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Below you will find answers to the frequently asked questions about the functioning of SWPS University during the COVID-19 outbreak.


1. Will the classes be held online or in the university buildings from October?

Classes will be held mainly remotely, but there may also be variants combining work in classrooms in university buildings and remote learning. Classes in the classrooms will be held to a limited extent, while maintaining the sanitary regime. It is worth being prepared for the fact that some classes will be held in classrooms, and some remotely, but as a rule in a way that requires participation in them in real time.

Decisions about the organization of classes are made by the Deans of individual Faculties. At the same time, they take into account the proper implementation of the curriculum, reliable verification of the same learning outcomes that apply to teaching in the form of classroom activities and current sanitary safety requirements.

2. What will online classes involve?

You can attend online classes without leaving your home. As a rule, they are conducted in a way that requires real-time participation, we communicate via computer, Google Meet and use electronic materials. Make sure you are in a comfortable place with as few distractions as possible. Be prepared that online classes are as substantive as classroom classes.

3. Can I participate in online classes at the SWPS University building?

We try to include online classes in the timetable so that there is no need to stay at the university during them. If you still want to be at the university at this time, remember that it is not certain that it will be possible to comfortably participate in the classes - online classes do not have a room for students, and in the common spaces you are subject to sanitary restrictions, also regarding the appropriate distance and the permissible number of people.

4. How should I prepare?

Follow announcements on the Virtual University. Plan your participation in class according to the class schedule there. Take care of a comfortable place to work, see how it looks in the webcam.

Take care of technical capabilities to participate in classes, First, make sure you have access to the Internet.

Prepare your computer equipment, headphones are also important, preferably with a microphone (e.g. such as for a phone). For some activities a phone is enough (e.g. listening to a lecture).

5. How do I know when I have classes?

Apart from the fact that we are switching to online teaching, everything else works as usual, i.e. we all have a class schedule visible on the Virtual University. At the time when the class is scheduled, open the Virtual University and click on the "Classroom" button next to that class, see if there is any information from the lecturer and join the meeting on Hangouts Meet (click on the link there).

6. What should I do if I attend a meeting and classes are not taking place?

We ask you for your understanding - a lot is happening and we are also organizing online classes throughout the University for the first time so if something goes wrong, e.g. you will join the classes and they will not take place, just report it through the Contact Zone / Inquiries.

7. What should I do if I do not see the class access key?

A student enrolled in the course does not need an access key, after logging in to the Virtual University and entering the class schedule he/she immediately can enter Classroom. Remember to be logged in Google with the domain st.swps.edu.pl. If the problem keeps repeating, write a message to the lecturer and ask for the key.

8. Do I always have to enter Classroom to participate in online classes?

No, but almost always. If the classes were held in the building so far and there were no arrangements for remote learning, then the first place of your online meeting is Classroom, in which:

  1. the lecturer can leave information on how you will continue to work
  2. you will find a link to the Hangouts Meet meeting that you should join during the scheduled time of the class.

In the case of classes in which you have already developed methods of remote contact (e.g. diploma seminars or e-learning), the use of Classroom will not be necessary, although also in these cases we ask class lecturers to leave you some information in Classroom.

9. Is online attendance checked?

Attendance at remote classes is treated like attendance at a classroom. For some time, the lecturers will take into account that we are all learning new methods of cooperation and that something may go wrong. But try to be present in class.

Your presence and attention can also be checked during classes: we know how much harder it is to keep attention during remote work so lecturers can ask questions and tasks during classes to facilitate participation.

10. Are assignments posted by lecturers in Google Classroom mandatory? Will not doing these tasks affect the final grade? If so, to what extent?

The conditions for passing the course are specified in the syllabus. In any doubts whether it is obligatory or not, you should clarify it with your lecturer.

11. What do I need to be able to participate in online classes?

Discover Google Hangouts Meet - this will be your main new tool for participating in live meetings. It will be useful for sure.

During teaching, the lecturers may also use other Google tools, such as Documents, Sheets or Presentations - they are all available to you as part of the University account @st.swps.edu.pl. The lecturer can also conduct classes on the University platform Learn Online. You can also access it using the @st.swps.edu.pl account. If you can, take some time to learn about these tools.

12. Do I need special software to participate in online classes?

All you need is internet access from a phone, a computer or a tablet. You log in to Google from the University e-mail address in the domain st.swps.edu.pl.

13. Can we participate in classes via Skype or Zoom?

Online classes take place only using Hangouts Meet.

14. As students, as part of online classes, do we have access to Microsoft Office 365?

No, the University does not provide Office for students. However, all students have access to a set of Google tools, including Docs, Sheets, and Slides, which have similar functionality to the corresponding Microsoft Office applications.

15. What should I do if I have a class collision?

Apart from the fact that we are switching to online teaching, everything else works as usual, i.e. we all have a class schedule visible on the Virtual University.

If you have classes with a collision, choose the classes in which you will participate. Determine with the lecturer, whose classes you will be absent on, how to make up for your absence and the material from these classes.

16. I am not satisfied with the online classes in the subject. Where can I submit my comments?

Please share this information with the field coordinator by submitting your application at the Virtual University Contact Zone. It will be forwarded to the coordinator. We do not accept such comments anonymously.


1. How do I enter the right Classroom?

The easiest way to do it is through the schedule at Virtual University. If classes are held online, at the time they are scheduled, go to the Virtual University and click "Classroom" next to the class. In Classroom, you'll find the address of the Meet meeting to join.

2. I re-take my diploma seminar, but I still don't see it in my schedule, so I don't have access to Google Classroom. How can I get into these classes?

The repeated diploma seminar takes place on an individual basis and is not presented in the schedule. Contact your thesis supervisor directly to determine the date and method of contact during the consultation.

3. I have classes in my schedule that I do not have in Google Classroom, and there is no link in the Virtual University. Therefore, I cannot participate in them. How can I join them?

Start by checking if the class is taking place in the classroom - if it is, then the classroom number will be shown on the class schedule during the class, and Classroom may not be available. However, if these classes are online, take into account that the access update can take up to about an hour. Only if you still do not have access to Classroom for a long time after your timetable has been updated, contact the teacher. The tutor can make Classroom available to you manually.

4. What if I have incorrect access to Google Classroom classes? For example, I was enrolled in Google Classroom from classroom classes, but I am transferred to a part-time module. Will it be updated or do I need to be present during classroom activities?

Access to Classroom will be updated on a regular basis this semester, with a delay of about an hour, so wait first. If you still don't have access to Classroom for a long time after updating your timetable, contact your lecturer. The tutor can make Classroom available to you manually.

5. If I have a class collision in part-time studies and the lecturer agrees to my participation in classes with full-time students, is it technically possible for me to take part in them? Is only a link to the class sufficient?

If the teacher has allowed you to participate in a different mode, they must also make Classroom available to you. Forwarding the link alone may not be enough.

6. I have a problem accessing Google Classroom. Doesn't display any items. What should I do?

Check if you are logged with the university address (at the @st.swps.edu.pl domain). If your login is correct, you should enter Google Classroom. If your login is correct, start by checking that the class is not taking place in the classroom in the building - if so, the classroom number will be shown on the class schedule, and Classroom may not be available. However, if these classes are online, take into account that the access update can take up to about an hour. Only if you still do not have access to Classroom for a long time after your schedule has been updated, contact the lecturer. The teacher can make Classroom available to you manually.

