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Department of Scandinavian Studies




The Department of Scandinavian Studies was established in 2006. It is one of the leading centers of Nordic studies in Poland. The Department offers undergraduate and graduate programs in Swedish and Norwegian Studies.


Our undergraduate program in Scandinavian Studies focuses on teaching Swedish or Norwegian language as well as the cultural background of Scandinavia, a region which is still not very well known in Poland.

The graduate program offers students an opportunity to further develop their language skills and focus on their linguistic, cultural or literary interests related to the Nordic region.

Our students study under the expert supervision of certified Swedish, Norwegian and Polish lecturers. They can take advantage of scholarship opportunities offered by universities in Sweden and Norway and can participate in summer language courses. Our faculty includes both renowned academics and practicing translators. Starting with the 3rd year of studies, all classes are taught in Swedish or Norwegian.

Thanks to the fact that Nordic universities and companies are open to Polish candidates and that many Scandinavian businesses are active in Poland, our students have ample opportunities for personal and professional development.

Research and Collaborations

The department often hosts renowned academics and politicians. We also had an honor to host the Swedish Royal Couple. The Department collaborates on research and education projects with several dozens of Scandinavian scholars from the leading research centers.

We organize scientific and student conferences and we publish research results and articles by our scholars and their Polish and international collaborators, in a professional journal Acta Sueco-Polonica, edited by the Department.


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Assistant Professor

Magdalena Domeradzka

Head of the Department of Scandinavian Studies

Department Members

Witold Maciejewski, Associate Professor
Marta Janik, Assistant Professor
Oliwia Szymańska, Assistant Professor
Paulina Rosińska, Teaching Assistant
Agnieszka Stróżyk, Teaching Assistant
Gabriel Stille, Lecturer


Head of the Department

Magdalena Domeradzka, Assistant Professor
e-mail: mdomeradzka@swps.edu.pl


Department of Scandinavian Studies
SWPS University, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

Chodakowska 19/31
03-815 Warsaw
Room S228, 2nd floor (Swedish Studies)
Room S233, 2nd floor (Norwegian Studies)