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What will you learn?

Psychology is a discipline whose goal is to understand and improve functioning of individuals, groups, and societies as a whole. Psychologists deal with diagnosis and treatment of mental health issues. Our graduate Psychology Program offers two specializations, including: Clinical Psychology and Psychology in Organization and Technology. The programs of study vary depending on the chosen specialization.

European standards of teaching

Our graduate programs, Clinical Psychology and Psychology in Organization and Technology, meet the European standard of education, professional training and competence in psychology, the EuroPsy (European Certificate in Psychology), set by the European Federation of Psychologists’ Associations (EFPA). Our certificate has been renewed in September of 2023.

Who the program is addressed to?

The graduate level Psychology Programs are appropriate for students who hold an undergraduate degree in Psychology or a related field of study. Students falling into the latter category are obliged to complete supplementary undergraduate psychology modules. The mandatory modules depend on the chosen specialization and are assigned upon admission. The modules are provided free of charge and should be completed during the first year of study.

Requirements: English proficiency - IELTS 6.0; CAE 47-51; TOEFL iBT 69-70, TOEFL Computer-based 196; TOEFL Paper-based 525.


Leading Psychology Teaching and Research Center

SWPS University is a leading psychology teaching and research center in Poland, which has been confirmed by international rankings such as Times Higher Education World University Rankings, U.S. News Global Universities Ranking, and Shanghai Global Ranking of Academic Subjects.

Emphasis on practical implementation of theoretical knowledge

Students learn how to apply the theoretical knowledge they have gained during their studies, in practice. The lecturers, who are also practitioners in the field of psychology, focus on cognitive and behavioral approaches and provide examples of real applications of these methodologies.

Research Laboratories

Students have access to professional research laboratories that offer state-of-the-art equipment for psychophysiological and behavioral research, such as: an eye-tracker, electroencephalograph, galvanometer, electromyography equipment, and EEG amplifiers.

Choose Specialization

  1. Clinical Psychology

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  2. Psychology in Organization and Technology

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Career Prospects

Graduates of our Clinical Psychology program may pursue many professional opportunities and career paths. Depending on their specialization and professional certification, alumni can build successful careers in clinical psychology, psychotherapy, social work, counseling, behavior analysis (especially in the area of developmental disabilities), neuropsychology, educational/ academic psychology, cross-cultural consultations, and life coaching.

The Psychology in Organization and Technology program prepares students for careers in several sectors, including diversity and inclusion, social sciences, human resource management, user experience (UX) design, education, and consulting. Additionally, our graduates are well-prepared to pursue careers in academia and research institutes to investigate the antecedents of problematic behavior, design intervention programs, or evaluate their effectiveness. Graduates may also serve as consultants and policy advisors for individuals, businesses, and organizations. In their professional or personal lives, they might be involved in training and development, coaching, management and leadership, communication, and public relations.

Office of Career Services

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