7. What to do if there is no link to Google Classroom next to the class? There is a link next to all other activities, but only one subject is not.

Start by checking if the class is taking place in the classroom in the building - if it is, then the classroom number will be shown on the class schedule during the class, and Classroom may not be available. You can also find all the Classrooms you can access by going to the Google Classroom screen in your browser.

8. When I enter Classroom, I get the message: "You cannot access this service. Please contact your organization administrator for access."

Check if you are logged with the university address (at the @st.swps.edu.pl domain). If your login is correct, you should enter Google Classroom.
In case of technical problems, please contact the lecturer who will forward the application for further clarification, if necessary. It's also worth checking out the other questions and answers in this kit. The Q&A database is constantly updated.

9. What if I chose the wrong Google Classroom role, i.e. "teacher" instead of "student"?

Your qualifications will be sufficient to participate in the class, you do not need to do anything.


1. What should I do if I do not have the conditions to learn remotely?

Unfortunately, none of us knows yet how long it will take to continue learning online. Try to create conditions for participation in online classes as soon as possible. In this matter, we cannot help you as an institution, but we encourage you to ask your colleagues for help. Be sure to also inform the lecturer (e.g. by email) who can give you tasks that will help you learn the subject.

2. Google Meet allows you to join with audio over the phone. Can you use the classes in this way?

No, we strongly advise against using this option. It involves connecting to a telephone number in the United States and using it in Poland may result in high fees. For those who attend classes in other countries, we recommend that you check the terms of this service in advance on Google's help pages.

3. Can I practice using Hangouts Meet somewhere?


  • Open a web browser - Chrome is the best due to the compatibility with Google applications.
  • Enter https://meet.google.com and log in with your University account.
    Click on ‘+ Join or start a meeting’.
  • Follow the instructions, give the browser permission to use camera and microphone, continue until a small screen with the ‘Join now’ button appears - then join the meeting.
  • You can invite other people and practice using the application together.

There are 10 technical things you should practice:

  • Leave the meeting and join it again: everybody sometimes accidentally ‘leaves’ during an online meeting so practice it.
  • Turn the microphone off and on: it is necessary to attend meetings of more than 5 people when you only need to leave the microphone of only one person turned on.
  • Say something and listen to someone, check how it is heard; take out and turn on the headphones again, see how what you hear changes and how you are heard.
  • See how you look, check different settings, choose the one that will be most convenient for you.
  • Turn the camera off and on: if you want to do something that may interfere with the reception of others, you can turn the camera off for a while and turn it on again when you feel that this will no longer be an interference for others.
  • Choose how people are displayed on the screen; Google automatically chooses the best presentation method for a given number of people but see how those methods differ.
  • Do you want to see only the lecturer all the time? Pin and unpin one of the participants, even yourself: by pinning the window you can see it all the time and you cannot see anything else; it is easy to do it by accident so practice it sooner, it will be easy for you to quickly restore the correct image.
  • Start the presentation and end it: it will definitely come in handy, you can show your entire screen or selected window through hangouts, you always have to choose something; learn to do it.
  • Expand the list of participants in the side panel and hide it back, see how the presentation of people on the screen and in the list differs.
  • Open chat and close it, write something in chat: chat can be used to report in class, especially when there are many participants.

That is all. If you practice these things, you will use Hangouts Meet freely.

4. Can I record classes and lectures?

No, students are not allowed to record classes (video or audio). Such action would constitute a violation of the rights of the persons participating in it, including the personal rights of the lecturer and students, as well as the regulations concerning the protection of personal data. Moreover, using such a recording would infringe the copyrights of the SWPS University or the lecturer. A student's action in the form of recording classes or using such a recording may be the reason for instituting disciplinary proceedings against the student.

Classes may be recorded by the lecturer only in selected situations, e.g. in order to make them available for viewing by students who cannot participate in them fully, e.g. students with disabilities or their assistants. Certain rules apply to students with disabilities or their assistants who need to record a given activity for their own use. They must inform the tutor that they are recording the class and follow the recommendation to keep the recording to a minimum. For example, if the target is transcription, only audio should be recorded. More information about the rules applicable to students who use support to ensure full participation in the education process can be obtained from the section for health and people with disabilities of the Help and Activity Center, biuro.zon@swps.edu.pl.

Even in this case, students are not entitled to further share the recordings with others.

5. Can I change my Google Account username to the nickname I feel better with?

No, it is against university rules. According to the regulations of studies, only students enrolled in this subject are allowed to pass a course, and the use of a nickname makes it impossible to check whether a given person meets this condition. The teacher may refuse the person who is hiding behind the nickname to participate in the classes.

The "weight" of the transmission depends mainly on the quality of the transmitted video. Typically, the transmission network automatically adjusts the transmission quality to the bandwidth, which allows you to enjoy meetings efficiently, even with weaker connections. For Google Meet, you can also manually change the resolution of the uploaded video or set the download to audio only. This is done using the Settings option in the menu on the right at the bottom of the meeting screen, available after opening the joining meeting window and during the meeting.

6. What is the estimated transfer (f.e. 100 MB, 1 GB) for online classes and what it depends on?

Lectures are most often conducted by the Google Meet service. Based on our experience so far, we estimate the transfer in this service at up to 300 MB per hour when downloading video and 3 MB per hour when downloading audio only. However, please treat these estimates with caution as we are just learning about the conditions involved in running a large number of Meetings in a short period of time. Also, if the classes use different solutions or parallel meetings, the transfer size may be different.

It is also against the rules to let users from outside the university to online classes. Only users logged in with a swps account have the right to use the classes.

7. What should I do if I do not have a very good internet connection at home and online lectures will keep being interrupted?

Try connecting again. If the problem keeps repeating, ask someone in your surroundings to help you. Report the problem to the lecturer.

8. Will I be able to ask a question in real time during classes, e.g. on Hangout Meet?

You can ask questions during online classes. The lecturer will determine the rules of interaction in the class.

9. Can I participate in online classes by phone or tablet? Can I participate in the classes by connecting from an Android smartphone or an iPhone?

You can participate in online classes using any mobile device - smartphone, tablet or computer.

10. Is having a webcam mandatory to participate in online classes?

As we expect everyone to attend classes in person in order to communicate and show to others ensure access to the webcam or smartphone camera. However, in exceptional cases, you can participate in classes without a camera, if you will be able to contact audio (speaker and microphone).


1. What will online Physical Education classes look like?

In this semester, online PE classes will be conducted in a new formula - exercises at home under the supervision of a coach. Enrollment in groups will be made automatically - you do not have to sign up for these classes yourself. Information on the organization of these activities will be provided in the syllabus. In addition, people who, in accordance with the applicable regulations, have the right to replace PE classes with an e-learning theoretical course, will participate in the e-learning course.

1. Who can I contact if I have problems regarding classes on the Learn Online platform?

Please contact e-learning@swps.edu.pl.


