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SWPS Researchers Receive Over 4M in Grants from NCN

OVER 4M IN GRANTS FROM NCNSeveral psychologists, social scientists and culture experts from SWPS University have been awarded over PLN 4 million in research grants from the National Science Center (NCN).

Confronting obesity: Co-creating policy with adolescents

Researchers from SWPS University will participate in a Horizon 2020 international research project, CO-CREATE, aimed at reducing childhood obesity and its co-morbidities by working with adolescents to create, inform and disseminate obesity-preventive evidence-based policies.

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professor Philip Zimbardo at the conference


Man 3.0
Son – partner – parent
contemporary models of masculinity




Organizer: Wydawnictwo Naukowe PWN
Conference under the auspices of: SWPS University


These days, many psychologists and social scientists proclaim the decline of masculinity and grapple with the problem of defining the role of men in today’s society. Professor Philip Zimbardo addresses these issues in his book Man, Interrupted: Why Young Men are Struggling & What We Can Do About It? that has been recently translated into Polish and published under the title Gdzie ci mężczyźni, by Wydawnictwo Naukowe PWN. The Polish edition of the book will be launched during the conference Man 3.0 Son - Partner - Parent, which will take place on October 13, 2017 at SWPS University in Warsaw.

During the conference, psychologists, sexologists, life coaches and bloggers will discuss issues related to the contemporary models of masculinity. Moreover, the new edition of Psychology. Core Concepts by Philip Zimbardo, Robert Johnson and Vivian McCann will be launched during the conference. The conference has been organized under the auspices of SWPS University.


13 2017


Crisis of Masculinity

Phlip Zimbardo, Professor of psychology at Stanford University and Palo Alto University, doctor honoris causa of SWPS University, will deliver the opening lecture titled, like his book, "Man, Interrupted: Why Young Men are Struggling & What We Can Do About It?"

It seems that we are facing a crises of masculinity. Young men often do not complete education, delay moving out of their parents’ house, are not able to build satisfying and mature relationships with women, have problems finding and keeping a job, and lead unhealthy lifestyles. They avoid grown up responsibilities and commitments in favor of a carefree life that is focused on pursuit of pleasure and entertainment. They often become addicted to various substances or behaviors.

Guests of the Conference

During the Man 3.0 conference, a team of experts, including psychologists and therapists that collaborate with Wydawnictwo Naukowe PWN (the publisher of Professor Zimbardo’s book) as well as popular bloggers who write about fatherhood, will discuss the challenges men face today. Some of the main speakers and topics include:

Iwona Grzegorzewska, Associate Professor at University of Zielona Góra, Head of Clinical Psychology and Developmental Psychopathology Department, who specializes in clinical psychology and developmental psychopathology of children and adolescence, will talk about the factors correlated with addictions in men.

Anita Janeczek-Romanowska, child psychologist, will discuss the change of attitude towards parenting among young fathers of today.

Professor Eugenia Mandal, Head of Social and Environmental Psychology at the University of Silesia in Katowice will deliver a lecture titled “Mężczyźni i Chłopcy” [Men and Boys].

Doctor Alicja Długołęcka, sex educator will talk about transformations of male sexuality.

Assistant Professor Tomasz Grzyb, social psychologist from the Department of Social Psychology at SWPS University in Wrocław will address the subject of challenges, failures and measures of success that fathers face today.

Tomasz Kondzielinik of Nowi Wojownicy [New Worriors], an organization created by men for men that provides counseling and supports the development of men, will talk about doubts that fathers face and will touch upon the idea of Attachment Parenting and empathic communication.

Bloggers: Kamil Nowak (blogojciec.pl) will talk about the engaged and conscious fatherhood while Konrad Kruczkowski (haloziemia.pl) will present case studies focused on life stories of several fathers.

Up to the 1960s the role of a father in the family had been clearly defined. Fathers were supposed to be breadwinners. They were supposed to ensure the financial security for the family, a roof over their heads, and food on the table. Today, the society requires much more from fathers. More time, more energy, more ideas, and more support. How do fathers perceive these increased demands? What can they do better manage their time and cope with these demands?

Assisstant Professor Tomasz Grzyb, Wrocław Faculty of Psychology, SWPS University in Wrocław

Additional Events

Participants of the conference will have an opportunity to attend accompanying events, including the launch of the book Psychology. Core Concepts by Philip Zimbardo, Robert Johnson and Vivian McCann, a comprehensive handbook that focuses on the key questions and core concepts of psychology and a special dinner with Professor Zimbardo, where the participants of the conference will have an opportunity to meet the famed psychologist.

Time and Location

October 13, 2017
SWPS University 
Chodakowska 19/31, Warsaw

Detailed information and registration

20% discount on conference tickets for employees and students of SWPS University. Details on the Virtual University Platform.

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