in organizations. She conducts research on personality pathologies, studies organizational psychopathic, narcissistic and histrionic cultures.

She is also interested in the creation and introduction of gamification techniques in training, advisory and research practice. She develops and implements systems which support the increase of intercultural sensitivity, the ability to unerstand views and value systems of other people, and commumication across borers. She conducts social skills development trainings, workshops in coaching, negotiation consulting, and international teams management.

She co-operates with The Polish University Abroad in London and Tecnológico de Monterrey in Mexico.


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