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Awards & Recognition 15-09-2020

Prof. Adam Szpaderski Appointed to Gross-Rosen Museum Council

We are proud to announce that one of our researchers, Associate Professor Adam Szpaderski, Head of the Center for Research on the Economics of Memorial Sites, has been appointed to...

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News 08-09-2020

Psychological Perspectives on Financial Decision Making

“Money makes the world go round”. Financial decisions impact not only individuals, but also whole countries and the global community. Therefore, it stands to reason that we should know more...

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Events 08-09-2020

Webinar: Design Emergency - Creativity During Pandemic

What is Design Emergency? It is an Instagram platform that explores design’s role during and after COVID-19, in a collaboration between two leading women in the design industry: our guest...

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Events 31-08-2020

ChinaTalk with Tom Orlik (Bloomberg's Chief Economist)

ChinaTalk brings you the latest knowledge on the economy, social issues, management, and politics of China and East Asia. Our guest interpret the current developments and trends in the Chinese...

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Events 30-08-2020

APPSUP - Global Contest for App Developers

Nowadays, there is an app for everything. Computer programming skills are in high demand in all sectors of the economy. To bring together the best developers from around the world...

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Events 13-08-2020

ChinaTalk with Joerg Wuttke (EU Chamber of Commerce in China)

ChinaTalk brings you the latest knowledge on the economy, social issues, management, and politics of China and East Asia. Our guest interpret the current developments and trends in the Chinese...

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Awards & Recognition 10-08-2020

Best Professional Start for Graduates of Our Psychology Programs

According to a report, commissioned by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, and published by the Polish Graduate Tracking System (ELA), graduates of the psychology programs offered by SWPS...

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Events 01-08-2020

Workshop: Change by Design or by Disaster — After COVID-19

We are living in unpredictable times, when the climate crisis and the growing social inequality are exacerbated by the coronavirus pandemic. We need change. The change can be introduced by...

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Events 16-07-2020

Webinar: What’s in store for the design industry?

So far, 2020 has been a very eventful year. Almost everything has changed in a matter of weeks. How is the design industry adjusting, adapting and planning for the future...

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Events 26-06-2020

Can computer gaming improve the mind?

Over the years, computer games have gained some bad reputation, related to addictions or inducing violent behaviors, however in recent years the perception of gaming has been changing thanks to...

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Awards & Recognition 25-06-2020

SWPS University Among Global Top Providers of Continuous Professional Development Programs

We are happy to announce that in the 2020 U-Multirank evaluation, SWPS University has been ranked among the Global Top 25 performers in the Income from Continuous Professional Development category...

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Grants 03-06-2020

SWPS University Among Top Grant Recipients from NCN

We are very pleased that the latest report published by the National Science Centre (NCN) on grants awarded to research institutions in Poland, for the period 2011–2019, indicates that SWPS...

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News 02-06-2020

Study: Compassion and Resilience During Pandemic

The world has been coping with the coronavirus pandemic since December 2019. The virus has spread around the globe and affected millions of people directly or indirectly. The virus itself...

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Awards & Recognition 28-05-2020

Mayor of Wrocław Thanks SWPS University for Engagement During Pandemic

The Mayor of Wrocław, Mr. Jacek Sutryk, sent an official letter to the Rector of SWPS University to express his gratitude for the initiatives undertaken by the University during the...

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Events 26-05-2020

Sounds of Students 3 - Music Festival

Cooped up at home and missing cancelled music festivals? Don’t despair! You’ve got the front row seat at the 3rd edition of Sounds of Students, an annual music festival organized...

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Events 21-05-2020

Virtual Vernissage: People vs. COVID

We are happy to announce that the best projects submitted for the “People Against COVID-19” competition have been selected. They will be presented during a virtual vernissage, which will be...

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Awards & Recognition 20-05-2020

Our Law Students Gain Lex Silver Plus Certificates

The complicated legal system, frequent changes in legislation, and different interpretations of regulations require that lawyers demonstrated extensive knowledge, flexible thinking, and effective use of professional tools. Wolters Kluwer Polska...

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Awards & Recognition 13-05-2020

SWPS University Gains Rights to Grant Doctoral Degrees in Political Science and Administration

SWPS University has been building its leading position among higher education institutions in Poland on two pillars: education and research. Recently, the Central Commission for Academic Degrees and Titles has...

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News 06-05-2020

SWPS University Signs Cooperation Agreement with Coders Lab

Information technology and artificial intelligence have entered our lives and are here to stay. Today’s job market requires that employees not only know how to use computers and various applications...

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Events 30-04-2020

Graphic Design Challenge: People Against Covid-19

The Department of Graphic Design at SWPS University in Wrocław is announcing a graphic design challenge “People Against COVID-19”. The challenge provides an opportunity for artists, designers, and anyone to...

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News 28-04-2020

Med-Stres SOS - Helping Medical Professionals

Figures clad in protective wear, coveralls, gloves, goggles, face shields, and face masks. Doctors, nurses, paramedics and ambulance crews. They have been working for days and weeks now, fighting the...

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Events 24-04-2020

Secure and Narcissistic Forms of In-group Identification

Diehard football fans identify with their favorite club, wear the club’s colors, and spare no expenses to follow their team to wherever it might be playing. It is a harmless...

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Awards & Recognition 17-04-2020

Beviado app awarded in “Focus” magazine competition

A mobile application, Beviado, developed by psychologists from SWPS University has been voted the best new invention in the Education category of the Soczewki 2019 science competition, organized by “Focus”...

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Awards & Recognition 07-04-2020

Our lecturer among top 50 nominees for Global Teacher Prize

We are proud to announce that our lecturer, Przemysław Staroń, is among the top 50 nominees for the 2020 Global Teacher Prize, established by the Varkey Foundation in collaboration with...

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Events 02-04-2020

Lecture Canceled: Imagery Rescripting as Transdiagnostic Treatment Technique

Negative experiences and traumas do not end once the situation improves. They often haunt the victims for years and become root causes of many relationship and health-related problems. Imagery Rescripting...

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Events 12-03-2020

Lecture Canceled: Emotion Regulation

Joy, fear, panic, sadness, anxiety, compassion, jealousy, shame and anger. Emotions are an inherent element of life and they play a very important role. Unfortunately, many people experience difficulties in...

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News 10-03-2020

Online classes at SWPS University

Following the recommendation of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, Rector of SWPS University prof. Roman Cieślak has issued an ordinance to suspend all classroom teaching until further notice...

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Awards & Recognition 04-03-2020

Fulbright Commission Scholarship for Our Doctoral Student

We are thrilled to announce that our doctoral student, Karolina Dyduch-Hazar from the Faculty of Psychology in Warsaw, is among twenty recipients of the Fulbright Junior Research Awards for 2020-2021...

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Awards & Recognition 02-03-2020

Prof. Adam Szpaderski appointed to Sybilla Competition jury

We are happy to announce that one of our lecturers, Associate Professor Adam Szpaderski, Head of the Center for Research on the Economics of Memorial Sites, has been appointed to...

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Events 23-02-2020

Legal design thinking workshop: You have the right

Design thinking is a method of implementing change in various areas of everyday life, using design methodology. It is change by design. SWPS University has a pleasure to invite students...

