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SWPS University’s 25th Jubilee Alumni - Research and Teaching Category

SWPS University’s 25th Jubilee Alumni - Research and Teaching Category

Teaching and research lie at the core of any university. Academic teachers impact the standing of a university, but most importantly, they are crucial not only in conveying certain knowledge, but in igniting curiosity, motivation, and thirst for knowledge in subsequent generations of students. Researchers, on the other hand, create new knowledge and find new solutions that benefit not only individuals, but whole societies. There was an abundance of excellent candidates in this category, and we are sorry that we had to limit our choices to just a few candidates.

Best in the Research and Teaching Category

The Chancellery of the 25th Jubilee Alumni prize has selected the following graduates of SWPS University in the Research and Teaching Category:

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aleksandra cisłak wójcik

Professor Aleksandra Cisłak-Wójcik

For many years she has been researching power and how being in power and being in subordinate positions influences human behavior. Hence, while currently holding a crucial role of the Vice-Rector for Research at SWPS University, Professor Cisłak-Wójcik embodies a key motto of our university “form theory to practice”. She has been very successful in her professional career from the very beginning. She is a recipient of numerous scholarships and grants, including a Start scholarship provided by the Foundation for Polish Science, a scholarship granted by Polityka, a Polish weekly opinion magazine, and a grant for outstanding young researchers, provided by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education. She also received the Robert Zajonc Award, granted by the Polish Society of Social Psychology (PSPS). A list of her publications is impressive and often corresponds to the current social problems. Her latest articles focus on psychological determinants of nationalistic attitudes, group narcissism, and beliefs in anti-vaccine conspiracy theories.

Dorota Wiśniewska-Juszczak

Dorota Wiśniewska-Juszczak, Ph.D.

had been fascinated with the interactions between students and academics since the very beginning of her studies at SWPS University. She was the President of the Student Government in the very first academic year of SWPS University (1996/1997), which allowed her to acquire practical experience in people management at an early stage. In her research and teaching, she focuses on positive and negative effects of power and subordination. As a trainer and consultant, she specializes in building effective teams and establishing effective team communication. She has developed an innovative methodology for the assessment of leadership potential of managers. As a Representative of the Vice-Rector for Educational Affairs responsible for the quality of education, she was instrumental in modifying many teaching programs. Everyone who had an opportunity to work with Dr. Wiśniewska-Juszczak will never forget her kindness and passion for innovation.

Maksymilian Bielecki

Maksymilan Bielecki, Ph.D.

stands out as a multi-talented academic, who is very active in many areas. His research interests include psychophysiology, cognitive psychology as well as methodology and statistics in social and medical research. He collaborates with numerous research institutions, such as the Medical University of Warsaw (WUM), the Nencki Institute of Experimental Biology, and the Copernicus Science Centre. He is a renowned consultant in the field of methodology, statistics, and behavioral economics on many research and business projects. As an academic teacher of methodology, advanced analytics, data visualization, and consumer behavior, he exudes limitless energy and spreads his enthusiasm for knowledge and research among undergraduate, graduate and doctoral students.

Michał Kosiński

Professor Michał Kosiński

studied at SWPS University from 2003 to 2008. Then he went to Cambridge, where he obtained his doctorate, and began his professional career at the best universities in the United States. Currently he works at Stanford University. His research career is hugely impressive. He has authored close to a hundred articles and book chapters. All his publications are frequently cited. However, two other aspects of his academic career deserve a special mention. Firstly, Michał Kosiński significantly contributed to the publication of the first article in the press that revealed the infamous practices of Cambridge Analytica. He often writes about the dangers resulting from the loss of autonomy and privacy in the era of growing online invigilation. Secondly, Professor Kosiński regularly donates at least 10 percent of his income to various charities.

Konrad Maj

Konrad Maj, Ph.D.

