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Katarzyna Schmidt-Przewozna

Associate Professor Katarzyna Schmidt-Przewoźna

fabric and exhibition space designer (post-doctoral degree in fine arts and design)

She is interested in color, natural dyes, traditional techniques of fabric decoration, space design, architecture, ecology and nature. In 1993, she established the Natural Dyeing Laboratory - Natural Art, at the Institute of Natural Fibers & Medicinal Plants, in Poznań. She researches natural dyeing processes, in particular fabric dyeing, as well as related arts and crafts processes. She co-authored over twenty exhibitions, including two that were recognized with a “Sibilla” award by the Minister of Culture and Cultural Heritage (2002 and 2003). Member of the Scientific Committee of the Journal of Natural Fibers (US), the Textile Institute (Manchester, UK), and the International Silk Union. Contact: kschmidt-przewozna@sof.edu.pl, k_schmidt@interia.pl
Bianka Rolando

Associate Professor Bianka Rolando

artist, writer, illustrator (post-doctoral degree in graphic design)

Professionally, she is interested in various aspects of book production, possible and impossible compositions of text and illustration as well as creative communication design. Her works are included in the collection of the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw. She collaborates with the “Foksal” Gallery. Contact: bianka.rolando@gmail.com
Małgorzata Jabłońska

Assistant Professor Małgorzata Jabłońska

visual artist, graphic designer (doctoral degree in arts)

Her professional interests include neuroscience, perception and visual narration in the context of art and design. Her main artistic subject are humans — individuals or anonymous communities. She is an author of figurative and brief digital stories, which aim at synthesis, reduction and a single sign. She also created new media projects, installations and designed products, such as illustrations and infographics. In her artistic pursuits, she studies application of various technologies based on computer and manual competencies. Her art pieces are in collections of the Zachęta Society for the Encouragement of Fine Arts, Podlasie branch in Białystok, and in the collection of modern art owned by Muzeum Górnośląskie (Upper Silesia Muzeum), in Bytom. Contact: mjablonska3@swps.edu.pl
Agnieszka Jacobson

Assistant Professor Agnieszka Jacobson-Cielecka

Curator of design, and occasionally photography, exhibitions (doctoral degree in arts)

Designer, writer and art critic. She operates on the boundary between words and images. She is interested in design identity and the impact of visual and material experience on design decisions. She designs complex visual narrations, using everyday objects as a means of expression. Currently, she is interested in color in the context of locality as well as individual and group experiences. Author of exhibitions featuring Polish and Central European product design, which served as a chronicle of design during the post-1989 economic and political system transformation in the region. Together with Karol Murlak, she researchers new materials developed from various kinds of waste. Contact: Kontakt: ajacobson@sof.edu.pl
Michał Jakubowicz

Assistant Professor Michał Jakubowicz

visual artist, researcher of media communication (doctoral degree in design)

He focuses on the theory and practice of visual art as a way of reflecting on culture and communication. Since 2014, he has been working on the subPark project that involves photography of public art in parks that were destroyed by natural disasters. He examines the contribution of art to the reinterpretation of cultural heritage, processes of appropriation, assimilation, and inclusion of nature’s communicative role into social discourse. He combines abstract and documentary imagery with social reflection. Since 2019, he has been managing the Graphic Design Gallery of SWPS University. Contact: mjakubowicz@swps.edu.pl
Ewa Klekot

Assistant Professor Ewa Klekot

cultural anthropologist, translator, curator (doctoral degree in arts)

She is interested in an interdisciplinary connection between humanities, social sciences, design and artistic activity. She was the principal investigator in a research project “Ludzie z fabryki porcelany” [People from a porcelain factory] (0264/NPRH4/H2b/83/2016). In May 2019, together with a potter Olga Milczyńska, she organized an exhibition Robić/Rzeczy [Make/Things], at the Łódź Design Festival. Her current research interests revolve around anthropology of production including skills, embodied knowledge, materials, and processes, as well as traditions of production and immaterial heritage. Contact: eklekot@sof.edu.pl, ewa.klekot@gmail.com
Karol Murlak

Assistant Professor Karol Murlak

interdisciplinary designer, researcher and lecturer (doctoral degree in fine arts)

