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BIO Tomasz Zaleskiewicz2


Tomasz Zaleśkiewicz

Head of the Department of Economic Psychology
Wrocław Faculty of Psychology


Social psychologist. His research focuses on economic behaviors, such as money investing and financial decision making and includes behavioral economics, neuroeconomics and game theory.

Over the past several years, he has been sharing his research results with investors and financial market professionals through numerous lectures.

He is Head of the Center for Behavioral Economics at SWPS University in Wrocław. The Centre for Behavioral Economics conducts research projects in the field of economic psychology and behavioral economics and collaborates with business organizations and associations of stock market investors.

Author of several publications on economic psychology and on risk taking, for example: Psychologia inwestora giełdowego (Psychology of a stock market investor) (2003), Przyjemność czy konieczność? Psychologia spostrzegania i podejmowania ryzyka (Pleasure or Necessity? Psychology of perceiving and taking risks) (2005), and Psychologia ekonomiczna (Economic Psychology) (2012), as well as numerous articles published in professional international journals and chapters in American handbooks on psychology and behavioral economics.

Recipient of many awards and research grants awarded by the Foundation for Polish Science and Polityka, an influential Polish weekly magazine on current affairs.