Joanna Stojer-Polańska

Criminologist. She was named Popularyzator Nauki 2020 (Promoter of Science 2020) in the Researcher category by the “Science in Poland” service of the Polish Press Agency (PAP) and the Ministry of Science and Higher Education. She a strong proponent of animal rights, especially the right to state pension for police and military working animals. She researches the dark figure of crime, unreported crimes that are not included in police statistics. She analyzes cases of suspicious deaths, such as murders, suicides and accidents. Recipient of the eNgage research grant from the Foundation for Polish Science for a research project entitled „Kryminalistyka, czyli rzecz o szukaniu śladów oraz zwierzętach na służbie” (Criminalistics: story about tracing evidence and animals employed by the Police). She co-authored an interdisciplinary publication Samobójstwa. Stare problemy. Nowe rozwiązania (Suicides: Old Problems, New Solutions) (2013). At SWPS University in Katowice she teaches classes in criminalistics, criminology and its aspects such as the dark figure of crime. She is an author of books on criminal cases and animals in police and military service.