He specializes in product and space design. He searches for new possibilities for familiar objects, materials and techniques. He developed and patented the Sinus technique of wood expansion that lowers the weight and usage of the material, while maintaining its natural durability. Karol is also Associate Professor of Industrial Design at Pratt Institute in New York and a lecturer at SWPS University’s School of Form.
Monika Rosińska

Assistant Professor Monika Rosińska

sociologist, social scientist, curator of design (doctoral degree in sociology)

She is interested in an interdisciplinary connection between humanities, social sciences, and design. Her research focuses on contemporary design practices, everyday design and sociology of objects. Recipient of scholarships from the Minister of Science and Higher Education and the Minister of Culture and National Heritage. She is a subject-matter expert at the Center for Educational Practices at the ZAMEK Culture Center in Poznań. She collaborates with the Association for Creative Initiatives “ę” on social innovation projects. Currently, she coordinates activities of the of the arts and social sciences team at the School of Form.
Agnieszka Jacobson

Assistant Professor Mariusz Wszołek

Communication expert (doctoral degree in humanities)

Assistant Professor at the Department of Graphic Design at SWPS University. Professionally, he is interested in theory and practice of design communication and, in particular, in inclusive, participatory and sustainable approach to design. Editor of Manual and Communication Design series publications. Author of books and articles on advertising, design process and sustainable design. Additionally, he designs and consults on strategy, corporate image, and communication policies for companies and institutions. His clients include NEONET, PDG, Ministry of Science and Higher Education (MNiSW), and the University of Wrocław. Blogger: na—magazynie. Contact: mwszolek@swps.edu.pl
Oskar Zięta

Assistant Professor Oskar Zięta



Anna Gondek-Grodkiewicz

Anna Gondek-Grodkiewicz

photographer, photo reporter, architect

In her work, she combines aspects of anthropology, psychology and interdisciplinary art. She lived and worked in Poland, Australia and Spain. Winner of the Grand Press Photo 2017 competition in the “Everyday Life – Photo reportage” category. Her photos were published in numerous publications, including National Geographic, Newsweek (Polish edition), The Times Polska, Gazeta Wyborcza and Wysokie Obcasy magazine. Contact: agondek-grodkiewicz@swps.edu.pl
Maciej Siuda

Maciej Siuda

mechanics of construction, space design

Katarzyna Sowa

Katarzyna Sowa

graphic designer, creative designer

She graduated with a Master’s degree in Art History from the University of Wrocław. She teaches history of typography, layout design, multi-page publication design, book design and typeface at SWPS University. She is interested in typography and its correlation with visual message and its reception. She is fascinated by the achievements of Polish Avant-garde, 1920-1930’s modernism, the Swiss design style and post-modern experiments. Contact:ksowa@swps.edu.pl
Piotr Szewczyk

Piotr Szewczyk

multimedia artist, designer of commercial art, product designer and architectt

He graduated from the Faculty of Architecture of the Silesian University of Technology in Gliwice and from the Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Art and Design in Wrocław. Currently he is a doctoral student at the Institute of Fine Arts of the Faculty of Education and Arts, at the Jan Kochanowski University in Kielce. He is a member of the Association of Polish Artists and Designers (ZPAP), the Gliwice-Zabrze branch. He combines artistic pursuits with theoretical research in various disciplines of art and technology. Piotr creates modern art pieces, including new media, sculpture, installations, and computer animations. For the past several years, he has been creating art using mostly metal and wood. Contact: pszewczyk1@swps.edu.pl
Honza Zamojski

Honza Zamojski

artist, designer and book publisher

In his artistic pursuits, he uses a variety of mediums, including drawing, a technique that combines sculpture and drawing, corporate infographics and poetry. This variety reflects the scope of his interests stemming from a utopian desire to order and understand the surrounding world. He creates stories, which from a larger perspective, build a coherent, multi-layered world based on skepticism. What connects the seemingly distant elements of his work are the simplicity of form, humor and the fact that the artist does not take himself seriously. Recipient of grants from the Minister of Culture and National Heritage (2008, 2010, 2016) and several awards for his artistic and publishing achievements. Contact: jzamojski@swps.edu.pl, honza.zamojski@gmail.com



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