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Three out of four Europeans accept the fact that disclosure of personal data is part of everyday life, but they worry about how companies, including search engine owners and social networks, use this information. GDPR provides protection for your personal data. Find out how to use GDPR skillfully and enforce your rights.

Tomasz Lewandowski, Ph.D., lawery and public administration specialist

Practical Application
of GDPR Regulations

  • Summer School
  • 5 days
  • July 22 - 26, 2019
  • Registration deadline: July 8, 2019


The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into force in May 2018. It applies to all entities that collect and process personal data. The recent months that have passed since the implementation of the regulation have proven that there is a lot of confusion as to how the new regulation should be implemented in practice. Many people, even those who work with personal data on a daily basis, find themselves baffled by the rules. This applies not only to private companies, but also to schools, healthcare providers and public offices. As the result, many people understand the application of GDPR as a ban on any disclosure of personal information, which on the one hand leads to absurd and funny situations and on the other hand may result in negative consequences. Overall, the lack of understanding of the GDPR regulations and insufficient knowledge of the subject cause unnecessary frustration and complications both on the part of administrators and on the part of clients or consumers.

During our summer school, we will dispel the myths and clarify any doubts related to practical applications of the GDPR regulations. We will also answer all questions related to practical implementation of the rules. Upon the completion of the course, the participants should be able to implement the GDPR regulations with easy and without unnecessary doubts.

The team of lecturers includes:

  • Experienced practitioners
  • Representatives of data protection authorities
  • Privacy rights advocates
  • Leading academics within the field of data protection
  • Members of NGOs


Our summer school is addressed not only to law students or practitioners, but also to a variety of data protection professionals working in the private and public sectors. The program provides an opportunity for data policy officers, managers of data controllers, individuals who implement the GDPR regulations in their organization and for everyone wishing to expand their knowledge on the practical implementation and application of the GDPR regulations to broaden their knowledge on the subject.

Learning Outcomes


The program includes short lectures supplemented by group workshops, focused on case studies and exercises. The combination of these two teaching methods ensures that participants acquire skills necessary for everyday implementation and application of the GDPR regulations.

Practical Tasks

During classes, participants will be tasked with:

  • finding solutions to various practical problems, which will require preparation of applicable documentation
  • developing replies to supervisory bodies
  • concluding contracts, which require the act of entrusting personal data processing to an organization
  • agreeing the roles of joint controllers
  • conducting impact assessments for the processing of personal data, for specific projects implemented at selected organizations

The tasks will also include issues related to the rights of persons whose data is processed, in particular, dealing with requests stemming from the right to remove someone’s personal data from databases managed by data controllers and administrators.


Tuition Fee
5 days
1 installment 370 EUR


  • apers@swps.edu.pl
  • +48 612 711 252
  • Office Hours: Monday to Friday: 8.00-16.00
  • SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities
    gen. Kutrzeby 10, 61-719 Poznań, Poland

Registration Step by Step

  1. Fill in the registration form.
  2. Pay the course fee and e-mail your payment confirmation to ppoznan@swps.edu.pl within seven (7) days of your registration.
  3. Registration deadline: July 8, 2019.

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