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Assistant Professor

Jakub Traczyk

Department of Economic Psychology
Wrocław Faculty of Psychology


Psychologist. He is interested in assessment of probability and perception of risk and decisions to engage in risky behaviors. He also researchers the influence of emotions on cognitive functions and the role of numeric abilities in decision making.

Principal Investigator in several research projects financed by the National Science Centre, including “The psychological decomposition of the probability weighing function in the Cumulative Prospect Theory: the role of basic affective processes in probability assessment”, “The role of numeric abilities in decision making process related to risky behaviors: Psychological and neural mechanisms.”, as well as in a study financed by the statutory fund of SWPS University: „Integracja czynników poznawczych i afektywnych w procesie oceny ryzyka i podejmowania” (Integration of cognitive and affective factors in the process of risk assessment and undertaking risky behaviors).

At SWPS University he teaches methodology of experimental research, advanced statistics as well as neuronal and psychological processes of decision making.

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