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BIO Włodzimierz Świątek


Włodzimierz Świątek, Ph.D.

Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences in Warsaw
Department of Management


Business psychologist, facilitator, trainer and coach. His research interests include management and leadership, effective communication, art of facilitation, group process, conflict resolution, building and developing high performing teams, stress management and work-life balance. Author of over thirty professional publications.

He graduated with M.A. degree in Psychology from the Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University in Warsaw and completed his doctoral degree at the Jesuit University Ignatianum in Krakow. Additionally, he studied at Noble Manhattan Coaching (Oxford, UK) and got Practitioner Coach Diploma with accreditation of International Institute of Coaching and Mentoring. His additional professional courses and trainings is as follows: “Conflict Resolution, Group Dynamics, Facilitation and Leadership” (Switzerland, 1992), “Group Work and Conflict Resolution” (Poland, 1993), “Intensive Course of Process Work” (USA, 1994), “Lava Rock&Extreme States Clinic” (USA, 1998), “The Role of the Facilitator” (UK, 2005).

He lectured at the SWPS University (2002-2008, Faculty of Psychology), Warsaw University (2006-2010, Faculty of Management), Warsaw School of Economy (2008-2012, Executive MBA Programme), Business School of Warsaw University of Technology (2015 – ongoing, EMBA, GMBA, Total Design Management, World Class Manufacturing), SWPS University (2016 – ongoing, Management and Leadership).

His career in psychology and management spans over 25 years, including 18 years of business coaching (executive coaching, team coaching) and mentoring. As a training consultant, he collaborated with Impact International, Progress Project, MDDP Business Academy, People of Progress. Currently his main focus is on training for leaders and managers, executive coaching and team coaching. His clients include Nokia, Emerson Process Management and Water Solutions, Nowa Era, Novartis, Nutricia, PZU, MAKRO CASH&CARRY, PEKO SA, MTU AEROENGINE, Lucent Technologies, Alstom Power, Bosh-Siemens, BZ WBK, Sanofi-Synthelabo, Nestle Polska, McKinsey.

At SWPS University, he teaches effective communication (academic course: Management and Leadership).


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