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Medical Insurance, Special Needs, Emergency Numbers

Medical Insurance

Medical Insurance

All international students must obtain medical insurance for the duration of their study in Poland and must provide SWPS University with a proof of a medical insurance policy. Some health insurance policy options include:

It is essential to have medical insurance in order to avoid expensive medical fees, in the event of a medical emergency or other health related matters.

Office for Students with Disabilities

Office for Students with Disabilities

SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities is an equal opportunity higher education institution and welcomes students with special needs and special access requirements. Our Office for Students with Disabilities supports students with special needs and provides them with optimal conditions for studying and for personal development. We take great care to create an inclusive environment for all students, no matter what their needs, to allow them to flourish and experience academic life in all its aspects.

Phone no. +48 22 810 80 88
e-mail: biuro.zon@swps.edu.pl
Room 101
Office Hours: 9.00 -16.00

Emergency numbers

Emergency numbers
112 European Emergency Number - Toll Free

Numer 112

112 is a universal European emergency telephone number. It can be dialled directly from landline (including pay-phones) and mobile phones. No country or city code is needed.

Since all EU member states are responsible for provision of their own emergency services, the caller may be transferred to a local operator upon placing a call with 112.

Polish Emergency Numbers - Toll Free

While in Poland, students may also call Polish emergency numbers. The numbers can be dialled, free of charge:

  • directly - from landlines (including pay phones)
  • city area code + emergency number - from mobile phones

Emergency numbers