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BIO Katarzyna Byrka

Associate Professor

Katarzyna Byrka

Institute of Psychology
Dean of the Faculty of Psychology in Wrocław


Social psychologist. She specializes in environmental and health psychology. Her research interests focus on the dichotomy between people's intentions and behaviors, i.e. differences between attitutes and behaviors. She is also interested in the methodology of indirect attitude measurement, i.e. the methods, which are not based on statements and declarations.

Winner of the prestigious grants for young researchers, including Iuventus Plus awarded by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education and START from the Foundation for Polish Science. Author of Łańcuchowe zmiany zachowań w kontekście ochrony środowiska i promocji zdrowia [Spillover behavior effects in the context of environmental conservation and health promotion] and various publication in academic journals: Polish Psychological Bulletin, Journal of Social Psychology, International Journal of Psychology and Personality, and Social Psychology Review.

At SWPS University, she teaches research methodology and research project planning.

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