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Media & Communication

2 years,   2 countries,   2 diplomas,   many possibilities

We are very excitied to introduce two new double-degree programs developed in cooperation with Macromedia University of Applied Sciences, in Germany. The programs are a perfect fit for highly motivated candidates, who see themselves working in the media and communication industry after gradaution.


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Media and Communication Management

program is designed to train brand and media managers of the future. During the first year, you will study at SWPS University in Wrocław, Poland, where you will gain indispensable practical and analytical competencies, such as insight, foresight and various research techniques. You will also learn how to develop brand, communication and management strategies.

Begin 1st year in Wrocław

Media and Society

is designed to train media professionals of the future. During the first year you will study at SWPS University in Warsaw, Poland, you will acquire knowledge related to communication, organizational culture, media studies and public relations. For example, you will study mass media communication, intercultural communication, politics and media in Europe, business planning, and principles of journalism.

Begin 1st year in Warsaw

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Why is it beneficial to opt for a double degree?

  • Become a media professional of the future and an expert in brand and media management.
  • Earn two diplomas, from two of Europe's leading universities in the field of social sciences and media and communication management.
  • Complete the first year of studies at SWPS University a leading university in social sciences in Poland.
  • Complete the second year of studies at Macromedia University, a leading university for professionally-oriented courses in media management, communications design, arts, music and business administration in Germany.
  • Study in two countries, meet people from all over the world, and gain international experience.

Why study Media and Society / Media and Communication Management?

  • The programs combine theoretical knowledge and practical skills.
  • Students learn from experts and practitioners, who have extensive work experience in creative industries on the national and international markets.
  • Students have access to professional studios and laboratories, such as recording and editing rooms.
  • Internships allow students to work on real business projects and develop practical skills, which prepares them for employment in the industry and is conducive to professional networking.
  • After graduation, students may apply for a German 18-month job seeker visa and look for exciting career opportunities at numerous companies on the German media market.