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Events 07-02-2020

On inequalities in Poland: Individuals' Perspective

The American Declaration of Independence, written in 1776, proclaimed that “all men are created equal”. Since then other countries have adopted this formidable ideal, however social scientists have proven time...

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Events 31-01-2020

Designing Heritage: Archives in the Era of Expanding Culture Field

“Nations that lose memory, lose their lives”, therefore all nations and cultures collect stories, documents and cultural artefacts of their past and create museums and archives to hold these objects...

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Events 30-01-2020

Year of the Rat - Celebration of Chinese New Year

The New Year celebration is the most important holiday in the Chinese calendar. According to the Chinese Zodiac, 2020 is the year of the Rat, which is associated with vitality...

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Events 20-01-2020

On the Importance of Idiosyncratic Information in Metamemory

When studying for exams that encompass information learned over a significant period of time, you need introspective knowledge of your own memory capabilities to allocate an appropriate study time. There...

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Awards & Recognition 08-01-2020

Our Alumnus and Law Students Awarded at INDAR Tournament

We are happy to announce that law students from SWPS University, Dominika Dziel and Kinga Jałkiewicz, and our psychology and law graduate, Martyna Komorowska, won the 2nd place in the...

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Events 17-12-2019

HumanTech Meetings: Following Big Data

Meeting in Polish: Treasures hidden in King Salomon’s Mines pale in comparison to the abundance of data available to corporations, governments and various organizations thanks to digital warehouses of Big...

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Events 13-12-2019

Impact of Migration on Poles Born Between 1970 and 1989

After accession of Poland into the European Union, many young people, who were born in the period from 1970 to 1989, migrated to the UK and other EU countries in...

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Events 11-12-2019

Humantech Meetings: Technological and Ethical Aspects of AI

Robots and autonomous machines are slowly, but surely, infiltrating human environment. Municipalities are testing self-driving cars and buses, governments and businesses are considering policing or delivering goods by drones, and...

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Awards & Recognition 04-12-2019

2019 Elsevier Research Impact Leaders Award for SWPS University

We are very happy to announce that for the second time in a row, SWPS University was recognized for its contribution to the visibility of Polish science around the world...

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Events 29-11-2019

Memory for words and gist in monolingual and bilingual speakers

Being bilingual provides many benefits such as easier communication during travel, ability to read books and watch films in two languages, and having more work opportunities. But how does bilingualism...

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Events 29-11-2019

Natural Beauty, Natural History and Ugliness

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and the beholder’s tastes are influenced by the canon of beauty prevalent during his or her life. The first Impressionist exhibition, which...

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Events 29-11-2019

What Matters in Life? Meaning and Values in Existential Analysis

Values have a great influence on our life. They are at the heart of every decision we make. They play a constant role in economics, politics, everyday life, as well...

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Events 29-11-2019

Celebrating 100 years of Polish-Norwegian diplomatic relations

Poland and Norway celebrate 100 years of diplomatic relations. On this occasion, the Norwegian Embassy and the Department of Scandinavian Studies at SWPS University are organizing a special premiere screening...

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Events 29-11-2019

Humantech Meetings: AI and Digital Age

We live in an age where Alexa and Siri manage households, our cellphones communicate with our fridges and where corporations and governments collect enormous amount of personal information about individuals...

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Events 28-11-2019

Poland-China business relations: Between expectations and disappointments

Is China intending an economic conquest of Poland? Can Polish businesses take advantage of the opportunities provided by the development of China and the Chinese Belt and Road Initiative? Mr...

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Events 22-11-2019

Remembering Cheaters: Evolutionary Perspective on Memory

Over hundreds of years of evolution, human mind has adapted to remembering solutions to problems that our ancestors faced. One such adaptation is the ability to remember situations where one...

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Awards & Recognition 14-11-2019

Stan Maes Early Career Award for Dr. Dominika Kwaśnicka

We are proud to announce that one of our researchers, Dr. Dominika Kwaśnicka, has been awarded a prestigious Stan Maes Early Career award granted by the European Health Psychology Society...

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Events 30-10-2019

Changemaking in Israel

The Ashoka organization defines changemakers as people who take action to solve social problems in a creative way. Changemaking involves empathy, thoughtfulness, creativity, taking action and collaborative leadership. During the...

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Events 21-10-2019

Chinese Urban Walls and Their Stories

What do public spaces say about a country and a nation? How do official messages, historical cultural references, government propaganda, and grassroots graffiti or murals coexist on public walls? Professor...

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Events 17-10-2019

Inauguration of Academic Year 2019/2020

October marks the beginning of the academic year in Poland. All campuses of SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities will celebrate this occasion with official ceremonies.  We will welcome first...

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Events 12-10-2019

Impact of Aging on Judgements and Decision Making

Lecture in Polish: Aging is a natural process of slowing down and a time when various body systems and functions decline. This gradual decrease of capabilities becomes significantly more visible...

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Events 11-10-2019

Reportage from the Inauguration of Academic Year 2019/2020

The Inauguration Ceremony of every academic year is an important occasion not only for first-year students, but also for all members of the academic community. The first day of an...

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Events 10-10-2019

Humantech Meetings: Anthropology and UX Design

Over the past 50 years, we have been experiencing rapid and profound technological changes that impact the way we live and behave. On the one hand technology is making our...

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Events 03-10-2019

Cardiac-disease-induced PTSD

Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is usually associated with violent traumatic events, such as war, criminal assaults or huge natural disasters. However, research indicates that sudden and dramatic health-related events, such...

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Events 26-09-2019

Living Well as the First Medicine

Two hundred years ago, the human lifespan was half of what it is today. People died from infections, injuries and complications during childbirth — causes that almost never kill in the...

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Events 26-09-2019

70 Years of the People’s Republic of China: Economic Achievements

The People’s Republic of China celebrates the 70th anniversary of the proclamation in 2019. After 40 years of reforms, the Middle Kingdom achieved a status of a “world investor”. During the meeting...

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Grants 26-08-2019

Our doctoral students awarded grants from NCN

Several doctoral students from SWPS University have been awarded research grants by the National Science Centre. Thanks to the NCN’s ETIUDA funding scheme for doctoral candidates, they will research various...

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Grants 23-08-2019

Dr. Konrad Bocian awarded grant from EASP

We are pleased to announce that one of our scientists, Dr. Konrad Bocian, from the Facutly of Psychology in Sopot, has been awarded a 'seedcorn' grant from the European Association...

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News 05-08-2019

Scholarship for International Candidates Winners Announced

SWPS University is committed to supporting university candidates and students in realizing their full potential by providing various scholarships. We are happy to announce that thanks to our "Scholarship for...

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Awards & Recognition 24-07-2019

SWPS University recognized for commitment to changemaking

SWPS University as the only higher education institution in Poland has been recognized for its commitment to spark and accelerate changemaking. The recognition comes from Ashoka U as part of...

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Grants 17-07-2019

SWPS Researchers Receive Over 4M in Grants from NCN

Several psychologists, social scientists and culture experts from SWPS University have been awarded over PLN 4 million in research grants from the National Science Center (NCN). Professor Radosław Markowski, Associate...

