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The Faculty of Psychology comprises 5 institutes and 16 departments. Additionally, to provide an optimal research environment, the Faculty has established the Applied Psychology Center, the Experimental Research Laboratory and the Center for Methods of Psychological Assessment.

Institute of Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience
258 kamila jankowiak siuda

Director: Kamila Jankowiak-Siuda, Ph.D.

Deputy Director: Maksymilian Bielecki, Ph.D.


The interdisciplinary projects conducted by the various departments comprising the Institute, combine psychology with other scientific disciplines such as neuropsychology, neurobiology and neuroscience. The Department of Experimental Neuropsychology focuses on neural correlates of psychological functions. The Department of Psychophysiology of Cognitive Processes conducts projects aimed at better understanding of the basic mechanisms of cognitive processes. The Department of Behavior Analysis concentrates on issues related to discounting as well as on researching autism therapies, incluidng behavioral analysis.

Department of Experimental Neuropsychology
258 anna granowska


Professor Anna Grabowska

Department of Psychophysiology of Cognitive Processes
258 Aneta Brzezicka


Associate Professor Aneta Brzezicka

Department of Behavior Analysis
258 Pawel Ostaszewski


Professor Paweł Ostaszewski

Institute of General Psychology
258 sylwia bedynska

Director: Sylwia Bedyńska, Ph.D.

Deputy Director: Agata Zabłocka, Ph.D.

The Institute comprises departments that conduct basic research in general psychology, cognitive psychology, psychology of individual differences, personality psychology, development and education. Our researchers conduct scientific projects as well as lead implemnetation of research results in real life applications. They also teach basic psychology and support student Research Clubs at SWPS Unviersity.

Department of Psychological Research Methods
258 sylwia bedynska

Acting Director:

Sylwia Bedyńska, Ph.D.

Department of Cognitive Psychology
258 grzegorz sedek


Associate Professor Hanna Bednarek

Department of Psychology of Development and Education
258 tadeusz galkowski


Professor Tadeusz Gałkowski

Department of Psychology of Individual Differences
258 Magda Marszal


Professor Magdalena Marszał-Wiśniewska

Department of Psychometric Research and Psychological Diagnoses
258 Adam Sobolewski


Adam Sobolewski, Ph.D.

Institute of Business Psychology
258 andrzej falkowski

Director: Professor Andrzej Falkowski

Deputy Director: Associate Professor Alicja Grochowska

The institute focuses on the following areas of research: economic behavior, risk perception and acceptance, psychology of financial markets as well as employee recruitment in business, work organization, consumer and electoral behavior, brand development, brand personality research, trade mark expansion strategy, brand value and brand association architecture, brand positioning, advertising positioning and advertising strategies in consumer and political marketing.

Department of Economic Psychology
258 joanna sokolowska


Professor Joanna Sokołowska

Department of Marketing Psychology
258 andrzej falkowski


Professor Andrzej Falkowski

Institute of Clinical Psychology

Director: Ewa Gruszczyńska, Ph.D.
Deputy Director: Aneta Dowgiert, Ph.D.

The braod range of projects conducted by the Institute exemplifies the diversity of rsearch areas and the variety of directions in which contemporary clinical psychology is developing. Our researchers study all aspects of human well-being according to the biopsychosocial model. They focus on two main trends:

1. Exploration of (un)favourable resources and mechanisms impacting the health of indiviiduals over their lifetimes, including their brain-related causes.
2. Analysis of clinical diagnosis, intervention and psychotherapy.

Our scientists, including therapists who collaborate with the Academic Center for Psychoterapy and Psychological Development at SWPS University, teach various aspects of psychology, including subjects such as health and development and clinical psychology, at SWPS university.

Department of Positive Psychology
258 ewa trzebinska


Professor Ewa Trzebińska

Department of Health Psychology

Acting Director:

Ewa Gruszczyńska, Ph.D.

Department of Clinical Child Psychology
258 barbara arska karylowska


Barbara Arska-Karyłowska, Ph.D.

Institute of Social Psychology
258 jerzy trzebinski

Director: Professor Jerzy Trzebiński

Deputy Director: Małgorzata Wawrzyniak, Ph.D.

The researchers from the Department of Personality Psychology conduct projects in the following areas: personal narratives and coping with crises and challenges, the influence of the vision of the world and the self on individual behavior, social capital and social bonds, psychology of trauma and crisis, psychology of quality of life and the perspectives of agent vs. the recipient in the context of self-assessment and assessment of others. The researchers from the Department of Social Psychology focus on research projects related to political psychology, discrimination, psychology of the Internet and new media, online psychological interventions, social relations and business psychology. The Department of Intercultural Psychology conducts studies and training session related to issues of migration, on topics such as living in refugee centers and the attitudes of native inhabitants towards incoming migrants. Moreover, researchers from the Institute participate in the projects of the Youth Research Center, organize conferences, and symposia, participate in scholarly debates focused on social issues, and support numerous student research clubs.

Department of Cross-Cultural Psychology
258 pawel boski


Professor Paweł Boski

Department of Personality Psychology
258 jerzy trzebinski


Professor Jerzy Trzebiński

Department of Social Psychology
258 krystyna skarzynska


Professor Krystyna Skarżyńska