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BIO Igor Pietkiewicz

Assistant Professor

Igor Pietkiewicz

Institute of Psychology
Faculty of Psychology in Katowice
Department of Clinical and Health Psychology
Head of the Research Centre for Trauma and Dissociation


Psychologist and psychotherapist. Expert in cultural psychology, psychology of social health, psychology of religion as well as thanatopsychology (i.e. psychological aspects of death). His research interests include the influence of culture and religion on human health and life, access to various forms of psychological support and help, ways of coping with illness, and the use of ethnomedicine. He researches trauma, dissociation and cognitive dissonance. Administrator of web-based psychological support services badaniepsyche.pl and traumaidysocjacja.pl

Principal Investigator of a research project “Interpretative phenomenological analysis of depersonalization and derealization states in clinical and non-clinical groups”, financed by the National Science Centre. Author of a book titled Culture, Religion, and Ethnomedicine, (2008). Doctor Pietkiewicz actively works as a psychotherapist, conducts psychological assessments, leads group therapy for patients suffering from neurosis and personality disorders. Additionally, he supervises other psychotherapists. He is also Head of an internship program that prepares psychotherapists for certification exams accredited by Sekcja Naukowa Psychoterapii Polskiego Towarzystwa Psychiatrycznego (SNP PTP) [Division of Psychotherapy Research of the Polish Psychiatric Association].

At SWPS University in Katowice, he teaches anthropology, cultural psychology, psychotherapy and the methodology of quantitative research (including workshops on conducting interviews).