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Awards & Recognition 08-07-2019

Our Law Students in Finals of CDRC VIENNA Competition

Two teams of students from SWPS University’s School of Law qualified for the finals of the Mediation and Negotiation Competition, CDRC Vienna, an event devoted to the promotion of Consensual...

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Events 29-05-2019

Auditory Distraction and its Impact on Cognition

Ambient noise is often considered to be conducive to effective working. Yet, there are some types of background sounds that can hinder rather than enhance performance in tasks that involve...

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Events 24-05-2019

Lecture: Telling Network Stories

Storytelling is an element of all cultures. It shapes the identity of individuals, communities and whole nations. In her lecture "Telling network stories: Migrants’ relationality, identity and belonging in place...

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Events 24-05-2019

Meeting with Writer David N. Schwartz

History and physics enthusiasts will have a rare opportunity to meet Mr. David N. Schwartz, author of The Last Man Who Knew Everything: The Life and Times of Enrico Fermi...

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Events 20-05-2019

Does Working Memory Training Enhance Intelligence?

Solving crossword or Sudoku puzzles, playing an instrument, learning a foreign language, or playing chess are all forms of working memory training. These forms of activity, especially in older adults...

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Events 06-05-2019

The Science of Eyewitness Identification

Nowadays forensic science has numerous tools, such as DNA tests or fingerprints, at its disposal to prove or disprove perpetrator’s guilt, however police line ups and eyewitness identification are still...

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Events 25-04-2019

China: Between Confucianism, Marxism and Democracy

China is the cradle of the East-Asian civilization, a place, where throughout history, different and distinct cultures influenced each other’s development. Out of those differences a country emerged, which is...

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Management Space 16-04-2019

“Let Them Have Fun” – Fantasies of Leadership, Practices of Control

The number of CEOs and corporate business leaders who are referred to as ‘global leaders’ is rather small. They yield huge power, yet they do not have democratic legitimacy to...

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Events 12-04-2019

Minding your morals: How trait mindfulness relates to moral foundations

Mindfulness has been lauded as a practice, which improves the outcomes of many mental disorders and somatic conditions. But can mindfulness influence attitudes and moral judgements towards other people? In...

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Events 05-04-2019

Management of Bullying in Minimum-security Prison

Bullying is a phenomenon that can happen at school, at work and, not surprisingly, in prison, where the propensity for violent behavior is even greater. Dutch scientists conducted a study...

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Events 05-04-2019

Whistleblowing and Workplace Bullying

Whistleblowing is an action of informing external authorities or organizations of wrongdoing at work. Due to their actions, whistleblowers often meet with ostracism and bullying at work. On the other...

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Awards & Recognition 04-04-2019

Our Management and Leadership Program Awarded Ashoka J2CC

Several months ago SWPS University has embarked on a journey, a Journey to Changemaker Certificate (J2CC) granted by Ashoka. Today, we have reached the first stage of this process and...

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News 20-03-2019

English Edition of Kultura Popularna

The newest edition of Kultura Popularna (Popular Culture), a peer-reviewed academic publication of SWPS University, explores myths of domesticity present in American culture. The issue, available in English, contains articles...

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Events 02-03-2019

Social Informatics: Introduction and Research Problems

The Internet of things, Siri – your virtual assistant, Sophia – the social humanoid robot and us, human beings, interacting with these devices. Almost unnoticeably, artificial intelligence has entered our...

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Grants 27-02-2019

NCN Grants Close to PLN 4.5M to Our Researchers

Why do people tend to reach for sugary or salty snacks when they feel stressed? Why do strongly motivated individuals give in to everyday temptations and abandon the pursuit of...

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Awards & Recognition 21-01-2019

Faculties in Katowice and Poznań gain right to grant doctoral degrees

We are happy to announce that the past eight years of diligent work contributed by faculty members from SWPS University in Katowice and Poznań have been recognized by the Central...

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Awards & Recognition 13-12-2018

Elsevier Research Impact Leaders Award for SWPS University

We are very happy to announce that SWPS University was recognized for its contribution to the visibility of Polish science around the world with the Elsevier Research Impact Leaders Award...

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Awards & Recognition 10-12-2018

SWPS University Awarded 2018 Silver Paper Clip for Educational Channel

Sharing knowledge and helping people is an inherent part of our strategy. Therefore, we are very happy to be recognized with a 2018 Silver Paper Clip Award for our work...

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Events 08-12-2018

St. Lucia Day 2018

For Swedes, December is a special month. In schools and homes, girls compete to become St. Lucia for the day and to lead the candlelit procession on a dark winter...

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Events 29-11-2018

Scandinavian Career Day

Have you ever thought about working in Sweden or Norway, but didn't know where to start? Participants of the first Scandinavian Career Day will have an opportunity to learn about Scandinavian culture and...

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Grants 27-11-2018

SWPS University Researchers Receive PLN 6.5M in Research Grants

Researchers from SWPS University have been awarded a total of PLN 6.5M in research grants from the National Research Center and the Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange. The awarded...

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Events 16-11-2018

Lecture: Differentiated Embedding

The concept of embeddedness has been used in migration studies to explain the degree of migrants’ adjustment and the “depth of roots” that migrants grow in the receiving countries and...

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Events 25-10-2018

Republic of Korea: In Search of Peace

Since the division of the Korean state after Second World War, there have been tensions between the Democratic People's Republic of Korea and the Republic of Korea. In recent months...

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Events 13-10-2018

Lecture: Doctoral Education in Europe

According to the report of the European University Association Council for Doctoral Education (EUA-CDE), in 2006 only 29 percent of European universities offered some form of structured doctoral education. Twelve...

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Events 11-10-2018

Lecture: Behavior Change Interventions

Anyone who has ever tried to stop smoking or keep up an exercise routine knows that it is not easy to change a habit. Yet, behavior change related to lifestyle...

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News 05-10-2018

The Impact of Migration on Poland

Since the 2004 enlargement of the European Union, migration between Poland and other European countries has significantly increased. Migration affects not only the receiving countries, but also the sending countries...

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Events 05-10-2018

Reportage from the Inauguration of Academic Year 2018/2019

The 23rd Inauguration of the academic year at SWPS University took place on October 4, 2018. We had the honor and the pleasure to share this special day with distinguished...

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Events 04-10-2018

Inauguration of Academic Year 2018/2019

October marks the beginning of the academic year in Poland. All campuses of SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities will celebrate this occasion with official ceremonies.  We will welcome first...

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News 07-08-2018

Scholarship for International Students Winners Announced

This year for the very first time, SWPS University awarded scholarships for international students applying for undergraduate programs. We are happy to announce that five talented candidates from Belarus, Russia...

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News 09-07-2018

International Students Graduation Ceremony 2018

“Oh, the places you’ll go!” was the overwhelming sentiment of the international students graduation ceremony that took place at SWPS University, on July 6, 2018. It was a special day...

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News 25-06-2018

Ukrainian students happy with their studies in Poland

The majority of Ukrainian students who have decided to study in Poland are happy with their choice, reports the Institute of Public Affairs (ISP), a leading Polish think tank and...

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Events 22-06-2018

Why is the language-thought debate still unresolved?

