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Agnieszka Kruszewska, Ph.D., an international relations expert, specializing in the issues of South-Asia, has joined the editorial board of the Journal of the Research Society of Pakistan.


Journal of the Research Society of Pakistan publishes articles on various subjects related to South-Asia, including: the history of Pakistan, influences of the Islamic culture on the society, and socio-political aspects of the international relations in the region, with the focus on the India-Pakistan conflict. The journal is published by the Research Society of Pakistan, which operates under the auspices of the University of Punjab in Lahore. More information »

Agnieszka Kuszewska

Agnieszka Kruszewska works at the Department of International Relations of SWPS University. She is also an expert on India and Pakistan at the Center for Polish-Asia Studies. Her research centers around political, social and economic issues of South-Asia, the position of India and Pakistan in the area of international relations, international hostilities in the region, security, terrorism and human rights issues, especially in the context of the Kashmir conflict. She actively researchers these topics on location in South-Asia, mainly in India and Pakistan and in Kashmir, on both sides of the disputed territory. She lectured at universities in Islamabad, Lahore and Fajsalabad.

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Agnieszka Kruszewska has written numerous publications on the socio-political relations in South-Asia, including three monographs, which constitute seminal positions on the subject, in Poland. The books include: Indyjsko-pakistański konflikt o Kaszmir [The Kashmir Conflict] (published by PWN, 2010), Indie i Pakistan w stosunkach międzynarodowych. Konflikty, strategie, bezpieczeństwo [The Position of India and Pakistan in International Relations. Conflicts, Strategies and Security.](published by Difin, 2013) and Zrozumieć Pakistan. Radykalizacja, terroryzm i inne wyzwania [Towards Understanding Pakistan. Radicalization, Terrorism, and Other Challenges] (published by PWN, 2015). Agnieszka Kruszewska is a member of the Warsaw Chapter of the Polish Society of International Studies and the European Association for South Asian Studies. She teaches at SWPS University, where she conducts workshops on international security and current international conflicts.

Awards & Recognition

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Teofrast Superstar Award for Professor Andrzej Eliasz

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Piotr Voelkel - Visionary of Polish Business

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Awards & Recognition 22-06-2016

Agnieszka Kruszewska joins editorial board of Journal of the Research Society of Pakistan

Agnieszka Kruszewska, Ph.D., an international relations expert, specializing in the issues of South-Asia, has joined the editorial board of the Journal of the Research Society of Pakistan. JOURNAL OF THE RESEARCH...

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Chinese Book Center Opens at SWPS University

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HR Excellence in Research - Our Commitment to Researchers

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Professor Jan Strelau, the creator of the Regulative Theory of Temperament (RTT) and the leading psychologists in the area of Psychology of Individual Differences was awarded the title Doctor honoris...

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SWPS University Academics Awarded Elsevier Certificates

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