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The old way of business management is no longer valid. In the era of advanced data analysis, we need a completely new approach to HR.

Barbara Zych, Ph.D.,CEO of Employer Branding Institute

Warsaw, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

Human Potential Management

  • Specialization in the Management and Leadership Program
  • Level: Graduate (Master Degree)
  • Mode: Full-time (three semesters)

HR of the future

Due to dynamically changing business environment, managers and business experts are faced with new challenges, which require new skills, new management tools and new approach to human resources management in organizations. At SWPS University we go beyond the traditional understanding of human resources management.

Our graduates are equipped with key competencies, which allow them to perform various roles in HR departments. They are aware of the latest trends in HR and they understand how the discipline is evolving. They practice evidence based HR management, therefore they become important partners for business. By developing HR strategies, they contribute to the overall business strategies of their employers and they co-create socially responsible businesses.

We believe that the theoretical knowledge and practical skills, which our students gain at SWPS University, will prepare them for successful careers in Human Resources, such as recruiter, business analyst, employer branding expert, business partner, manager, strategist or change management leader. In response to the contemporary challenges of the business environment, we have created an innovative program, aligned with actual business requirements, based on six main pillars:


Potential not resource

One of the key factors ensuring a competitive advantage for businesses is matching the potential and the competencies of employees with the right business roles. Finding the right employees is only the beginning, but the real challenge is to create teams of happy, motivated and engaged employees. This is where successful human potential management comes in. At SWPS University, you will learn what challenges await a human potential manager, how to deal with these challenges and how to measure the effectiveness of your processes and activates, so that you can attract and maintain talented employees and create a work environment, which will allow them to soar.


Evidence based HR Management

They say that if you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it. Reports related to the future of HR seem to confirm that. Nowadays, an ability to work with data and an ability to apply data-based knowledge in change management are the key business competencies. Therefore, we focus on evidence-based human potential management. We will teach you how to look for the available information and how to plan the process of data generation. You will learn data analysis and interpretation, which will allow you to make evidence-based decisions or present evidence-based arguments.


Business is more than just the bottom line

A modern business organization should be socially responsible and should hold values that go beyond the bottom line. Future belongs to credible and trusted brands, which built their businesses on trust and are associated with positive emotions not only by their employees, but also by their customers. We will tell you how to earn this trust and become an employer of choice. We will show you how to support your employees at every stage of their professional development at the company.


From Personal Management to Organizational Management

To effectively manage others, one must know how to manage oneself. Therefore, personal development is of high importance. You will have an opportunity to work with psychologists form SWPS University, who will help you to map the mechanisms of your behavior and you will show you how to manage yourself. You will also learn how to plan your career development based on lifelong learning. Additionally, you will gain psychological knowledge, which will help you to understand motivations of others, will equip you with tools indispensable in building relationships with other people and help with conflict identification and conflict resolution.


Digital transformation in business

We live in the world of new technologies. Companies face the need to implement digital innovations, which will ensure their development, improve efficiency and broaden the scope of business. Digital initiatives require creativity and an ability to manage interdisciplinary teams. We will prepare you to lead this type of projects. You will become familiar with global standards related to digital technologies. You will also learn how to identify digital needs of your organization and how to design unique solutions.


Practical approach to teaching

Every semester, you will work on an actual project provided by one of our business partners. You will start with a business development project. Then you will proceed to an HR project focused on employee behavior in an organization and you will finish with a consulting project. Under the guidance of business practitioners, you will develop ready-to-implement solutions, which will provide real value to our business partners.

Why this approach to teaching?

Firstly: Mentors

Our mentors have created this program of study, based on their own experiences and knowledge gained over many years in business. They noticed the need for change and they had the courage to make it happen.

Piotr Voelkel

Businessman who has spent his whole life building and managing various organizations, such as businesses, art ventures, and schools. Piotr Voelkel co-owns VOX Capital Group, which includes companies operating in related industries. He is a co-founder of Concordia Design, a design center in Poznań, and VOX-ARTIS Foundation for the promotion of Polish contemporary art. Additionally, Piotr Voelkel is the President of Wielkopolskie Towarzystwo Zachęty Sztuk Pięknych (The Greater Poland Society of Zachęta National Gallery of Art). During the period of over 30 years in business with many successes and some mistakes, he has learned that anything is possible.

