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Beviado app awarded in “Focus” magazine competition

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Beviado app awarded in “Focus” magazine competition

A mobile application, Beviado, developed by psychologists from SWPS University has been voted the best new invention in the Education category of the Soczewki 2019 science competition, organized by “Focus”, popular science magazine. To learn more about this innovative tool, we have talked to Krzysztof Rzeńca, co-founder, co-owner, and one of the psychologists who have developed the Beviado app.

Editor of SWPS University website: What exactly is BEVIADO?

Krzysztof Rzeńca: Beviado is an innovative mobile application for providing online psychological interventions. Close to 1.5 million people in Poland suffer from depression. For various reasons, many of these people have no access to effective therapy that traditional psychotherapy provides. To meet their needs, a team of specialists from SWPS University developed the Beviado system. However, the system offers possibilities of developing psychology-based services, for example therapy, consulting, coaching, education, and training. For mental health professionals and business trainers Beviado is a convenient and effective tool for helping their patients and delivering services to individual clients.

beviado cms

How does Beviado work?

Beviado consists of a Content Management System (CMS) that allows specialists to create internet-based psychological interventions without the need for acquiring computer programming skills. Beviado enables sharing of psychological interventions on mobile devices powered by the most popular operating systems, such as Android and iOS. There is also a version for responsive webpages. Additionally, Beviado offers an evaluation system that ensures that the quality, ethics and effectiveness of psychological interventions are being maintained.

Who is Beviado addressed to? Who are the main users of Beviado?

The Beviado system is currently available in the B2B (business to business) model. The main users of the application are companies, who are committed to personal development and psychological wellbeing of their employees.

Could Beviado be a breakthrough in providing psychological counselling and therapy in times like the current coronavirus pandemic?

It all depends on what content is uploaded to the application. The Beviado system is a CMS that provides a framework for any content to be uploaded and displayed on mobile devices and on websites. The Beviado team is actively working on developing interventions that could be helpful in the current situation.

beviado online intervention

Every year, readers of the “Focus” popular science magazine vote for the best Polish innovations. Many scientists or inventors are so involved in their work that they do not have time to promote their inventions. The Soczewki competition was established by the “Focus” magazine to show the best innovations to the wide audience. What does the award mean for you and the Beviado team?

It is a huge honor and a confirmation that there is a need for our system and the solutions it provides. The award for Beviado also indicates the direction of our development. The launch of the B2C (business-to-consumer) service should happen as soon as possible.

Thank you for talking to us about the Beviado application.

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258 krzysztof rzenca

Krzysztof Rzeńca – psychologist and innovation broker at SWPS University. His professional interests focus on the application of new technologies, such as mHealth, mobile health, and e-Mental Health, in psychology, especially in education and online psychological interventions. He has gained professional experience at the Educational Research Institute (IBE), where he was involved in the Education Enthusiasts project run by the Early Education Team. For several years he also worked for national and international corporations, including eight years in various managerial roles. He conducted multiple research projects, while at the Educational Research Institute (IBE). Currently, he is working on a projected funded by the Ministry of National Education (MEN): “Development and dissemination of diagnostic tools for the assessment of cognitive abilities in children and youth”. He is a member of StresLab research center at SWPS University.

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