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State Certificate in Polish
as a Foreign Language

  • Level: B1, B2, C1

State Certificate in Polish as a Foreign Language

Having a State Certificate confirming fluency in the Polish language is a formal requirement in the process of applying for a Polish citizenship. The Certificate is also an asset for foreigners who wish to work in Poland.

SWPS University is one of the very few institutions in Poland authorized to conduct State Certification Examination in Polish as a Foreign Language.

The State Certificate Examinations in Polish as a Foreign Language provide an official confirmation of language competencies, regardless of the teaching institution, where the bearer studied Polish, or the education program, handbooks and methods that were used to teach the language. Polish language competency is defined as the ability to understand contemporary written and spoken Polish as well as the capability to speak and write in Polish.

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Detailed conditions, type of examinations and issuing of certificates as well as the standards for all skill levels are defined by the Regulation of 26 February 2016 on the Polish language examinations, issued by the Minister of Science and Higher Education, (Journal of Laws 2016, item 405 volume 1).

Who can take the exam?

Foreigners and Polish nationals who live abroad and are of the age of the majority may write the examination. There are no pre-requisites for the exam.

Examination Levels

SWPS University conducts examinations for the state certificate in the Polish language at the following CEFR levels:

  • B1 – intermediate
  • B2 – upper intermediate
  • C1 – advanced

The exam assesses the following skills:

  • Listening comprehension
  • Reading comprehension
  • Proper grammar
  • Writing skills
  • Speaking

How to prepare for the exam?

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2020/2021 Exam Schedule

  • January 30-31, 2021
  • March 27-28, 2021
  • June 19-20, 2021
  • November 20-21, 2021
Exam Fee
level B1 EUR 150
level B2 EUR 150
level C1 EUR 180
cost of certificate EUR 20

Office of the English and Polish Preparatory Schools

  • prep@swps.edu.pl
  • +48 22 517 98 26
  • Office Hours: Monday to Friday, 9:00-15:00
    Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Office provdies its services only by phone, until further notice
  • Chodakowska 19/31, 03-815 Warsaw, room 101, 1st floor

Application Step by Step:

  1. Complete the online Application Form
    • During registration, you will need your personal ID, such as passport or dowód osobisty (Polish ID)
  2. Pay the course fee:
    • The payment should be made within seven (7) days from the submission of the registration form, not later than September 30, 2020.
    • Please send the payment confirmation to prep@swps.edu.pl
    • If you fail to submit the payment confirmation, you will not be able to take the exam.
  3. Wait for the confirmation of your registration
    • The minimum number of participants for the course to take place is ten (10)

Bank Account:

The payment for the exam should be made to the following bank account:

SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities
ul. Chodakowska 19/31
03-815 Warsaw
72 1750 0009 0000 0000 2770 8207

Please make one payment for both, the exam and the certificate, in one bank transfer in PLN. The full payment for the October exam and the certificate is PLN 757.00.

In the payment reference field, please enter the following information:
your first and last name, payment for the exam and the certificate, and the date of the examination.