Social sciences and humanities can help business to move from the “copy” phase to the “create” phase. This transformation requires a paradigm shift not only among managers, but also among employees, a shift of perspective so that they can create products and services that will change the world.

Barbara Zych

Founder and CEO of Employer Branding Institute, expert in Systems Approach to Organization Development, specializes in developing employer branding strategies. Trainer of systems approach to business, author of numerous articles and books on human resources management. Founder and President of the largest HR portal in Poland – HRstandard.pl.

The old way of business management is no longer valid. In the era of advanced data analysis, we need a completely new approach to HR.

Jerzy Hausner

Economist, former Deputy Prime Minister at the Ministry of Economy, Labor and Social Policy, and member of the Monetary Policy Council. Co-creator of Firma-Idea, an innovative concept of enterprise management. His academic background and practical experience have led to the creation of a new management paradigm, aligned with the realities of the Polish economy.

The future belongs to companies that will be able to prove their credibility and social usefulness. Companies that will be able to move from the focus on the bottom line to the focus on honesty and ethical relationships with their employees, business partners and customers. Only this type of modus operandi will ensure profit.

Secondly: Interdisciplinary approach

We believe that effective human potential management requires an interdisciplinary approach. Therefore, we have invited experts representing various disciplines, including psychology, sociology, management and economy. Our graduates will understand that human potential comprises emotions, psychological mechanisms, and social norms, which stimulate or constrict one’s development. An interdisciplinary approach, coupled with evidence-based decision making, will equip graduates with skills indispensable for developing multi-dimensional strategies of human development potential.

Thirdly: Practical Skills

The core of our program is based on actual business projects that will be developed and implemented in cooperation with our business partners. The rest of the subjects will provide knowledge and skills required to implement each of the practical projects. The projects are not just theoretical case studies, but real business projects that students will prepare for business clients.

Thanks to this approach, graduates will gain a portfolio of two group projects developed and implemented under the guidance of two mentors (business and academic), which will be evaluated by business practitioners.

Semester 1

Semester 1

Business Development Project

Students will be given a task of getting to know an actual organization and a team of employees. Next, they will analyze best practices related to team development, applied in organizations around the world. Based on this analysis, students will diagnose development needs of the actual team and will propose significant improvements or effective solutions related to team development. The project may be related to one of the following areas: developing a system of employee periodic performance evaluation, talent management policy or implementation of the coaching style of management. A report diagnosing the organizational needs and the proposed solution will be presented at the HR department of the organization.

Selected Modules:

  • Micro- and macroeconomics - Firma Idea
  • Business in Global Economy - Financial, Marketing and Social Conditions
  • Sustainable Development

Semester 2

Semester 2

HR Project - Business Analytics

Students will be given a task of getting to know an actual organization. Next, they will diagnose the needs of the organization related to human resources management and will propose evidence-based significant improvements or desired solutions in the selected area. The project may be related to one of the following topics: developing a system of employee periodic performance evaluation, talent management policy, employee motivation system or a new branding strategy. Proposed solutions must be based on data from varied sources. Therefore students should refer to results of scientific research or to available business information. A report diagnosing the organizational needs and the proposed solutions will be presented to the HR department of the organization.

Selected Modules:

  • Competencies Management
  • Employee Evaluation and Development
  • Employee Experience and Engagement

Semester 3

Semester 3

Consulting Project

During this project students learn the principles and methodology of consulting for business. Students will be charged with diagnosing and proposing, under the guidance of supervisors, solutions for actual business challenges in the are of human potential management. The project may be related to the following issues: HR strategy development, organizational change management or improving employee experience. In most cases the consulting projects will provide the basis for students’ Master’s thesis.

Selected Modules:

  • Employer Branding
  • Diversity in Organizations
  • HR Analytics

Personal Development Program

Human Potential Management specialization provides a unique opportunity for personal development. The program offers 105 hours of Personal Development Program. At the beginning of the academic year, students undergo a comprehensive assessment of their strengths and weaknesses. In the course of study, students participate in a personal development plan that includes a series of workshops, led by business experts. Some topics include qualitative teamwork, working in an international environment, negotiation and mediation skills, conflict resolution, and effective presentation. At the end of the program students receive personalized recommendations for further development.


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