"The limits of my language are the limits of my world", said Ludwig Wittgensteinsaid,  philosopher interested in the philosophy of mind and language. In the language-thought debate, the proponents of...

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Events 19-06-2018

1968 - The Year that Changed the World

The Prague Spring in Czechoslovakia, the Vietnam War protests and the Civil Rights Movement in the United States, the large scale student strikes in France, the student movement in Germany, the...

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Events 15-06-2018

Chinese Day at SWPS University

Demonstration of Chinese calligraphy, traditional Chinese paper ornaments, Go and Majiang gaming tables are just some attractions awaiting participants during the Chinese Day, which will take place on June 15th, at SWPS...

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Events 11-06-2018

Suicide in prisons: research, policy and practice

According to a study conducted in twenty four high income countries between 2011 and 2014 and published in the December 2017 issue of Lancet, the number of suicides in prisons...

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Events 08-06-2018

The Concept ‘Industry 4.0’ Seen from a Cultural and Media Studies Perspective

The idea of the forth industrial revolution is based not on the steam engine (first industrial revolution in the late 18th century), continuous production lines with conveyor belts (second industrial...

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Grants 24-05-2018

SWPS University Receives PLN 4.3M in Research Grants from NCN

Researchers from SWPS University have been awarded a total of PLN 4.3M in grants from the National Science Centre (NCN) for research projects that will focus on topics such as...

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News 24-05-2018

SWPS University International Festival - Photo Reportage

Algeria and Vietnam occupy the opposite ends in the Roman alphabet. Canada and India are located on two different hemispheres and two different continents, yet they all came together during...

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Events 22-05-2018

The language of uncertainty – after 30 years

The only certain things in life are death and taxes. To cope with ambiguity, people use a large number of words and phrases to convey degrees and types of probabilistic...

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Events 22-05-2018

Using intervals to communicate uncertainty

If you have ever read your horoscope in a daily newspaper, you might have noticed that the predictions are broad enough and vague enough in order to ring true for...

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Events 18-05-2018

SWPS University International Festival

Diversity is a spice of life. To celebrate the richness that multicultural society brings, SWPS University will be hosting the International Festival at its Warsaw Campus, on May 18, 2018. The...

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Events 17-05-2018

Reflexivity: mediating between Structure and Culture to influence Agency

In social sciences reflexivity refers to the capacity of an individual (an agent) to recognize forces of socialization and change their place in the social structure. It is similar to...

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Events 10-05-2018

Psychology of the Courtroom: Guilty or Not Guilty?

Reports of rape and sexual offences are on the rise. Despite this, criminal convictions at court are lower in rape cases than for almost all other types of crime. During...

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Events 09-05-2018

The psychological basis of ownership: Evidence from studies of young children

Although children have no legal training, they regularly make judgments about many aspects of ownership, and also consider ownership in their social reasoning. It shows that our legal notions of...

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Events 26-04-2018

How we misunderstand economics and why it matters

It is an age-old truth that "money makes the world go round", yet people ignore the economic forces which shape their lives and as a result they misunderstand economics. In...

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Events 23-04-2018

The Primate Toolbox and the Modern World

It is an age-old truth that "money makes the world go round", yet people ignore the economic forces which shape their lives and as a result they misunderstand economics. In...

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News 20-04-2018

First Expert Panel on the Economics of Memorial Sites

Memorial sites play an important role as elements of historical education and a warning against horrific crimes committed by totalitarian regimes. However, for the warning to be loud and clear...

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Events 13-04-2018

Cities and Capitalism: Questioning New Technology

The Internet shapes identity, space and politics. New media make older ways of thinking about the private and the public obsolete. In his lecture on “Cities and Capitalism: Questioning New...

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Events 13-04-2018

World Health Day at SWPS University

On April 13th, SWPS University will be hosting the World Health Day. First aid demonstrations, massage sessions and consultations with physiotherapist will be held in the entrance hall. Students will...

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Events 10-04-2018

What Can Be Done If Fear and Anxiety Get Out of Control?

Everyone experiences fear and anxiety. However, when these feelings dominate one's life, they can lead to mental disorders. As a result, the affected individuals may withdraw from their usual activities...

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Events 16-03-2018

Brexit and Mobility

The unexpected result of the Brexit referendum has left hundreds of migrants, who have been contributing to the British economy, in limbo. For these young people from Ireland, Italy, Poland...

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Events 22-02-2018

Psychological and Neural Mechanisms of Rapid Emotional Responses

Emotions - where do they come from? For centuries, poets favored the heart or the soul as the seat of emotion. This is reflected in language, for example “my heart...

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Grants 19-02-2018

SWPS University Receives PLN 4.5M in Research Grants from NCN

Researchers from SWPS University have been awarded a total of PLN 4.5M in grants from the National Science Centre (NCN) for research projects that will focus on topics such as...

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Events 16-02-2018

The Impact of Migration on Poland

Migration affects people living in ‘sending countries’ in numerous, often barely noticed ways. It blends with other globalisation and Europeanisation influences to shape the lives of individuals in Warsaw and...

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Events 07-02-2018

Effects of Social Influences in Childhood and Adolescence

Living in society, we are all influenced by other people, from time to time. Children and adolescence are especially prone to social influence. Dr. Theda Radtke from University of Zurich...

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Awards & Recognition 01-02-2018

Aigerim Balkhashbayeva Wins Interstudent 2018 Award

Aigerim Balkhashbayeva from Kazakhstan, who studies Psychology in English at SWPS University, has won the INTERSTUDENT 2018 award, in the Undergraduate Studies category. The award recognizes international students, who build...

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Events 12-01-2018

Introduction to Social Entrepreneurship

Nowadays, many entrepreneurs are not only focused on building businesses and making a profit, but they are also keen on making a difference in the world. This new type of...

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Events 09-01-2018

Bestiary 2.0 - Exhibition of Mariola Wawrzusiak’s Sculputures

Monkeys, bats, owls, ants and a moose - giant sculptures made of scrap iron will arrive at SWPS University campus in Warsaw at the beginning of next year. Bestiarium 2.0...

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Events 13-12-2017

St. Lucia Day at SWPS University

December is a time when the Swedish love of consensus is put to the test. Teenagers in schools, towns and cities vie for the coveted role of St. Lucia, who...

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Awards & Recognition 04-12-2017

Golden Paper Clip Award for SWPS University’s YouTube Channel

Over 34,000 subscribers, close to 4 million views, hundreds of likes, positive comments, and shares of educational and scientific content provided by SWPS University - these numbers speak for themselves...

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News 01-12-2017

SWPS University Popular Among University Candidates

According to the university admissions report, published by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, SWPS University enjoys the highest enrollment among non-public higher education institutions that offer full-time studies...

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Events 30-11-2017

Human Skills Festival

It would seem that in the world dominated by technology, where Artificial Intelligence (AI) is becoming increasingly intelligent, people with a background in humanities and social sciences might be at...

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Events 29-11-2017

Wrocław Model United Nations 2017

For the third consequtive year, SWPS University in Wrocław will be hosting the Model United Nations conference. WrocMUN2017 will gather students from around the world to discuss global, economic, social...

