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The center focuses on the development of research into the clinical consequences of psychological trauma, the diagnostics of post-traumatic conditions, and the exploration of cultural factors affecting coping strategies in trauma survivors.

The researchers conduct their projects in Poland and other countries in Europe, Africa, and Asia, in collaboration with the European Society for Trauma & Dissociation. In September 2017, the Center signed an agreement with the Bhutan Board for Certified Counselors, established by Her Majesty Gyalyum Sangay Choden Wangchuck, to facilitate research in this part of the world.

Within the structure of the Centre, there is a Qualitative Research Lab - Quallab where qualitative studies are being carried out.

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Research Team

258 igor pietkiewicz 1

dr n. hum.

Igor Pietkiewicz

Head of the Center
psychotherapist, supervisor of the Polish Psychiatric Association, and board member of the European Society for Trauma & Dissociation
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Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania dr Anna Hełka swps


Anna Hełka

business psychologist specializing  in situational and personality determinants of economic behaviors and human resources management

258 radoslaw tomalski

 dr n. med.

Radosław Tomalski

psychiatrist, psychotherapist and supervisor of the Polish Psychiatric Association

258 agnieszka bandura


Anna Bańbura

psychologist, psychotherapist in training, research assistant

258 szymon necki


Szymon Nęcki

psychologist, psychotherapist in training, research assistant


suzette boon


Suzette Boon, Ph.D.

specialist in the diagnostics and treatment of trauma-related disorders, from the Netherlands

258 onno vd hart


Onno van der Hart

expert in post-traumatic disorders, co-author of the theory of the structural dissociation of the personality, from the Netherlands

mateusz barlog


Mateusz Barłóg

psychologist, research assisstant

roksana duszkiewicz

mgr inż.

Roksana Duszkiewicz

neurobiologist, research assisstant

pawel adamik


Paweł Adamik OP

Dominican, theologian, involved in the research project "Changes in Behavior and Identity in People Using Exorcism" funded by the National Science Center


Qualitative Analysis of Phenomena and Symptoms Associated with Possession

Principal Investigator: dr Igor Pietkiewicz

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Interpretative phenomenological analysis of depersonalization and derealization states in clinical and nonclinical groups

Principal Investigator: dr Igor Pietkiewicz

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Research Centre for Trauma & Dissociation
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