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International business management is a gate to the contemporary globalized world.

Małgorzata Piasecka, M.A., MBA, management and leadership expert

International Business Management

  • Level: Undergraduate (Bachelor Degree)
  • Mode: Full-time


International Business Management (IBM) is a unique program of study that combines business management knowledge and skills with humanistic approach to running a business. Students learn to apply modern leadership and management theories and techniques in a multinational business environment and a global context. The program is delivered in the form of lectures, seminars, study visits, self-study, group activities and project work. The focus is on communication, organization, self- management, and responsibility.

During the final year, students, with the support of thesis advisors, write their Bachelor’s thesis on a selected topic in Marketing Management, International Business Relations, or Small and Middle Business Management. Therefore, the third year courses are directly relevant to the topics addressed in the students’ dissertations.

Graduates are granted a Bachelor Degree in Management and Leadership with Specialization in International Business Management.


The program is directed to future mananagers interested in international business.

Requirements: English proficiency - IELTS 5.5; CAE 47-51; TOEFL iBT 69-70, TOEFL Computer-based 196; TOEFL Paper-based 525.

Career Prospects

The program provides students with knowledge, skills and abilities that are indispensable to future managers and consultants, working in all kinds of organizations, worldwide. Graduates build successful careers working for small and medium companies, international corporations, public administration, and NGOs.

Our graduates become educated, skillful, and responsible managers, with a clear understanding of the global village and a sense of respect for its citizens.

Financial support: Scholarships for International Students
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Focus on Practical Skills

Our IBM program combines theoretical background with learning practical skills. There are many workshops, discussions, project-oriented seminars and learning-by-doing. Students hone their business skills including accounting, management of various sectors of economy, implementation of modern technologies in business, and preparation of competitive tenders. The facutly includes international academics and practitioners in their respective fields.

Custom-Designed Curriculum

Management is more than a craft. It is, in fact, an art which requires imagination, and intuition to spot opportunities in the surrounding world. Our program has been designed to be taught in small groups, which enables good contact with teachers. It is delivered in a variety of teaching methods, including seminars, workshops, group work, and e-learning modules. All courses are assigned credits in accordance with the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS).

Multicultural Environment

SWPS University offers a friendly and multicultural environment for development. The IBM program provides an opportunity to meet fellow students from all over the world and to gain cross-cultural competences thanks to daily practical experience of cultural diversity. Moreover, students have ample opportunities to practice English not only in class, but also in daily and informal interactions with each other.


Doing Business - Organizing Small and Medium Companies and Organizations

The specialization provides students with the basic knowledge and skills required to register, create and run a company. Students will learn about business law in Poland and the EU (including tax minimization, labor market regulations, access to capital, etc.), the forms of business entities (such as sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation, etc.), and how to choose the right business entity for different types of companies. During the course of study, students will also work on team projects and presentations and have an opportunity to meet business stakeholders and experts.

International Business Relations

This specialization provides an understanding of government-businesses interaction and areas of their cooperation and competition. It explains how governments and businesses respond to the challenges created by the current global geopolitical and geo-economic trends. The program is aimed at future managers, who will be working in a globalized economy. Therefore, it provides a solid perspective on global business and focuses on important practical issues, such as political development and transition, cultural differences, current global problems, multinational corporations, and state, government and international relations.

Marketing Management in Organizations

This specialization opens up a number of career prospects across different sectors, such as public, not-for profit and commercial organizations. Students learn how marketing is applied in various business processes related to cross-departmental projects as well as relations with other firms and consumers. The courses include Marketing Strategies and Planning, Brand Management, Social Media, Environmental Analysis, Industry and Competitor Analysis, Marketing Mix Tools, Consumer Behavior, E-marketing and Integrated Marketing Communication.




Application Step By Step

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  7. During the first semester, submit the Nostrificaiton of your diploma (if applicable)

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2018-2019 Tuition Fee
Full-Time Studies
10 installments 403 EUR
2 installments 1985 EUR
1 installment 3800 EUR

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