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Events 24-11-2017

Digital Footprints - Guest Lecture

In the era of the world wide web and ubiquitous digitalization, psychology of personality and psychology of individual differences have entered new research areas and have found new practical applications...

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Events 23-11-2017

The End of Privacy - Open Lecture

“Every move you make…every step you take…, I’ll be watching you” sang The Police in 1983. Fast forward to 2017 and these lyrics are more relevant than ever. Every "like...

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Grants 20-11-2017

SWPS University Receives PLN 1.3M in Research Grants from NCN

Researchers from SWPS University have been awarded a total of PLN 1.3M in grants from the National Science Centre (NCN) for research projects that will focus on topics such as...

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Awards & Recognition 14-11-2017

Graduates of SOF Win Prestigious Prize in Dubai

MIKO+ jewelry, designed by Ewa Dulcet and Martyna Świerczyńska, graduates of School of Form in Poznań, has been awarded the Progress Prize at the Global Grad Show in Dubai. The...

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Events 02-11-2017

Open Mic - Take the Stage to Tell Your Story

Harvey Milk, Chavela Vargas, Ellen DeGeneres, Jodie Foster, Ellen Page…these are only a few of the famous activists, artists and movie stars who had the courage to take the stage...

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News 02-11-2017

School of Form at the Vienna Design Week

The graduates of School of Form in Poznań will present their projects at the 11th edition of the Vienna Design Week. “It feels! Design for the senses” is the theme...

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Events 23-10-2017

Erasmus Day at SWPS University

If travel broadens the mind, imagine what travel combined with studying abroad could do for you. To tell you all about it, the Office of International Programs and Exchange and...

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Events 18-10-2017

Beehive, Small Data, Behavioral and Interventional Studies

Small data is big business. Nowadays companies and researchers want to know everything there is to know about human behavior, trends in sport statistics and weather forecasts, because this deceptively...

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Events 06-10-2017

Reportage from the Inauguration of Academic Year 2017/2018

This year, we celebrated the Inauguration of the academic year for the 22nd time. We had the honor and the pleasure to share this special day with distinguished guests, representing...

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Events 06-10-2017

Inauguration of Academic Year 2017/2018

October marks the beginning of the academic year in Poland. All campuses of SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities will celebrate this occassion with official ceremonies. This year, SWPS University...

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News 25-09-2017

English Edition of Kultura Popularna

The newest issue of Kultura Popularna (Popular Culture), a peer-reviewed academic publication of SWPS University, focuses on the themes of Jewish history, culture and the Holocaust. The issue, available in...

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Grants 27-07-2017

Among Top Recipients of Grants from the National Science Centre

The National Science Centre (NCN) has published a report related to grants awarded to research institutions in Poland for the period 2011-2016. SWPS University ranked 5th among the top recipients...

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Events 21-07-2017

Individual Differences in Mixed Emotional and Cognitive Experiences

Emotions are a complicated matter. Usually, we can identify feelings of joy, fear or anger, but sometimes we can experience two or more emotions, such as happiness and sadness, at...

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News 10-07-2017

Students of Programs in English Celebrate Graduation

The academic year has come to an end and students of SWPS University in Warsaw, who completed their studies in a variety of programs in English, celebrated their graduation on...

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Events 26-06-2017

Artifacts and Allegiances

Museums have always played a leading role in creating national citizens. In today’s global world do they also create global citizens who engage actively with diversity next door and across...

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Events 22-06-2017

Transnational Social Protection

Social welfare has long been considered something which states provide to their citizens. Yet today 220 million people live in a country in which they do not hold citizenship. How...

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News 20-06-2017

Colorful Project of Top Secret And School of Form

Last May, the Visual Merchandising (VM) team of the Polish fashion brand Top Secret collaborated with the School of Form (SOF) on a series of styling and advertising workshops, organized...

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Events 09-06-2017

LOKALNIE! (LOCALLY!) - SWPS University Festival

LOKALNIE! [LOCALLY!] is the theme of this year’s SWPS University Festival, an annual event celebrating our school and community. This year, we will venture beyond the Warsaw campus and explore...

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Awards & Recognition 05-06-2017

Our Students Win 2nd Place in Enactus Competition

Two community projects, developed and implemented by students of SWPS University, have been awarded 2nd place in the national edition of the Enactus Competion 2017, organized by an international non-profit...

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Awards & Recognition 01-06-2017

Prof. Wiesław Godzic on FIPRESCI Jury at Moscow Film Festival 2017

Professor Wiesław Godzic, media expert at SWPS University’s Institute of Cultural Studies, will join the Jury of the International Federation of Film Critics, FIPRESCI, at the Moscow International Film Festival...

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News 31-05-2017

International Days - Photo Reportage

Algeria and Vietnam occupy the opposite ends in the Roman alphabet. Mexico and Japan are located on two different hemispheres and two different continents, yet they all came together during...

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Events 29-05-2017

Homo Sustainabiliticus

The current concept of law seems to be grounded in two models of human: homo politicus and homo economicus. The fast paced technological and scientific growth and the need for environmental protection make...

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Events 12-05-2017

International Days at SWPS University

Diversity is a spice of life. To celebrate the richness that multicultural society brings, SWPS University will be hosting the first edition of International Days at its Warsaw Campus, on May...

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News 28-04-2017

SWPS University Senate Appoints Two Honorary Members

During the April 28th meeting, the Senate of SWPS University appointed two renowned Polish psychologists, Professor Andrzej Eliasz and Professor Jan Strelau as its Honorary Members. Thanks to the outstanding...

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News 24-04-2017

Warsaw - Best City for Erasmus Exchange

The Italian daily, La Repubblica, reports that a survey conducted among international students indicates that Warsaw is one of the best European cities to study and live in, during Erasmus exchange. The...

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News 11-04-2017

SWPS University Grants 45 Post-Graduate Degrees

Earlier this month during a special ceremony, SWPS University granted new post-graduate degrees to 36 doctoral and 9 post-doctoral students. The doctoral (Ph.D.) and post-doctoral (doktor habilitowany) degrees were conferred...

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Events 08-03-2017

Women in the US Military Forces - Guest Lecture

The history of women in the US military goes back to the Revolutionary War, although at the time their participation in the war effort was often clandestine and unacknowledged. For...

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News 06-03-2017

First Polish Analog Mission to Mars

SWPS University has partnered with EXORiON Foundation in EXO17 Mars analog research project that will be conducted under the auspices of the NASA Human Research Program, at the Mars Desert...

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Awards & Recognition 27-02-2017

School of Form Awarded at 2017 London Fashion Week

The first ever fashion exhibit designed by students and graduates of the School of Form (SOF) for the International Fashion Showcase (IFS) at the 2017 London Fashion week has been recognized...

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News 13-02-2017

SWPS University Joins VITAE

SWPS University, as the first Polish institution, has joined an international organization VITAE, the global leader in supporting the professional development of researchers. Together, SWPS University and VITAE are working...

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News 02-02-2017

New Erasmus Mundus Global-MINDS Program

SWPS University, has joined an Erasmus Mundus Consortium that will deliver a 2-year Joint Master Degree Program in Psychology of Global Mobility, Inclusion and Diversity in Society. The Consortium, which...