Dr. Kontrad Maj stands out among our graduates who continue their academic careers, thanks to his ability to combine scientific development with popularization of science. He does not limit his activities to the HumanTech Center for Social and Technological Innovations, which he leads, but he is also present everywhere (e.g. at festivals and in the media), where talking about fascinating research projects, the importance and application of psychological research, and research-based social policy is required. He is passionate about working with students and encouraging them to be active in their local communities. Some of community projects implemented under his supervision, have been recognized by the ENACTUS organization. He initiates collaborations with numerous innovation research centers, such as Carnegie Mellon University in the United States and Aalto University in Finland. Thanks to his scientific curiosity and enthusiasm, SWPS University has joined the ranks of research center that focus on human-robot interactions. The latest research findings in this field are presented during annual Innovation Transformer conferences or a series of HumanTech Meetings, which Dr. Maj coordinates. We admire Dr. Maj for the fact that he combines his fascination with the 21st, or perhaps even the 22nd century, research with respect for the past, for people who developed innovative solutions at the beginning of the 20th century, such as the engineer Kazimierz Szpotański, founder of the High Voltage Apparatus and Devices Factory, which nowadays is the home of SWPS University.

Honorable Mentions in the Research and Teaching Category

Konrad Bocian

Konrad Bocian, Ph.D.

is a brilliant researchers, who is not afraid of new challenges. He has been successful not only in the academic setting, at SWPS University or the University of Kent, but also as a member of a technological start-up that combines psychology and computer technology. At the same time, he is a charismatic lecturer, popular among scientifically-minded students. One of his key competencies is methodological knowledge in the field of experimental research in social psychology. His friends and colleagues know him as a tireless educator, popularizing the field of moral psychology.

Wojciech Kulesza

Wojciech Kulesza, Ph.D.

For Professor Kulesza, social psychology is not just a profession, but also a passion. His main research focus is the so-called “chameleon effect”. For many years, he has been researching when and why people mimic each other, and what are the results of such behavior. The results of his research have been published in top academic journals. He is also passionate about teaching, and it is no surprise that he is well-liked by his students. Recently, research and teaching have been taking most of his time, putting some of his other passions on the back burner. In the past, he participated in adventurous kayak expeditions to the polar circle or along the Euro-Asian border. Recently, he has traded his kayak for a motorcycle and enjoys long trips on the two-wheel vehicle. We appreciate his passions, but we prefer to have him here, with us, and we are grateful for his research and teaching achievements.

Mariusz Wszołek

Mariusz Wszołek, Ph.D.

Over the years, he has supported and mentored many people, first as their teacher, then as a thesis and graduation project advisor, and finally as a colleague at the Department of Graphic Design, at SWPS University in Wrocław. Due to this fact, many people have had an opportunity to work with Dr. Wszołek in different contexts, and regardless of circumstances, it has been a collaboration based not only on respect and understanding, but also on curiosity and a search for new ideas. Looking at Dr. Wszołek’s achievements, we notice, without a doubt, his engagement and great contribution to the development of design, including not only his writings, analysis, and criticism, but also the application of design to moderating social tensions. We would like to thank Dr. Wszołek for this inspiring, needed, and worth imitating attitude.

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25th jubilee alumni
Distinguished Alumni Selection Criteria

Standing of a university is measured by people who create it. SWPS University’s alumni are a key pillar of our institution. Our 25th Jubilee is a fitting occasion to distinguish a group of 25 acclaimed graduates of our university, as they are the reason why we grow, share our achievements with the world, dream and strive to reach new goals.

25th jubilee alumni art culture media
SWPS University’s 25th Jubilee Alumni – Culture – Art – Media

Art, culture and media are significant elements of a full and happy life. They ensure cultural continuity of nations, are carriers of history, values and identity.

25th jubilee alumni society
SWPS University’s 25th Jubilee Alumni – Society

Activism, volunteering and initiatives undertaken to improve wellbeing of communities are some of predictors of happiness. Solving particular social problems or meeting social needs translate into social influence.

25th jubilee alumni sport
SWPS University’s 25th Jubilee Alumni – Sport

Sport is a crucial part of a healthy lifestyle. Physical activity improves fitness and overall wellbeing. The role of coaches and athletes, who promote active living and various sport disciplines, cannot be overstated.

25th jubilee alumni business
SWPS University’s 25th Jubilee Alumni – Business

Business significantly impacts the structure of societies and the way people live. Our alumni recognized in this category have been very successful in developing new products, tools and services that improve lives.