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BIO Michal kazmierski

Michał Kaźmierski, M.D.

Department of Business Management
Warsaw Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities


Business coach. Medical doctor by profession, who has worked in pharmaceutical inudustry for over 20 years, where he gained experience in business, management and leadership. Currently, he holds a position of General Manager of Gilead Sciences for Poland and the Baltic States. Former General Manager of GE Healthcare in Poland and the Baltic States.

He has experience in managing the stages of business development: from the "start-up" phase to running a mature organization. He dealt with the influence of cultural conditions on the management practice in Poland ("folwark culture") and the possibilities of its change influenced by the popularization of international standards of leadership and management. Certified coach of Insight Discovery, and of Daniel Ofman's "Core Quality" method.

For many years, he has been combinig business pracitice with interests in the areas of leadership and organizational development. He shares his knowledge during trainings and lectures and has experience in preparing and implementing changes in large-scale organizations. In Amgen and Gilead he worked in teams, appointed by the headquarters of companies, which were working on the shape and methods of implementing organizational changes on a global scale, including but not limited to communication and improvement of interpersonal relations. He conducted a series of internal Insight Discovery trainings for employees of companies and implemented methodology at a regional level (Southern Europe). He is a coach and a lecturer at the Academy of Leadership Psychology (since 2016) and APPx platform. As part of the activities of the Values Consulting Group he participated in trainings aimed at clients from branches, such as: banking, law and culture. He co-operates with Instytut Biznesu Rodzinnego (the Institute of Family Business) giving lectures during congresses and meetings organized by the Institute, and publishes on the pages of Family Business Magazine. He is one of the founding members of Stowarzyszenie Grupa Robocza na Rzecz Innowacji w Ochronie Zdrowia (Association of the Working Group for Innovation in Health Care). Winner of "The Red Ribbon" for activities concerning the fight against HIV/AIDS and the "Success of the Year in Health Protection 2012" prize.

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