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Events 27-01-2017

Year of the Rooster - Celebration of Chinese New Year

The New Year celebration is the most important holiday in the Chinese calendar. According to the Chinese Zodiac, 2017 is the year of the Rooster. Rooster is the sign of...

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Events 26-01-2017

Japan - Insider’s View

Japan is one of the world’s economic powers. It is also the closest ally of the West in Asia. Three experts, living and working in Japan, will talk about internal...

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Events 20-01-2017

Impact of Behavior Change Interventions in Real World Settings - Open Lecture

Health psychology is concerned with understanding how psychological, behavioral, and cultural factors contribute to physical health and illness. Health psychologists aim to increase both the quality of life and the...

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Events 17-01-2017

(WY)TWÓRCA I TWO(R)ŻYWO – Meeting with David Malcolm

(WY)TWÓRCA i TWO(R)ŻYWO (Creator and Matter) is a new series of meetings with acclaimed authors, critics, and screen writers, organized by the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences at SWPS...

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Events 11-01-2017

Community Development Model - Guest Lecture

Building sustainable and well-functioning communities is one of the primary keys to the development of the modern society. There are various approaches to achieve this goal. Professor Barbara Klimek, from Arizona...

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Events 10-01-2017

Treatment of Post-traumatic Conditions - Seminar Giovanni Tagliavini

Trauma oriented psychotherapy has proven to be effective in post-traumatic conditions. It involves an extended preparation phase preceding working with trauma. During the seminar Treatment of Dissociative Disorders and Complex...

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News 02-01-2017

Migrants as Agents of Change

For the past few years, the topic of migration has been appearing in media daily. Recent Brexit has added a new dimension to the discussion and has posed new challenges...

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News 20-12-2016

Pre-Suasion and Influence: Conversation with Dr. R. Cialdini

Dr. Robert Cialdini, the world leading expert on influencing and persuasion techniques, visited Wrocław recently to attend the launch of his new book Pre-suasion: A Revolutionary Way to Influence and...

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Events 10-12-2016

Refugees and the role of social media

For the past two years, the public debate has been dominated by images of refugees making their way to Europe and by the concerned reactions of European citizens to the...

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Events 22-11-2016

Wrocław Model United Nations 2016

This November, Wrocław will host an international Model United Nations conference, for the 20th time. Students from around the world will visit the capital of Lower Silesia to discuss global...

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Events 15-11-2016

The Role of Science in Policy Making – Lecture by Dr. E. William Colglazier

Dr. E. William Colglazier, Representative of UN Secretary General for the promotion of science, technology and innovation, will deliver a lecture on On the role of the natural sciences, social sciences...

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Events 14-11-2016

Global Entrepreneurship Week - Free Workshop

The Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) was first celebrated in 2007. It started with an idea to create a global network of mentors and resources that would inspire people everywhere to...

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Events 08-11-2016

Identifying and understanding dissociative disorders - Seminar Anabel Gonzalez

Dissociative disorders are severe posttraumatic conditions that are frequently misdiagnosed due to their frequent comorbidity with many other disorders. This introductory seminar describes the modern concept of dissociation, scientific evidence...

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News 08-11-2016

Pre-Suasion by R. Cialdini Published under the Auspices of SWPS University

The Polish edition of Robert Cialdini’s new book, Pre-Suasion: A Revolutionary Way to Influence and Persuade, has been published under the auspices of SWPS University. Intuitively we know that “pre-suasion”, the process of...

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Awards & Recognition 07-11-2016

Polish Nobel Prize for Professor Bogdan Wojciszke

For the 25th time, the Foundation for Polish Science (FNP) has granted the annual FNP Prizes, considered to be Poland’s most important scientific awards. This year’s winners include three leading...

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Events 27-10-2016

Indonesia – A New Asian Giant?

For years, Indonesia has been underestimated as a potential partner, from the European perspective. However, this view has been changing recently. Thanks to the significant economic growth, Indonesia has become...

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Events 25-10-2016

Chinese Day at SWPS University

A delegation of artists from Beijing Literary Federation will present traditional Chinese arts at SWPS University on Tuesday, October 25, 2016. The event will include performances by singers, dancers and...

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News 18-10-2016

SWPS University and Norbsoft Sign a Cooperation Agreement

SWPS University has signed a cooperation agreement with Norbsoft Sp. z o.o., a leading mobile application developer in Poland, to develop and implement a system for the Design, Evaluation and...

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Awards & Recognition 13-10-2016

Teofrast Superstar Award for Professor Andrzej Eliasz

Professor Andrzej Eliasz, the co-founder and first Rector of SWPS University, has received the Teofrast Superstar award, established by Charaktery, a Polish popular science magazine devoted to psychology. “Twenty years ago...

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Events 04-10-2016

Inauguration of Academic Year 2016/2017

October marks the beginning of the academic year in Poland. All campuses of SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities will celebrate this occassion with official ceremonies. This year, the inauguration...

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Awards & Recognition 30-09-2016

Piotr Voelkel - Visionary of Polish Business

Piotr Voelkel, the owner of Vox Capital Group, Founder of SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities, art connoisseur and promoter of Polish design has been awarded Wizjonerzy 2016 [Visionaries...

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News 01-09-2016

New Rector

After 20 years of leading SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities as Rector, Professor Andrzej Eliasz has decided to cede the position to Associate Professor Roman Cieślak. The change...

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Awards & Recognition 27-06-2016


SWPS University Channel on YouTube has become the most popular and the highest ranked university channel on the video sharing platform, in Poland. It is an indication that SWPS University...

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Awards & Recognition 22-06-2016

Agnieszka Kruszewska joins editorial board of Journal of the Research Society of Pakistan

Agnieszka Kruszewska, Ph.D., an international relations expert, specializing in the issues of South-Asia, has joined the editorial board of the Journal of the Research Society of Pakistan. JOURNAL OF THE RESEARCH...

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Awards & Recognition 13-06-2016

Chinese Book Center Opens at SWPS University

On June 14, 2016, the first in the world Chinese Book Center was opened at SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities in Warsaw. The ceremony coincided with the official...

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Awards & Recognition 01-06-2016

HR Excellence in Research - Our Commitment to Researchers

As a research institution that meets the requirements of the European Charter for Researchers and the Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers, developed by the European Commission, SWPS...

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Awards & Recognition 16-04-2016


Professor Jan Strelau, the creator of the Regulative Theory of Temperament (RTT) and the leading psychologists in the area of Psychology of Individual Differences was awarded the title Doctor honoris...

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Awards & Recognition 25-01-2016

SWPS University Academics Awarded Elsevier Certificates

Two SWPS University academics from Wrocław, Agata Gąsiorowska and Katarzyna Byrka, have been awarded Elsevier Reviewer Certificates. Elsevier, a world-leading provider of information solutions for researchers in the field of...

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Researchers 04-02-2015

Olejniczak, Karol

Karol Olejniczak,Associate Professor political scientist, specializing in design and evaluation of public policies, behavioral insight, serious games in public sector biogram

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News 30-11--0001

Farewell Professor Strelau

It is with great sadness and sorrow that we say goodbye to Professor Jan Strelau, a doyen of Polish psychology and a world-renowned expert in psychology of individual differences. Professor...

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